Steadicam Stabilizer Systems

Set Up for Success with Camera Rig Stabilizers

You need control of a scene to get the right composition, so take action to limit motion by using camera rig stabilizers that keep the camera still to achieve optimal focus. It's simple to build a rig; you need only the basic structure to add a wide choice of components to help you get just the look you want in any project.

What Are Camera Rigs?

At their core, camera rigs are devices attached to a camera to help maintain accurate focus and support the addition of peripheral photography tools. A rig attaches to the camera via the baseplate, which often includes holes to which you can attach other items. Rods attach to this base mount, offering camera supports and a way for you to add rod clamps with rosettes to the individual parts of the rig.

A simple handheld camera rig can include a frame with camera and camcorder mounts for use in cars and tight quarters. Larger setups such as DSLR rigs with telephoto camera lenses and professional camcorder supports and rigs need to use your body for support. This can be either through a curved shoulder mount or a chest harness, with a removable back weight for added balance.

Why Is a Camera Rig Necessary?

Shaky hands make for blurry photos. Camera stabilizers eliminate much of that problem by locking the camera in your desired position. In addition, you can customize rigs to give a convenient way to access the pieces of equipment you need for any type of shot, from down low to high lighting. The modular structure makes it easy to add items in the future, too.

What's in a Camera Rig Stabilizer?

You can personalize a rig to hold anything you need for a job. A central part of most modern DSLR video supports and rigs is the camera cage, which protects the camera from collision, and limits unwanted movements. It's also the connecting point for additional elements, such as handle grips for direction control and supports for flash units. Attaching an electronic viewfinder also allows for focused framing of video recordings. Along with it, a follow focus provides easy access to manual focus and preset reference points. Other useful rig modules include matte boxes and shades to control light glare. Of course, an extra battery or power adapter should be included too, along with whatever other gear you think is useful.

Getting well-focused shots is achievable with the help of camera rig stabilizers. When you build your own rig, all the tools you need to succeed are within reach. Check out B&H Photo and Video for useful items you can add to make the perfect rig.