Furniture & Racks Accessories

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Organizing with Recording Studio Furniture & Rack Accessories

Furniture accessories such as racks are useful for media and other electrical component storage. Equipment that's commonly stored on rack shelves includes servers, HDDs, routers, monitors, and multimedia tools. Rackmount sliding shelves are a convenient way to access components quickly, and offer sturdy support if you use the correct hardware at installation. With the right rack mounting kits and brackets, it's easier to keep cords, equipment, and other tools off your desk and floor.

Choosing Rack Hardware

Using four-post rack rails for mounting servers is common, but two-post rails can work with the proper conversion kits. Two-post rails are better for use in closets or out-of-the-way areas, to prevent bumping servers or cords. Attach rack casters and wheel bases to move or transport shelving more easily. For additional stability, use locking casters that lock securely to prevent unexpected rolling.

Useful Rack Equipment

Protect HDDs, gaming equipment, and servers from overheating by adding vent panels to racks. The combination of vent panels and rack fans helps circulate air flow, and keeps equipment cool. Panels also cover open areas on rack shelves to help protect equipment from damage. Racks may also accommodate pullout keyboard drawers that can be used as either shelves or work surfaces.

Other Furniture Accessories

Items such as casters aren't the only useful furniture add-ons for your workspace. Accessories such as doors for shelving, bases and risers, lights, and cable and power management options can simplify organizing your equipment. Rack rails are also used for mounting flat screen TVs, white screens, speakers, and other equipment for home entertainment systems.

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