MYLIO Photo Organization Software Standard 1-Year Subscription (Download)

MYLIO Photo Organization Software Standard 1-Year Subscription (Download)

MYLIO Photo Organization Software Standard 1-Year Subscription (Download)

B&H # MYSS1Y MFR # 1014
MYLIO Photo Organization Software Standard 1-Year Subscription (Download)

MYLIO Photo Organization Software Standard 1-Year Subscription (Download)

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Product Highlights

  • Sync Images from up to 5 Devices
  • Manage up to 100,000 Photos
  • Integration with Adobe Lightroom
  • RAW Editing with Desktop & Tablet Apps
  • Simplified Import Process from Devices
  • Library & File Management Tools
  • Filtering and Tagging Capabilities
  • Save & Sync On and Offline
  • Cloud-Based Storage Option for Backup
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MYLIO 1014 Overview

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Get organized and keep your library of up to 100,000 photographs protected across 5 devices by using Mylio Photo Organization Software. This 1-year subscription is available here as a download and offers users the Standard plan which adds Lightroom integration and RAW file support to the software. With a simplified import process and comprehensive organization and file management tools, photographers will be able to easily take control of their extensive collection of digital images. Users will also be able to edit their photos, filter and tag them for later reference, and even save and sync both on and offline. Additionally, Mylio Cloud is available for yet another method of protecting your precious images.

  • Camera Roll Import: Automatically import photos from smartphone or tablet camera roll
  • Cameras & Memory Cards: Import directly from connected cameras & memory cards
  • iPhoto Library: Complete libraries can be imported
  • Drag & Drop Photo Import: Select photos from your file browser and intuitively drag and drop them to import
  • File Naming Presets: Automatically name imported files using presets or custom options
  • Copy, Move, or Add Folders: Full control of folder management in the Mylio library along with on your computers or hard drives
  • Facebook Albums: Import Facebook photo albums
  • Flickr Albums: Ingest entire Flickr albums
  • Lightroom Folders: Existing folders can be added without relocating the folders on your computer
  • View Your Last Import: Quick view most recent imports with a single button
  • Keywords: Apply keywords direct to imported files
  • Organization Presets: Keep your existing organization or have Mylio automatically organize your files by time or other options
  • Folder Organization: Reflects existing folders on your computer and new folders created in Mylio will be created on your computer
  • Albums: Special collections for temporary use or quick access to specific sets
  • Lightbox: Simple panel for moving collections of images from one location to another
  • Duplicate Detection: Informs users if duplicates exist for a photo and help determine whether to remove the duplicates
  • Organize Folders: Presets and rules can be applied to improve library organization
  • Merge Folders: Combine two folders together with one command
  • Full-Screen Browsing: Navigate in full-screen for an immersive experience
  • User Interface: Control visibility of interface elements through menus and keyboard shortcuts
  • Filmstrip: See and navigate photos in preview mode
  • Zoom: Take a closer look at the thumbnails using a touchpad, keyboard, or zoom slider control
  • Viewing by Time: Presents all your images by day, month, year, and decade
  • Navigating by Time: Move by month, year, or decade to find a favorite memory
  • Editing Photo Dates: Discover photos with the incorrect date stamps and change the date for accurate presentation in the calendar view
Editing & Enhancing
  • Histogram: Shows red, blue, and green channel curve and clipping with shadow and highlight controls
  • Auto Enhance: Single button automatic corrections
  • Crop & Rotate: Slider for rotation control and free cropping or ratio constraints
  • Red Eye Removal: Remove unfortunate red eyes with a simple touch with fine control over the size and sensitivity or the brush
  • Compare: Display edits and instantly view the original image
  • White Balance: Adjust temperature and tint for accurate color
  • Tone Controls: Exposure, Contrast, Highlights, Shadows, Whites, Blacks, and Clarity options for refining editing
  • Sharpen: Slider for enhancing fine detail
  • Black and White: Optimize conversions for monochrome output
  • Rotate Left & Right: Buttons on the action bar for quick access
  • Copy and Paste Edits: Copy edits from one photo and apply them to another
  • One-Touch Edit Reset: Reset button reverts image back to original state
  • RAW Support: Works with RAW images from many different cameras for optimal image quality
Photo Info
  • Photo Summary: Info Tab displays common information from your image's metadata
  • IPTC Metadata Support: Supports IPTC fields and displays a subset of those fields in the Info Tab
  • Photo Date: Date is displayed and can be corrected
  • Title & Caption: Enter detailed descriptions for your photos
  • Import Source and Date: Records source and date of each image imported
  • Folder Location: Info Tab displays where a photo is stored with one-touch access
  • Keywords: Add and view keywords at any time
  • Copyright: Edit or add copyright info to every photo
  • People: Display list of people tagged in the current photo and photos imported from Facebook with automatically display tags
  • Location: Geotag information is displayed with a pin on the map of the Location Tab
  • Stars, Colors, and Flags: Three ways to mark your photos for future review
  • Ratings Bar: Quick access to rating controls
  • Ratings Auto-Advance: Each time you apply a rating Mylio advances to the next image for faster review
  • Rate Collections: Apply ratings to collections of photos in folders or albums
  • Search and Filter by Rating: Find your photos using your ratings
Search & Filter
  • Searching and Filtering: Find photos from throughout your entire library using search and filters
  • By Ratings: Use stars, color tags, or flags for simple filtering
  • By People: Tags allow you to find and view photos of a specific person or group
  • By Location: Use keywords to search location information
  • By Keywords: Look through source and date information created upon import for managing the library
  • By Terms: Using metadata information to find files
  • With Pinned Favorites: Define and save simple or complex searches and filters
  • Last Search: Instantly retrieve your last search parameters
Sync & Protection
  • Pro Sync: Easy-to-use automation and manual control options for enjoying your library on all devices
  • File Types: Picks the best file type to sync with for each device added with the options for manually selecting different types later on
  • Protection: Multiple devices ensures numerous backups of all your photos
  • Protection Badges: Quickly informs users as to the current status of each file in terms of number of copies and locations
  • Mylio Cloud Drive: Sync some or all of your photos for additional access or protection
  • Travel Mode: Protect new photos during traveling and switch back to primary protection when back home
  • Mylio Device Network: Mylio creates a Wi-Fi network for your devices to sync and protect photos when other networks are not available
  • Playback Control: Pause and resume slideshows at any time as well as step forward or backwards
  • Themes: Choose between Crossfade and Flow
  • Export Slideshow as Video: Take an album and export it as a video with your own attached music file for sharing
  • Shuffle: Display a collection in an order based on the view's sort options as well as shuffle the order
  • Individual or Photo Sets: Quickly print a single image, a selection, or complete folders or albums
  • Photo Size Presets: Print using common photo sizes without manual resizing
  • Crop and Scale to Fit: Choose between crop and scale to best fit your photo
  • Contact Sheets: Print sets or photos as contact sheets with thumbnails for each print
Integration with Other Programs
  • Lightroom: Extend your libraries and bring the photos to all of your devices with recognition for edits made in Lightroom and Mylio
  • Aperture: Import the catalog with ratings, captions, and other information preserved
  • iPhoto: Import the catalog with ratings, captions, and other information preserved
  • Facebook: Import and export photos and albums to keep your friends and library up-to-date
  • PSD Files: Support has been added for Photoshop Data files
  • Files: Manages files using your computer's file system for easy access
  • X-Rite: Integrated with X-Rite ColorTRUE for a color-managed mobile editing solution
Library & File Management
  • Show Files: Quickly find images your Show in Finder or Show in Explorer command
  • File-Based Photo Library: Saves your photos as files on your computers and hard drives so you can access all your images using the operating system's file browser

MYLIO 1014 Specs

Mac System Requirements Mac OS X 10.8 and later
Core i5 processor or better
64 GB of free hard disk space
Windows System Requirements Windows 7 & 8
DirectX 11 capable GPU
64 GB of free hard disk space
Mobile Device Requirements iOS 7 or later

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