Computer Power Supplies

Learning About Computer Power Supplies

Computer power supplies convert standard alternating current (AC) voltage to direct current (DC) voltage for personal computers and laptops. Most PCs use switching power supplies for automatic or manual conversion to DC voltage. Different types of power supplies for computers may include modular and semi-modular models.

Internal Power Cables and Adapters for Computer Power Supplies

There are many options for internal PC power cables and adapters which can improve performance. Conversion adapters let you modify existing components without completely replacing them. For example, if connections to your motherboard are 6-pin, you may use a 6-pin to 8-pin conversion adapter to connect it to an 8-pin PSU.

Enhancing or reinforcing existing connections to PC components requires the right external and internal power cables. ATX extension cables allow you to increase the length of your connection from the original power supply to the motherboard, to help reduce the stress on cables. Use resistor connectors to keep fans quiet, and properly cooling your PC.

Choosing Options for Modular Power Supplies

Modular power supplies creative options for you to attach only the power connectors that you need, improve airflow, and minimize possible cable clutter. EVGA thermal control systems that are rated as titanium, platinum, gold, silver, or bronze power supplies are energy-efficient choices compared to standard 80 PLUS certification. Modular power is available in several voltages. The voltage you require depends on the load you expect your device to handle, current PC specifications, and operating system and other software requirements. SATA power cables let you connect to corresponding controller cards to expand your storage capabilities.

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