Ricoh Pentax

Ricoh Pentax Optical and Office Products

Ricoh Pentax produces a range of photographic, office, and sporting products. The company's camera range includes point-and-shoot models all the way up to medium format DSLRs. Office products include digital projectors, laser printers, video conferencing equipment, and electronic whiteboards. Sporting equipment includes binoculars and spotting scopes.

Ricoh Pentax Cameras

Pentax DSLR cameras cater to the needs of serious photographers. Ricoh THETA cameras are novel dual-lens cameras capable of capturing 360-degree panoramas both in video and stills. Pentax makes three types of DSLRs. The advanced APS-C sensor DSLR cameras incorporate in-camera stabilization and a high degree of weather resistance. The same concepts apply to full-frame DSLRs fitted with high megapixel sensors. The 645Z medium format DSLR offers outstanding performance and exceptional picture quality while retaining the relatively compact dimensions and interchangeable lens capability of the DSLR format.

Printers, Projectors, and Whiteboards

Ricoh also makes color and monochrome printers primarily intended for office use. The high print resolution of Ricoh color laser printers makes them a fitting choice for printing brochures and full-color documents. Their extended monthly duty cycles mean they're suitable for busy offices, too.

Ricoh DLP projectors include entry-level models with SVGA resolution and wide-angle lenses intended for small conference rooms, right up to HD projectors with powerful projection capabilities for conference centers.

The company's interactive whiteboards combine the capabilities of an HD monitor, a PC, networking device, and a whiteboard into one sophisticated package that simplifies team meetings and video conferencing.

Camera and Projector Lenses

Ricoh and Pentax lenses extend the capabilities of the company's projectors and cameras. Replacement Ricoh projector lenses facilitate the selection of additional lenses for different scenarios from small conference rooms to large auditoriums. Camera lenses include a wide range of K-mount prime and zoom lenses for the manufacturer's full-frame and APS-C DSLR cameras, as well as Pentax 645 lenses for its medium format cameras.

Ricoh Pentax Accessories

Keep Pentax and Ricoh cameras in peak condition with replacement lithium-ion batteries, chargers, lens caps, and other accessories. These include Pentax Optio camera accessories, as well as accessories for similar Ricoh cameras.