ImmersionRC Vortex Race Quad with 5.8 GHz Video Transmitter

ImmersionRC Vortex Race Quad with 5.8 GHz Video Transmitter

ImmersionRC Vortex Race Quad with 5.8 GHz Video Transmitter

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Product Highlights

  • 285-Sized Foldable Racing Quadcopter
  • Carbon Fiber and Injected Plastic Design
  • 40-Channel 5.8 GHz Video Transmitter
  • Flight Controller with Cleanflight
  • 7 Total 32-Bit ARM CPUs
  • Graphic OSD: Change Settings with Tx
  • Turning Presets Included
  • EzUHF Receiver Compatibility
  • Vibration-Reducing Camera Mount
  • GoPro Mounting Option Available
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WARNING: Carefully read instructions to ensure proper configuration before use. Failure to use this product responsibly may result in loss, damage, or injury.

ImmersionRC Vortex overview

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Sporting a hull design that is a mixture of carbon fiber and injection plastic, the Vortex Race Quad from ImmersionRC strikes a balance between weight and robustness. It is a 285-size airframe that incorporates folding prop arms for easier storage and transport. The flight control system centers around the Open-Source Cleanflight firmware and there are a total of seven 32-bit ARM CPUs deployed throughout the aircraft - used for everything from controller LED indicators to regulating the ESCs. An integrated 5.8 GHz, 40-channel video transmitter is ready for you to connect a GoPro HERO3, HERO3+, or HERO4, or FPV camera such Mobius (available separately) to add an immersive experience to races as well as record the action.

In addition to what comes in the box, you will need a flight battery, transmitter (radio controller) and receiver, and, for FPV, a camera and FPV goggles or a field monitor with 5.8 GHz video receiver. Please refer to the Specifications tab for compatibility details.

Integrated 5.8 GHz Video Transmitter
An on-board NexWaveRF 5.8 GHz video transmitter, with 40 channel support, ensures compatibility with virtually any third-party 5.8 GHz video receiver. Thanks to RaceBand technology - proving 40 channel support - up to eight video transmitters can be used at the same time. The on-board OSD allows video transmitter channels to be chosen using the RC transmitter (radio controller) - no more dip-switches to flip, and no more frequency lists to remember

Note: Operation in the U.S. and U.S. territories requires an FCC Amateur Radio License ("HAM license"). Use outside the U.S. may also be restricted; please check with your local regulatory authorities regarding any licensing requirements
Flexible Flight Controller
Featuring CleanFlight Open-Source flight control software and backed by an ARM CPU, the flight controller is updatable as new software version become available. Sensors that provide the flight controller essential data include 3 axis Gyro, 3 axis accelerometer, and barometer - which together help the quad stay on top of how fast it is accelerating and in what direction. A direct, high-speed interface to the full-graphic OSD (on-screen display) enables many adjustments to be made directly from the transmitter
Flexible Camera Options
The vibration-reducing camera mount supports both a flight cam as well as an action camera such as a GoPro HERO or Mobius. The flight cam sits recessed within the frame to protect protected from impacts, and is suspended from a vibration-dampened carbon-fiber plate. An adjustable bracket allows the camera to be tilted to ensure a good forward view during high-speed racing. A 3A switching regulator allows the camera (including a GoPro) to be powered from the flight battery

Note: Camera available separately. Please see specifications for complete list of supported models
Tuning Presets
The Vortex features tuning parameters from Pro-Racers right in the box. Just select the racer, prop size, camera type, and other parameters and the Vortex OSD will configure the flight controller for you
RGB LED Running Lights
There are eight 24-bit LED tail lights placed between the upper and lower body plates. Use these lights to keep track of your drone in the heat of battle, while standing out from the crowd with fully customizable lighting patterns. The lights are controlled by a dedicated 32-bit ARM processor
Custom 32-Bit, 12A ESCs
Designed for racing, the ESCs are each powered by a 32-bit ARM processor running Cleanflight software and provide an output power of 12A (16A peak). They feature OneShot125 support and integrate rotorSENSE technology, which enables you to define prop rotational direction simply by pushing the prop in the correct direction with your finger - no more swapping motor wires
Optional Recliners and Incliners
When flying at speed an on-board camera has a tendency to point toward the ground. To combat this, ImmersionRC offers two solutions (available separately): an "incliner" for cameras like Mobius and a "recliner" for GoPro. These kits feature the appropriate rubber dampers, and in the case of the GoPro kit, also a plug-and-play power cable, to allow the GoPro to be powered without an internal battery for reduced weight
3A, 5V Switching Regulator
An on-board 3A, 5V switching regulator keeps the flight electronics fed with a clean supply, with enough left over to power a GoPro, Mobius, or other camera (separately available adapter cables may be required)
Full Graphic OSD with EzOSD Pedigree
An on-board full-graphic OSD (on-screen display) provides in-flight updates of critical parameters and sports a menu which allows all options to be programmed in the field using the transmitter (radio controller) along with a set of FPV goggles or field monitor with 5.8 GHz reception. A real-time interface with the flight controller enables artificial horizons, F-18 style displays, and exchange of flight parameters

Several preset OSD Layouts are provided:
  • A classical EzOSD-type layout, with all critical parameters available on-screen
  • A "heads-up" style display complete with artificial horizon and altitude indicator
  • A Race layout showing only the critical parameters tucked around the edges of the display
  • A "gaming" layout
Seven Total 32-Bit Arm Processors
A dedicated ARM for the flight controller, another for the full-graphic OSD, another for the LED board at the back of the quad, plus four for the ESCs

ImmersionRC Vortex specs

Flight Time Dependent on batteries, flying style, and other factors
Camera Compatibility GoPro: HERO3, HERO3+, HERO4
FatShark 600TVL CMOS (standard)
FatShark 700TVL CMOS
FatShark 900TVL CCD
Flight Controller
CPU STM32F103 32-bit ARM CPU
Operating System Cleanflight (with API version matching that of the OSD)
Receiver Compatibility Channels Required: Absolute minimum four; five recommended to support mode switch

Interface Standard: 3.3 to 5 V PPM Sum (all channels in one PPM stream)

Receiver Power: +5 V at 200 mA maximum (3.3 V supplied using the separately available Spektrum Rx cable)
IMU Model: Invensense 6050

3-axis Gyro
3-axis Accelerometer
Bosch BMP180 altimeter
Blackbox Support Supported via the GPS port on the Vortex PDB
CPU STM32F373 32-bit ARM processor
Resolution 440 x 280
Graphics White with black border around all pixels
Settings Programmable black/white levels
Video Transmitter
Model Socketed custom NexWaveRF 5.8 GHz module
Channels 40 initially, programmed via OSD
Bands 5 (including the ImmersionRC/FatShark and RaceBand bands)
Frequencies IRC/FS: 5740, 5760, 5780, 5800, 5820, 5840, 5860, 5880 MHz
RaceBand (Channels 1 to 8): 5658, 5695, 5732, 5769, 5806, 5843, 5880, 5917 MHz
Frequency A Band (Channels 1 to 8): 5865, 5845, 5825, 5805, 5785, 5765, 5745, 5725 MHz
Frequency B Band (Channels 1 to 8):5733, 5752, 5771, 5790, 5809, 5828, 5847, 5866 MHz
Frequency E Band (Channels 1 to 8):5705, 5685, 5665, 5645, 5885, 5905, 5925, 5945 MHz
Output Power 350 mW ±1 dB
Audio Support Stereo: Right channel used for telemetry, left channel unused
Recommended Antenna Supplied SpiroNET Omni, Skew Planar, 4-leaf
External Video Tx Support 5-pin PicoBlade connector (usable only when the RF module is removed)

Note: Using an external video transmitter does not allow OSD channel switching
Electronic Speed Control (ESC)
Model ImmersionRC EzESC
CPU 4 x ARM 32-bit CPUs (one per ESC)
Output Power 12 A continuous
16 A peak
Protocols rotorSENSE
LED Array 6 x 24-bit (RGB) LEDs at tail
Controller 32-bit ARM CPU
Flight Battery
Type Recommended:
1300 mAh 3S; 45 to 90C LiPo (available separately)
1300 mAh 4S; 45 to 90 C LiPo (available separately)
Model Standard Prop: Gemfan 5030
Upgrade Prop: HQ 5040 (available separately)
Maximum Prop Size 6" / 15.2 cm
Model OEM T-Motor 1806-2300 kV
Size 285
Dimensions Folded: 11.8 x 4.3" / 300 x 110 mm
Weight As Shipped: 12.4 oz / 350 g
Typical with 1200 mAh 4S Battery: 1.1 lb / 497 g
Packaging Info
Package Weight 1.5 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 15.9 x 6.3 x 3.8"

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