Optics & Outdoors


There’s so much to see out there. It would be a shame to miss out on a moment—no matter how far way! Luckily, with the range of affordable optical sights, scopes and visual aids offered here at B&H, you can view, zoom in on and capture every single spectacle.

Whether you have your eye on photographing a distant vista, bird spotting, mapping the night sky or tracking elusive prey, you can choose from thousands of optical items for sale: from binoculars and sights to thermal vision goggles and riflescope… even opera glasses! We also carry binoculars especially designed to safely view a solar eclipse.

Wondering where to begin? Not to worry: our rigorously trained product specialists know our inventory inside and out, so if you have a question (or four), we’re ready with the answers you need! Call or Live Chat today; we dare you to stump us. And if you’re in the neighborhood, our NYC SuperStore stocks loads of display models that you can test out for yourself.