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Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor

BH #BOGT1000 • MFR #GT-1000
Boss GT-1000 Guitar Effects Processor
Key Features
  • 116 Guitar Effects
  • AIRD Modeling for Dynamic Amp Feel
  • 32-Bit / 96 kHz Processing
  • For Use with Amps, PAs & DAWs
The BOSS GT-1000 is a multi-effects processor for electric guitarists. The unit employs AIRD processing, which stands for Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics. Operating at 32-bit floating point, and at sample rates of 96 kHz, the GT-1000 uses this AIRD processing to bring you musically responsive and dynamic amplifier emulations, all of which interact with whatever system comes next in your chain, be it an amplifier, a DAW, a house PA, or various combinations thereof.
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Boss GT-1000 Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2Key Features at a Glance
  • 3AIRD Processing
  • 4Highly Musical Guitar Amplifiers
  • 5Optimized Output for Most Playing Applications
  • 6Onboard BOSS Effects
  • 7Intuitive Operation
  • 8Extensive Performance Control
  • 9USB Audio/MIDI and Wireless Editing via Bluetooth
  • 10Travel Ready

The BOSS GT-1000 is a multi-effects processor for electric guitarists. The unit employs AIRD processing, which stands for Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics. Operating at 32-bit floating point, and at sample rates of 96 kHz, the GT-1000 uses this AIRD processing to bring you musically responsive and dynamic amplifier emulations, all of which interact with whatever system comes next in your chain, be it an amplifier, a DAW, a house PA, or various combinations thereof.

The GT-1000 also brings 116 BOSS effects to the table—and if you find yourself missing any BOSS sound provided, chances are you can beam it into the GT-1000 via Bluetooth, using the BOSS Tone Studio app on an iOS/Android device. A streamlined, yet powerful control interface is provided by ten backlit footswitches, a variety of knobs, a large LCD display, and an expression pedal built right into the board.

1/4" connections are on hand for your instrument, your main outputs, two effects loops, and more. XLR sub outputs can feed the house PA or your recording interface, while a USB connection can interface directly with your DAW. With MIDI I/O, you can implement the device with a variety of MIDI switches. The unit comes with an AC adapter. 

Key Features at a Glance

  • 32-bit AD/DA 
  • 32-bit floating-point processing and 96 kHz sampling rate throughout
  • Next-generation BOSS DSP engine, custom-designed for music applications
  • AIRD (Augmented Impulse Response Dynamics) technology implements BOSS’s Tube Logic concept in a digital guitar processor, delivering natural feel and optimized integration with all types of external devices
  • A selection of expressive, dynamic amplifiers
  • A plethora of onboard effects, including BOSS MDP effects and algorithms directly ported from the DD-500, MD-500, and RV-500 pedals
  • Amps and effects can be routed in numerous series and parallel combinations
  • Fast patch-switching and delay/reverb carryover
  • Stompbox feature simplifies using common effects settings in many different patches
  • Intuitive operation with large display and six user-assignable switching knobs
  • 10 footswitches and integrated expression pedal with user-configurable assignments and LED colors
  • High-resolution tuner with two display modes and mono or polyphonic operation
  • 1/4” main outputs and XLR sub outputs, independent AIRD Output Select settings, and loop for external stereo or mono effects
  • Support for external control via footswitches, expression pedals, MIDI, and USB
  • Built-in Bluetooth for wireless editing from iOS and Android mobile devices
  • USB audio/MIDI interface for computer-based recording and editing

AIRD Processing

At its core, the GT-1000 harnesses AIRD technology, based on the Tube Logic concept behind the Katana, Waza, and Blues Cube amplifiers. These tube amplifiers are essentially interactive, and Tube Logic design philosophy emulates this interactive experience in the digital realm. With AIRD, these design concepts are now available in pedal form-factor, particularly difficult to achieve as players often integrate pedalboards with a variety of external amplification systems that add their own characteristics to the sound. AIRD employs sophisticated techniques to ensure that the GT-1000's musical response can be consistently applied to all of these extrinsic elements.

Highly Musical Guitar Amplifiers

The GT-1000 is loaded with expressive guitar amplifiers, all modeled with AIRD technology. A key focus of AIRD is the reactive amp/speaker relationship, which is essential to the dynamic feel and musical responsiveness of tube amplifiers. This relationship is brought to life with the GT-1000's amps, producing guitar tones that dynamically interact with whatever is downstream in the chain. Furthermore, A wide range of BOSS original amplifiers are on hand, from super-clean to ultra-heavy, and several amp types employ Multi-Dimensional Processing (MDP) technology for an even more dynamic, nuanced tone. Two amps can be used at once in a single patch, so you're able to switch between two sounds, blend amps for complex tones, or achieve big, expansive sound in stereo setups.

Optimized Output for Most Playing Applications

AIRD enables the GT-1000 to integrate with all manners of creative setups, allowing you to enjoy great tone and response with minimal adjustments. By choosing from a large selection of AIRD Output Select types, you can tailor the GT-1000 for any destination, whether it's a guitar amp input, an amp effects return, a power amp driving guitar speakers, a computer DAW, or a full-range monitoring system. Whatever system you choose, you'll feel the dynamic interplay with your sound that has previously only been associated with true, corporeal amplifiers. You can also apply different AIRD Output Select settings to the main and sub outputs, so can you optimize the sound for two destinations at once such as a guitar amp and a house PA in tandem.

Onboard BOSS Effects

As you’d expect from a flagship BOSS processor, the GT-1000 is loaded with a multitude of effects, from overdrives and distortions to specialty effects like Slicer, Slow Gear, and a host of others. Many selections harness BOSS’s MDP tech, which intelligently adapts to your dynamics and playing register to achieve the right sound. Advanced algorithms from the renowned DD-500 Digital Delay, MD-500 Modulation, and RV-500 Reverb pedals are included as well, along with sophisticated Acoustic Resonance processing inherited from the AD-10 pedal for acoustic/electric guitar. 

Amps and effects can be configured with various series and parallel routing options, and signal paths can be divided and mixed at multiple points. Patch switching is accelerated by the GT-1000’s DSP. delay/reverb carryover is also possible. There are two effects loops onboard, allowing you to connect your favorite external effects and preamps.

Intuitive Operation

With the GT-1000’s large display and six switching knobs, the process of creating and adjusting sounds is smooth and efficient. Four different Play screen layouts provide alternate viewing options for various patch functions, and you can customize the knobs for quick access to specific parameters. While editing, the signal chain is clearly displayed, and it’s simple to select effects blocks, adjust parameters, and change the order. The available parameters for selected effects can be displayed in layers, letting you see everything at once on screen.

You can also save any effect as a Stompbox. Parameter adjustments to a Stompbox are reflected in all patches where they are used, mimicking the way you’d implement physical pedals. This is ideal for effects where you use the same settings most of the time, but just need to make small adjustments occasionally. Now, you can make those changes quickly across multiple patches, eliminating the hassle of tweaking and saving each patch separately.

Extensive Performance Control

With its ten footswitches and expression pedal, the GT-1000 gives you comprehensive creative control on stage and in the studio. And if you're a power user, there's support for additional control via external switches, pedals, MIDI, and USB. By default, the main footswitches are assigned to select patches, patch banks, and three control assignments. If you like, you can reassign the switches to control nearly any function, including effects on/off, tap tempo, parameter adjustment, system settings, and more.

Using the GT-1000's switching knobs and powerful Assign Matrix, control assignments can be configured quickly and intuitively. It's also possible to assign different colors to the status LEDs above the switches, and easily view the current switch assignments with a Play screen option.

USB Audio/MIDI and Wireless Editing via Bluetooth

The GT-1000's interface is easy to navigate, but smartphone/tablet integration provides an even simpler experience. The GT-1000 is equipped with on-board Bluetooth, allowing you to manage sounds from a dedicated BOSS Tone Studio app for iOS and Android. Whether at home, in rehearsal, or on stage, you can comfortably tweak the GT-1000 from your device without having to bend over and edit via the hardware. It's even possible to record a riff with the GT-1000's built-in looper, and then roam the venue and adjust tones from the audience position.

The GT-1000 includes a USB audio/MIDI interface as well, with multi-channel audio operation for flexible computer recording and efficient reamping. USB can also be used to edit and organize sounds with the desktop version of the BOSS Tone Studio editor for Mac and Windows.

Travel Ready

In today's music world, players need to travel as light as possible, so BOSS designed the GT-1000 for maximum control in a minimum amount of space. Thus, it offers a streamlined design that's easy to carry and set up. The metal chassis is both strong and light, and features an array of freely assignable footswitches and an integrated expression pedal. Newly developed specifically for the GT-1000, the low-profile footswitches reduce size and weight while maintaining the rugged durability for which all BOSS gear is famous.
UPC: 761294512500

Boss GT-1000 Specs

Sampling Frequency96 kHz
AD Conversion32 bits + Roland/BOSS proprietary AF method
DA Conversion32-bit
Effects116 types
PatchesUser: 250
Preset: 250
Phrase LooperMono: 38 seconds
Stereo: 19 seconds
Tuner Accuracy±1 cent
Nominal Input LevelInput, Returns 1 and 2: -10 dBu
Maximum Input LevelInput: 18 dBu
Returns 1 and 2: 8 dBu
Input ImpedanceInput, returns 1 and 2: 1 MOhm
Nominal Output LevelMain Output (L/Mono, R): -10 dBu
Sub Output: (L, R): +4 dBu
Phones, Sends 1 and 2: -10 dBu
Output ImpedanceMain Output (L/Mono, R): 1 kOhm
Sub Output: (L, R): 600 Ohms
Phones: 20 Ohms
Sends 1 and 2: 1 kOhm
Recommended Load ImpedanceMain Output (L/Mono, R): 10 kOhms
Sub Output: (L, R): 600 Ohms or greater
Phones: 44 Ohms or greater
Sends 1 and 2: 10 kOhms or greater
ControlsEFFECT button
MENU button
EXIT button
WRITE button
PAGE button
6  multifunction knobs
Expression pedal
DOWN footswitches
UP footswitches
3 control footswitches
5 multifunction footswitches
POWER switch
DisplayGraphic LCD (512 x 160 dots, backlit LCD)
Connectors1/4" input jack, phone type
2 x 1/4" return jacks, phone type
2 x 1/4" send jacks, phone type
2 x 1/4" output jacks, phone type
1 x 1/4" stereo headphone jack, phone type
2 x 1/4" TRS expression inputs, phone type
1/4" TRS control input
USB computer output, type-B
5-Pin DIN MIDI input jack
5-Pin DIN MIDI output jack
Power SupplyAC adapter
Current Draw1.2 A
Dimensions18.2 x 9.8 x 2.8" / 462.0 x 248.0 x 70.0 mm
Weight7.9 lb / 3.6 kg
Packaging Info
Package Weight11.3 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)23.6 x 12.8 x 4.9"
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