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About SmallRig 

Founded in 2012, SmallRig designs and manufactures comprehensive accessory solutions for content creators across every genre. SmallRig products are widely used in live broadcasting, vlogging and professional video production by over two million creators across the globe. SmallRig pioneered the User Co-Design (UCD) model and DreamRig program in the industry to co-design with global creators and camera brands.


Individual Content Creators

SmallRig offers the individual content creator a wide variety of tools and accessories to aid the creative process, whether using a camera or a phone, for vlogging, creating short videos or smaller-scale projects. SmallRig provides complete solutions, whether you need cages, tripods, LED lights or microphones for the individual user or small team productions.


Large-Scale Productions

With intelligent solutions for use in the largest production environments, SmallRig allows you to break with tradition and shoot in a different way, creating lightweight, compact accessories that allow you to match your camera to your shooting requirements. DIY rigging can help filmmakers achieve greater control and creativity across every aspect of production.