Zynaptiq WORMHOLE - Audio Effects-Processing Software (Download)

Zynaptiq WORMHOLE - Audio Effects-Processing Software (Download)

Zynaptiq WORMHOLE - Audio Effects-Processing Software (Download)

Zynaptiq WORMHOLE - Audio Effects-Processing Software (Download)

Zynaptiq WORMHOLE - Audio Effects-Processing Software (Download)

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Product Highlights

  • For Audio Mixing & Post-Production
  • Frequency & Time Manipulation Effects
  • Warp, Shift, Reverb & Delay Parameters
  • Ring Mod, Formant Shifting & More
  • Subtle & Spacey Effects without Aliasing
  • Reverbs & Delays for Dry & Wet Signal
  • FX Blend for Aurally Rich Dry/Wet Blend
  • Multiple Algorithms for Blending Signals
  • AU, AAX, VST 2, VST 3, RTAS
  • Mac and Windows
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Zynaptiq ZYN-WH1 overview

  • 1Description

Available for download, Zynaptiq’s WORMHOLE is an effects processing plug-in that aims to bring warmth, clarity, and alias-free signal manipulation to your sound-design toolbox. As such, the software is equally at home on acoustic instruments, electric instruments, synthetic instruments, and even in post-production scenarios: Guitars can be made to shimmer and warble, pianos can be transformed into space-age celestas, and scary, movie-monster voices can be achieved in one plug-in instead of several.

WORMHOLE accomplishes its modulation through dedicated aspects of the plug-in, called Warp, Shift, Reverb, and Delay. Warp provides time-domain spectral warping effects largely free of unnatural artifacts—unless, of course, you want to introduce them yourself. Shift handles both pitch and frequency shifting, giving you the means to detune a sound, apply chorus, and more. It does this in a clean manner, low on artifacts and pitch-jumping. Two reverbs are provided, one for the dry signal and one for the processed sound. These can be combined to your liking. The delay can similarly effect wet and dry signals separately or together. For more descriptions of each effect, please see the features section.

This software, compatible with Mac and Windows platforms, requires an iLok account, which can be obtained for free. It is compatible with AU, AAX, VST 2, VST 3, and RTAS formats.

FX Blend
Instead of a dry-wet control, WORMHOLE offers an FX Blend section which provides multiple algorithms for combining processed signal with unprocessed signal, thus allowing you to morph seamlessly between your input and the effect you'd wish to use. The net effect is a more natural fusing between dry and wet signal, as well as greater realism for heavily processed effects in sound-design applications (invaluable for yet larger than life-yet realistic-voices for monsters, aliens, or whatever else a production necessitates). Additionally, the FX Blend will allow the harmonics achieved by your effects chain to bloom out of the sound source, rather than fade in.
This module performs a localized time-domain spectral warping effect. Its flavor evokes aspects of ring-modulation, frequency-modulation, frequency-shifting, formant-shifting, modal resonation, and spectral mapping, without sounding like any one of these specific processes. Although Warp, like many of the other facets of this plug-in, does not introduce aliasing, it also includes a tilt control which can add aliasing into the signal to generate grit.
This effect combines +/-4 octaves of pitch-shifting with +/-4 kHz of frequency-shifting into a single processing step, doing so in a manner that is neither delay/grain nor FFT/phase-vocoder based. Therefore, this module exhibits none of the typical artifacts of software pitch-shifting; neither grains, nor flamming, nor aliasing are present here, while pitch-jumping and warbling is minimal. The module offers 4 dedicated algorithms: Smooth, Tight, Detune A, and Detune B. From simple pitch shifting to thickening chorus effects, pitch-shifting will sound warm and organic. The Frequency Shifter is also clean, providing 96 dB of carrier/side-band suppression and operating aliasing-free. You'll note the Decay Time slider, which, discarding signal components that exceed an adjustable duration, unclutters and tightens up the sound. For instance, it can greatly reduce the ringing effect caused by naturally longer decay times in lower frequencies being forcibly shifted into a subjectively louder mid-range. This effect can also be used for special effects, like simulating analog communications circuit sagging and more.
The Reverb section features two simple, lush-sounding random-modulated hall reverbs with shared controls. One is placed before the FX BLEND, giving you a swath of unusual effects when used in conjunction with dry-wet morphing. The other is placed after the FX BLEND. For flexibility, you can use one reverb or both at the same time.
Living in the slot where other plug-ins might have a pre-delay parameter, WORMHOLE's Delay module can delay the effected signal, the dry signal, or both-and in opposing directions for the left and right channels. You can use the delay to create super-wide effects that are nonetheless fully balanced around the center of the sound stage. In combination with the pitch shifter's Detune modes and the FX Blend, you can achieve a variety of unique effects.
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Zynaptiq ZYN-WH1 specs

Mac System Requirements OS X 10.8 or later
Intel CPU with at least 2 cores
Compatible host software (AU, VST 2.4, VST 3, RTAS or AAX)
Pro Tools 10.3.6 or later (if using Avid Pro Tools)
iLok account for machine or iLok 2 activation
Internet connection for software activation
Windows System Requirements Windows 7 or later
CPU with at least 2 cores
Compatible host software (VST 2.4, VST 3, RTAS or AAX)
Pro Tools 10.3.6 or later (if using Avid Pro Tools)
iLok account for machine or iLok 2 activation
Internet connection for software activation
Licensing Details This software uses PACE copy protection, which allows you to place your activation on your machine or on an iLok 2 (available separately). You will need an iLok.com account to use the software. However, you do not necessarily need the iLok 2 dongle if your machine has internet access.

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