Accessories for Tripod Heads

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Choosing the Right Tripod Head Accessories 

Tripod heads are highly modular components, and you can customize them with a range of accessories. From camera and tripod levelers and tripod head cases to extension arms, you can augment your photography projects with various upgrades for your unique needs.

Benefits of Quick Release Plates

Quick release plates are useful accessories that add convenience and reliability to your tripod setup. Instead of screwing in your camera using a threaded mount, you can slide it in using a quick release system. These plates use clamps that hold your camera sturdy, keeping it from freely rotating, while also protecting it from falls. Quick release plates are an ideal choice if you often remove your camera for transportation purposes, or if you need to switch to taking handheld shots quickly. To lock your camera in place, you'll use either a screw knob or a lever release clamp.

Using Arm Accessories

Adding tripod arms can make various shooting tasks much more convenient. Instead of bending over while holding your camera to shoot photos on a flat surface, use horizontal tripod arms for more comfortable shooting. These arms keep your camera pointing downward, and you can easily make adjustments to your subject or set without losing the frame. You can also mount multiple devices to your tripod horizontally, such as an off-camera flash or even an additional camera. Some tripod extension arms are telescopic, which gives you more control over your tripod setup.

If you need to upgrade your photo setup with tripod head accessories, check out B&H Photo and Video for a varied selection of options. You can also learn more about how to buy a tripod in our blog.