Portable Audio

Choosing Portable Audio Devices

With the busy schedules of the modern age, it's often much more convenient to find portable audio entertainment options that can travel along with you. Whether you're driving or going out on a job, portable speakers and other audio options allow you to listen to your favorite music, audio books, and more, wherever you happen to be.

Types of Portable Audio Devices

Audio devices vary greatly in size and style. What might work best for you depends on your intended usage and the level or portability you need.

1. Media players

Digital music players are usually small enough to fit in your pocket or in a bag or purse, making them easy to take along on the go.

2. Portable Speakers

Pair mobile Bluetooth speakers with a tablet or smartphone for wireless streaming and a more enhanced listening experience than your device can offer on its own. Several models also offer AUX ports for connecting non-Bluetooth devices.

3. Headphones and Earphones

Improve audio quality with headphones and earphones. Many choices also feature noise isolation, blocking out the sounds of the environment around you so you hear the music more clearly. Certain models also offer the ability to hold phone conversations through a built-in microphone.

4. Portable Radios and CD Players

These devices make it easy to play music for groups, while still being easily portable. Some portable radios have rugged, waterproof housing, making them suitable for the poolside or construction site, while others are ideal for use in power outages or other emergencies.

Choosing the Right Music Player

Look at the available storage space when choosing a music player, checking to make sure it can accommodate your song collection or the audio books you may want to listen to. Many players have large storage capacities of 8GB or more. Also, choose one that plays your preferred file formats.

Deciding on Headphones

Many headphones use AUX plugs, making them compatible with virtually any music-playing device. There are small earbuds that fit snugly inside the ears, or larger headphones that fit over the ears, often with soft ear cups for comfortable listening even for extended periods. In addition, consider wireless headphones with Bluetooth compatibility, or those with in-line mics for use during phone conversations. If you're into gaming, check out a pair of headphones with an attached boom mic you can use for talking to opponents or teammates in real time.

Other Music Player and Speaker Accessories

Those with an active lifestyle can find armbands that hold their music players in place while they run or engage in other forms of exercise. There is also a range of cases and sleeves for both players and speakers, adding a layer of protection to these portable audio system devices.

Taking your music on the go helps keep you entertained, relaxed, and even motivated. B&H Photo and Video has a wide selection of portable speakers, portable audio players, and accessories to enhance your experience.