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Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus - Combo Guitar Amplifier

BH #ROJC120 • MFR #JC-120
Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus - Combo Guitar Amplifier
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Roland JC-120 Overview

The Roland JC-120 Jazz Chorus is a 2-channel bi-amplified combo electric guitar amplifier, featuring 120 watts of total power and a true stereo chorus, the sound of which is already familiar from hundreds of popular recordings made since the mid-1970's. The amplifiers' original silver cone speakers have been re-introduced for that vintage look.

The JC-120 Jazz Chorus features 2 separate input channels, "dry" and affected, both with 3-band EQ, a stereo effects loop, and 3 dedicated footswitch inputs for the built-in chorus/vibrato, distortion and reverb.

For lush, glossy, and highly processed clean guitar tones, there is no other guitar amplifier that produces such sounds with quite the warmth and variety of the JC-120 Jazz Chorus.

Bi-amped, 2-channel guitar combo amplifier with 120 watts total power, dual 12" silver cone speakers and built-in effects
Two separate input channels (Normal and Effects) with 3-band EQ perchannel and one high, one low input per channel
True stereo chorus, reverb, distortion and adjustable vibrato
Stereo effects loop with I/O Effects Level switch and Series/Parallel selector
Separate footswitch jacks for control of chorus and vibrato, reverb and distortion
Hard fiber sections, rivets and corner guards for amplifier edges and panels, industrial casters for simplified transportation
Rugged over-sized carrying handle, mesh grill speaker cover

Roland JC-120 Specs

Power Output
120 Watts (60W + 60W Bi-amplified)
2 x 12" Silver Cone
4 x 1/4" TS Phone Ch.1/2 High/Low
3 x 1/4" TS Phone Chorus/Vibrato/Reverb/Distortion Footswitch
2 x 1/4" TS Phone L/Mono,R Ch.2 Stereo Effects Return
2 x 1/4" TS Phone L/Mono,R Ch.2 Stereo Effects Send
Controls Front Panel
Channel 1:
1 x Bright(On/Off) Rotary Volume Knob
3 x Rotary Treble/Mid/Bass Knobs
Channel 2:
1 x Bright(On/Off) Rotary Volume Knob
3 x Rotary Treble/Mid/Bass Knobs
1 x Rotary Distortion Knob
1 x Rotary Reverb Knob
1 x Rotary Vibrato Speed Knob
1 x Rotary Vibrato Depth Knob
1 x 3-way Chorus/Off/Vibrato Controls Selector Knob
Controls Rear Panel
Channel 2:
1 x Effect Loop Serial/Parallel Selector Switch
1 x +4dBm/-20dBm Input/Output Effects Level Selector Switch
Effect Type
1 x Chorus
1 x Vibrato
1 x Reverb
1 x Distortion
29.9 x 10.2 x 24.5" (760 x 260 x 622mm)
62 lb (28 kg)
Packaging Info
Package Weight
76 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)
32 x 25.5 x 13.7"

Roland JC-120 Reviews

Legendary Sound, Legendary Power!

By Doha Cheese
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2010-02-10

Behind every Marshall stack, there is a JC-120. This is the saying I tell anyone who is serious about guitar playing and getting an excellent guitar sound. Since I am an undergraduate Music Major, I run into a lot of these types of people. And most of my colleagues would agree with me: The JC-120 is the ultimate standard. First of all, I play a plethora of genres ranging from blues, jazz, rock, metal and country. Whenever I play, the JC-120 has the right sound for the right genre. Dial in a dirty blues tone, and you get it. Punch in the heaviest distortion pedal you have got and the JC-120 will put you on the map. Lay up your guitar with all sorts of synthesizers, stomp boxes and any other type of guitar voodoo or just play it straight the way it was intended and it amplifies the sound of the guitar the way mother music intended! Now on to some of the specs: the JC-120 has some great effects, including a classical distortion or gain knob, vibrato and of course the legendary chorus sound that is so often mimicked but hardly surpassed. Each of these effects come with stomp box quarter inches for easier control. Another great feature is the loop modules that you can plug into this sucker. If you are the person who loves to layer your playing with sequencers and splitting effects (I am talking to all you VG-99 users out there), this amp will have you made. Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks. The first is that the equalizers are good...too good. What I mean is that the bass, middle, and treble controls cut each other out so well, that there is no nice melting medium you can get unless you keep them all at an equal distance from each other. Obviously, this hurts the JC's reputation as a good Jazz amp simply because it can, for example, cut too much out of the treble while leaving the bass too loud. For most players and listeners however, it makes precious little difference and only can be heard when making certain transitions while playing. Another problem would be the sheer weight of the thing. This baby's HUGE!! Seventy five pounds is fairly reasonable for such an amp, but if you are a traveling gig dude, this is not the type of amp you want to be putting in the back of your sedan. This is a great performance amp and a great studio amp, and it can withstand even the most clumsy of roadies. Unfortunately, I don't think it is something you would want to be lugging around in the first place. It is just too darn nice! Finally, I would like to say a word about who this amp is for. This is a serious amp. Vox, Marshall, Fender, Orange, Epiphone and Peavey make great amps, don't get me wrong. But anyone playing them can be judged to look like either an idiot, a person experiencing a midlife crisis, a punk that doesn't know jack about anything music or the worst, a poser. This is the JC-120, and no one will question your authority. But it is a serious amp and is not intended just for recreation. In fact, it is best if you don't buy this if you live in a neighborhood of old, crotchety people or people who don't like to hear excessive amounts of noise even at volume setting 2. But in most all other situations, if you are a serious player and need some good firepower, don't fritter your money away on simply a name plate that says Marshall on it. Get the real deal. Get the JC-120.

A Workhorse and Tank

By Anonymous
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2010-01-12

If you are after true stereo chorus, vibrato, and shimmering clean tones, this is the amp. The distortion is bad and it weighs a ton, but stereo return on effects enhances all your pedals unlike any other. You won't need to turn it up past 2!

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