FastRawViewer Software 2.0 (Download)

FastRawViewer Software 2.0 (Download)
Key Features
  • Fast & Reliable Sorting of RAW/DNG Files
  • True RAW Data Histogram
  • Per Channel Exposure Based on RAW Data
  • Allows Non-Destructive Image Adjustments
Speed the conversion of all your RAW files with FastRawViewer 2.0 software from LibRaw LLC. This efficient workflow tool makes it possible to review and edit your RAW shots with confidence, because what you see is exactly what you got when shooting. The software's built-in ultrafast RAW converter provides an immediate display of non-adjusted RAW shots, as the camera captured them, both in full color and in a per-channel R/G/B view, which allows you to evaluate details and noise levels in each channel.
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FastRawViewer FRV1BE Overview

Speed the conversion of all your RAW files with FastRawViewer 2.0 software from LibRaw LLC. This efficient workflow tool makes it possible to review and edit your RAW shots with confidence, because what you see is exactly what you got when shooting. The software's built-in ultrafast RAW converter provides an immediate display of non-adjusted RAW shots, as the camera captured them, both in full color and in a per-channel R/G/B view, which allows you to evaluate details and noise levels in each channel.

Additional tools for technical evaluation, such as the RAW histogram, over- and under-exposure indication and statistics, focus peaking, and shadow boost, are also based directly on RAW data, not a JPEG preview. You can instantly apply RAW-specific modifications to the screen preview, allowing you to adjust a studio setup, or present targeted images to a client on the fly. When working with a large sequence of similar images, propagation adjustments made to a single file can quickly be applied to the entire group. All adjustments are non-destructive; the software does not modify image files in any way. Adjustments are recorded as XMP sidecar files to be picked up by Adobe Raw converters.

The working environment can be fully customized, allowing you to tweak the metadata display, keyboard shortcuts, preferences and program windows to your liking. FastRawViewer supports nearly all RAW formats and more than 800 cameras, with frequent updates to support new DSLR and cell phone models. The software can read files from any media, from a flash card to a network server, without creating intermediate image databases, avoiding unnecessary delays and saving disk space. It works on a variety 32/64-bit Windows platforms and most Intel-based Macs with 64-bit support.

This version of FastRawViewer is delivered as a download, and the license key can be installed on up to two computers simultaneously.

Direct Visualization of RAW Files
  • Evaluate the full dynamic range in your RAW image files as captured by your camera, instead of a compressed range as displayed by an in-camera (embedded) JPEG or JPEG preview generated with default settings.
  • Very high (4-8 fps) RAW browsing speed for 16-24MP files on an average laptop.
  • Provides instant display of RAW files, both in full color and as per channel R/G/B views, for evaluation of image details and noise levels in each channel.
  • Supports most RAW file formats (except Sigma/Foveon), and more than 800 cameras, with frequent updates to support new cameras.
  • Reads files from any media, from a flash card to a network server, without creating intermediate image databases, avoiding unnecessary delays and saving disk space.
Image Adjustment Tools
  • A wide range of image adjustment tools allow you to evaluate and adjust exposure based on the real RAW histogram. Over- and under-exposure indications and statistics allow for efficient review of clipped highlights and plugged shadows. Post-correction overexposure statistics display the number and percentage of over- and under-exposed pixels.
  • Controls for Focus Peaking and Shadow Boost allow you to check in-focus edges and areas of high detail or open shadows to check for details and noise levels.
  • Offers several methods for setting white balance: standard presets for As Shot/Auto/Daylight/Tungsten, custom white balance by clicking on a neutral image area, white balance display based on color temperature/tint value, mired/tint or per channel factors
  • Mode for changing image orientation, useful for cameras lacking an orientation sensor, support for cameras modified to black-and-white
Non-Destructive Photo Editing
  • Image adjustments are non-destructive; FastRawViewer reads RAW files but does not modify them in any way. All adjustments are recorded as auxiliary (sidecar) files in a standard XMP format and picked by Adobe RAW converters from there.
  • Instantly apply RAW-specific modifications to the screen preview, allowing you to adjust a studio setup, or present targeted images to a client on the fly.
  • Adjustments made to one image can be applied to a series of similar shots.
Fully Customizable Working Environment
  • Customizable EXIF data panels allow you to select exactly which fields you want to display.
  • Fully Customizable Keyboard Shortcuts can be adjusted to your needs. Keep the same shortcuts as previous software or export shortcuts from one machine to another.
  • Enable the color management system to select a working profile according to the gamut of the monitor, or use the default sRGB workflow with non-calibrated monitors or in suboptimal viewing conditions.
  • Modify the size and opacity of program window panels and move them to any area of the screen or to another monitor. Change the color scheme of windows and panels to black, white or any shade of gray. Bottom bar and panel font size can also be changed.
32/64-Bit Architecture
  • The software supports a variety of 32/64-bit Windows/Mac operating systems and is optimized to work with files on high-speed storage devices: SSD drives, disk arrays (RAIDs), fast flash cards (UHS-I and similar in fast USB 3.0 readers).
  • It supports most video cards with 3D acceleration support, such as cards with DirectX 9.0/OpenGL 2.1 support or later. There are two versions for Windows platforms: Graphics based on Microsoft DirectX (recommended for the majority of users) and Graphics based on OpenGL (recommended for use with Nvidia: GTX4xx and newer, and corresponding versions of Nvidia Quattro, or ATI/AMD: Radeon HD5xxx and newer).
PowerShot 600/A5/A5 Zoom/A50; Pro1/70/90 IS; G1/1X/1X Mk II/1x Mk III/2/3/3X/5/5X/5X Mk II/6/7/7X/7X MkII/7X MkIII/9/9X/9X MkII/10/11/12/15/16; S30/40/45/50/60/70/90/95/100/110/120; SX1 IS/50 HS/60 HS; S2 IS; S3 IS; S5-IS; SD300/750/900/950 IS/1200 IS; SX40 HS/50 HS/60 HS/70HS; SX10 IS/20 IS/30 IS/100 IS/110 IS/120 IS/130 IS/160 IS/220 IS/510 IS/710 IS; PowerShot (CHDK hack) A410/A460/A470/A480/A530/A540/A550/A560/A570 IS/A590 IS/A610/A620/A630/A640/A650 IS/A710 IS/A720 IS/A3300 IS/D10; PowerShot Elph (CHDK hack) 130 ES/IXUS 140/ IXY 110F/ 160 / IXUS 160; S2 IS/3 IS/5 IS; SD300/950; SX110 IS/120 IS/220 HS/20 IS/30 IS; EOS R/RP/R5/R6; EOS D30/60; 5D/DS/DS R/Mk II/ III/ IV, 6D/II, 7D/Mk II, 10D, 20D/Da, 30D, 40D, 50D, 60D/Da, 70D, 77D, 80D, 90D, 1200D, C500, D2000C; M/2/3/5/6/6 II/10/50/100/200; 1D/DS/D C/D X/X MkII/X MkIII/Mk II/Mk II N/Mk III/Mk IV; 1Ds Mk II/Mk III; EOS 300D/Digital Rebel (DR)/Kiss Digital (KD), 350D/DR XT/KD N, 400D/DR XTi/KD X, 450D/DR XSi/KD X2, 500D/DR T1i/KD X3, 550D/DR T2i /KD X4, 600D/DR T3i/KD X5, 650D/DR T4i/KD X6i, 700D/DR T5i, 750D/DR T6i, 760D/DR T6S, 800D/DR 77i, 850D-DR T8i, 1000D/DR XS, 1100D/DR T3, 1200D/DR T5, 1300/DR T6, 1500D/DR T7, 2000D, 3000D, 4000D, 100D/DR SL1, 1000D/DR XS/KD F, 1100D/DR T3/KD X50; EOS 100D Rebel SL1/SL2
DBP for GX680/DX-2000; E550/900; F700/710/800/810/900; F500EXR/505EXR/550EXR/600EXR/605EXR/770EXR/775EXR/800EXR/900EXR; S2Pro/3Pro/5Pro/20Pro/S1/S100FS/S5000/S5100/S5500/S5200/S5600/S6000fd/S6500fd/S7000/S9000/S9500/S9100/S9600/S200EXR/S205EXR/SL1000; HS 10/11/20EXR/22EXR/30EXR/33EXR/35EXR/50EXR; GFX 50S/50R/100; X Pro1/2/3/S1/Q1/Q2/100/100F/100S/100T/100V/10/20/30/70/A1/A2/A3/A5/A7/A10/A20/E1/E2/E2S/E3/M1/F1/F10/H1/T1/T1 Graphite Silver/T2/T3/T4/T10/T20/T30/T100/T200; IS-1
D1/1H/1X/2H/2Hs/2X/2Xs/3/3s/3X/4/4s/40/40X/5/50/6/60/70/70s/80/90/100/200/300/300s/500/600/610/700/750/800/800E/810/810A/850/3000/3100/3200/3300/3400/3500/5000/5100/5200/5300/5500/5600/7000/7100/7200/7500/Df; Z6/7/50; 1/AW1/J1/J2/J3/J4/J5; S1/S2; V1/V2/V3; Coolpix 700/800/880/900/950/990/995/2100/2500/3200/3700/4300/4500 ("DIAG RAW" hack); E 5000/5400/5700/8400/8700/8800; Coolpix A/A100; B700; P330/340/950/1000/6000/7000/7100/7700/7800; S6 ("DIAG RAW" hack); Coolscan NEF
AIR A01; C-3030Z/5050Z/5060WZ/7070WZ/70Z/7000Z/740UZ/770UZ/8080WZ; X200/D560Z/C350Z; E-1/3/5/10/20/20N/20P/30/300/330/400/410/420/450/500/510/520/600/620/P1/P2/P3/P5/PL1/PL1s/PL2/PL3/PL5/PL6/PL7/PL8/PL9/PL10/PM1/PM2/M1/M1 MkII/M1 Mk III/M1X/M10/M10 MkII/ M10 MkIII/M5/M5 Mk II/M5 MkIII; Pen-F; SP310/320/350/500UZ/510UZ/550UZ/560UZ/565UZ/570UZ; STYLUS1/1s; SH-2/3; TG-4/5/6/; XZ 1/2/10
A6D-100c; CFV/50/H; CF-22/31/39; H2D-22/39; H3D II-22/31/39/50; H3D-22/31/39; H4D-60/50/40/31; H5D-60/50/50c/40; H6D-100c; V96C; Lusso; Lunar; True Zoom; Stellar/Stellar II; HV; X1D/II 50C
C (Typ 112); CL; C-Lux CAM-DC25; Digilux 2/3; Digital-Modul-R; D-LUX 2/3/4/5/6/7/(Typ 109); M 8/8.2/9/10//10-D/10-P/10R/(Typ 240)/(Typ262); Monochrom (Typ 240)/(Typ 246); M-D (Typ 262); M-E/P; R8; Q (Typ 116)/Q-P; S/S2/SL2; T (Typ 701)/TL/TL2; X1, X (Typ 113), X2, X-E (Typ 102)/X-U (Typ 113); V-LUX1/2/3/4/5/(Typ 114); X VARIO (Typ 107)
AG-GH4; DMC-CM1/FZ8/FZ18/FZ28/FZ30/FZ35/FZ38/FZ40/FZ42/FZ45/FZ50/FZ7/FZ70/FZ72/FZ80/FZ81/FZ82/FZ83/FZ85/FZ100/FZ150/FZ200/FZ300/FZ330/FZ1000/FZ1000 II/FZ100M2/FZ10002/FZ2000/FZ2500/FZH1/FX150/FX180/G1/G10/G2/G3/G5/G6/G7/G70/G8/G80/G81/G81/G85/GF1/GF2/GF3/GF5/GF6/GF7/GF10/GF90/GH1/GH2/GH3/GH4/GH5/GH5S/GM1/GM1s/GM5/GX1/GX7/GX7 MkII/GX8/GX80/GX85/GX800/GX850/L1/L10/LC1/LF1/LX1/LX2/LX3/LX5/LX7/LX9/LX10/LX15/LX100/ZS40/SZ50/ZS60/ZS70/ZS80/ZS100/Z2200/ZS220/TZ60/TZ70/TZ80/TZ81/TZ82/TZ85/TZ90/TZ91/TZ92/TZ93/TZ95/TZ96/TZ97/TZ100/TZ101/TZ110/TZ200/TZ202/TZ220/TX1/TX2; DC-G9/G90/G91/G95/G99/G100/G110/GF9/GF10/GF90/GX9/GX9 MkIII/LX100M2/S1/S1H/S1R/S5/
*ist D/DL/DL2/DS/DS2; GR; K10D/20D/100D/100D Super/110D/200D/2000/K-m; K-x/KP/K-r/K-01/K-3/K-3 II (std mode)/K-30/K-5/K-5 II/K-5 IIs/K-50/K-500/K-7/K-70/K-S1/K-S2/MX-1; Q/Q7/Q10/QS-1; Optio S/S4/33WR/750Z/645D/645Z
Alpha 7/7 II/7 III/7C/7R/7R II/7R III/7R IV/7S/7S II/7S III/9/9 II; ILCA-77M2 (A77-II); ILCE-3000/5000/5100/6000/6100/6300/6400/6500/6600/QX1; DSC-F828/HX95/HX99/R1/RX0/RX0 II/RX1/RX1R/RX1R II/RX10/RX10 II/RX10 III/RX10 IV/RX100/RX100 II/RX100 III/RX100 IV/RX100V/RX1100 VA/RX100 VI/RX100 VII/V3; DSLR-A100/A200/A230/A290/A300/A330/A350/A380/A390/A450/A500/A550/A560/A580/A700/A850/A900; NEX-3/3N/5/5N/5R/5T/6/7/C3/F3/VG20/VG30/VG900; SLT-A33/A35/A37/A55V/A57/A58/A65V/A77V/A99V; XCD-SX910CR; IMX135-mipi 13mp/QCOM; IMX072-mipi/214/219/230/219-mipi/298-mipi; Xperia L; ZV-1; DCZV1/B
FP; SD9/10/14/15/1/1 Merill; DP 1/1 Merill/1S/1X/2/2 Merill/2S/2X/3 Merill; dp0 Quattro/1 Quattro/2 Quattro/3 Quattro/sd Quattro/sd Quattro H
Phase One
IQ140/150/160/180/180 IR/250/260/260 Achromatic/280;IQ250/280; IQ3 50MP/60MP/80MP/100MP/100 MP Trichromatic; IQ4 150MP; LightPhase; Achromatic+; H 10/20/25; P20/20+/21/25/25+/30/30+/40+/45/45+/65/65+
Other Manufacturers

Arri: Alexa; Alexa 65/LF/XT/SXT/ARRIRAW format

Adobe: Digital Negative (DNG)

AgfaPhoto DC-833m

Alcatel: 5035D

Apple: iPad Pro. iPhone SE/6s/6 Plus/7/7Plus/8/8Plus/X/QuickTake 100/150/200

ASUS: ZenPhone4/6

AutelRobotics: XB015

AVT: F-080C/F-145C/F-201C/F-510C/F-810C

Baumer: TXG14

BlackMagic: Cinema Camera/Micro Cinema Camera/Pocket Cinema Camera/Production Camera 4k/URSA/URSA Mini 4k/4.6k/Proi 6.4k

Casio: QV 2000UX, 3000EX, 3500EX, 4000, 5700, R41/51/61; EX 10/100/100F/100 PRO; F1; FC300S/400S; FH20/25/100; M20; S20/100; Z4/50/500/55/60/75/750/8/850/1050/1080; ZR100/700/710/750/800/850/1000/1100/1200/1300/1500/3000/3100/3200/3500/3600/3700/4000/4100/5000/5100/; Exlim Pro 505/600/700

CLAUSS: pix500

Contax: N Digital

Creative: PC-CAM 600

DJI: 4384x3288, Mavic Air/Air 2; Osmo Action; Phantom4 Pro/Pro+; ZenMuse X5/X5R

Digital Bolex: D16/16M

DXO: One

Epson: R-D1/D1s/D1x

Foculus: 531C

Gitup: GIT2/2P; G3 DUO

Gione: E7

GoPro: Fusion; Hero5/6/7/8

Google: Pixel/xl/3a/4 XLHTC: UltraPixel; MyTouch 4G; One A9/M9; 10; U12

Huawei: P8 Lite; P9; P10/10/10 Lite; P20/Pro; P3 Pro; Honor6a/7a Pro/8/9/10/20; Honor View 10/20; Mate8/10/20 Pro/20 Lite

ISG: 2020x1520

Ikonoskop: A-Cam dII/dII Panchromatic

Imacon: Ixpress 96/96C/132C; Ixpress 384/384C/528C (single shot only)

JaiPulnix: BB-500CL, BB-500GE

Kinefinity: KineMINI/RAW Mini/RAW S35

Kodak:DC20/25/40/50/120;DCS200/315C/330C/420/460/460A/460D/460M/520C/560C/620C/620X/660C/660M/720X/760C/760M; DCS Pro 14n/14nx/SLR/c/SLR/n; EOSDCS1/3B; NC2000F; ProBack; PB 645C/H/M; C 330/603; P 850/880; Pixpro AZ901/S-1; Z 980/981/990/1015; KAI-0340

Konica: KD-400Z/510Z

Leaf: AFi 5/6/7; AFi-II 6/7/8/10/10R/12/12R; Aptus 17/22/54S/65/65S/75/75S; Aptus II 5/6/7/8/10/12/12R; Cantare/XY; CatchLight; CMost; Credo: 40/50/60/80; DCB2; Valeo 6/11/17/17wi/22/22wi; Volare

Lenovo: a820

Logitech: Fotoman Pixtura

Mamiya: ZD

Matrix: 4608x3288

Meizy: MX4

Micron: 2010

Minolta: RD175; DiMAGE 5/7/7i/7Hi/A1/A2/A200/G400/G500/G530/G600/Z2; Alpha/Dynax/Maxxum 5D/7D

Motorola: PIXL; Moto G (5S)/G7 Play

Nokia: 7 Plus, N95, X2, 1200x1600, Lumia 930/950 XL/1020/1520

OmniVision: 4688, OV5647 (Raspberry Pi)/5648/8850/13860

Parrot: Anafi, Bebop 2/DronePhotron: BC2-HD

Pixelink: A782

Polaroid: x530 (embedded JPEG only)

PtGrey: GRAS-50S5C

Raspberry Pi: Camera/V2;

Realme: 3 Pro

Ricoh: GR/II/III; GR Digital/Digital II/Digital III/Digital IV; Calipo GX100/200; GXR MOUNT A12/ A16 24-85mm F3.5-5.5; GXR, S10 24-72mm f2.5-4.4 VC/GXR A12 50mm f2.5 MACRO/GXR LENS A12 28mm f2.5/GXR LENS A16 24-85mm f-3.5-5.5/GXR LENS S10 24-72mm f2.5-4.4 VC /GXR LENS P10 28-300mm f3.5-5.6 VC

Rollei: d530flex

RoverShot: 3320af

SMaL: Ultra-Pocket 3/4/5



Samsung: EX 1/2F; GX-1L/1S; GX10/20; Galaxy S3/Nexus/ NX (EK-GN120)/Note 9/S3/S6/S7/S7 Edge/S8/S9/S9+/S10/S10+; NX1/5/10/11/100/1000/1100/20/200/210/2000/30/300/300M/3000/500/mini; Pro815; WB 550/2000/5000; S85/S850 (hacked)

Sarnoff: 4096x5440

Seitz: 6x17, Roundshot D3/D2X/D2Xs

Sinar: eMotion 22/54/75; eSpirit 65; eVolution 75; 3072x2048, 4080x4080, 4080x5440; STI format; Sinarback 54

Xiaomi: MI3/8/9 Lite/MAX; RedMi Note 3 Pro/Note 7; FIMI X8SE

Xiaoyi: YIAC3 (YI 4K)


Yi: M1

Zenit: M

FastRawViewer FRV1BE Specs

Delivery Format
Number of Devices Supported
System Requirements
OS Compatibility
Windows 7
Windows 8.1
Windows 10
macOS 10.6
*As of March, 2021: Check with manufacturer for the most up-to-date compatibility
Memory Requirement
4 GB (6 GB Recommended)
Storage Requirement
100 MB
100 MB
CPU Requirement
Intel Pentium 4 and Faster or 
AMD Athlon and Faster  
Display Resolution Requirement
1280 x 800
Internet Connection Required

FastRawViewer FRV1BE Reviews

Its a Raw viewer and it's Fast

By John
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2022-06-28

Does exactly what it says on the tin - very quick way to view and sort your raw files before bringing them into your cataloguing workflow. Did I mention it was Fast ....? Well worth it for larger shoot culling because it is so !

Still not sure . . .

By Ben
Rated 3 out of 5
Date: 2018-12-31

Was exploring alternatives to Lightroom and gave this a try after seeing a video where this was used in conjunction with Affinity Photo which I use. It seemed to work well but I ended up with Capture One which I have been using a few months and really like so have not used it since. I am an amateur nature photographer and unless traveling for a photo shoot will not exceed a few hundred shots per day.

I wish I'd heard about FastRawViewer earlier

By Tisho
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2016-06-18

So, I've been using FastRawViewer for...about three weeks now. It actually lives up to the name, being fantastically, well, fast. But that's not the main point; the main point is that FastRawViewer let me better understand my camera, and helped me increase its dynamic range by over a stop, having lowered the amount of noise in the shots - it turns out that you tend to pick better RAW shots when you pick images based on the optimal exposure for RAW, and not for JPEGs (since, earlier, I was forced to work based on JPEG previews). I've tried many programs, both viewers and converters, but none of them gave me the ability to quickly and accurately pick shots with optimal exposure for RAW. Even if FastRawViewer didn't have any tools other than the RAW histogram and the RAW-based over- and underexposure statistics (which it does - FastRawViewer offers a lot of other unique tools for RAW culling and even for preliminary correction), I'd suggest that anyone who shoots in RAW use this program. There is one thing about this program that...saddens me, for lack of a better term. It's shown me that before I started using it, I'd thrown out many, many, many shots that I thought were overexposed, selecting them on the basis of the embedded JPEG. If I'd kept them instead, I would now be able to choose shots that were actually exposed much better, and accordingly had much less noise than those that I chosen to keep without using FastRawViewer.

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I paid for it received package but no licence number or activation code neither. I feel like I've bee robbed of $20. Why do I have to call customer service when everything should roll smooth once you paid? Make no sense.
Asked by: Christian P.
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