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DPA Microphones 4060 CORE Normal-Sensitivity Omni Lavalier Microphone Stereo Instrument Kit with Accessories (Black)

DPA Microphones 4060 CORE Normal-Sensitivity Omni Lavalier Microphone Stereo Instrument Kit with Accessories (Black)
Key Features
  • For Stereo Instrument Recording
  • 2 x Omnidirectional Lav Mics
  • Microdot Connectors, 2 x XLR Adapters
  • Handles up to 134 dB SPL
The black DPA 4060 CORE Normal Sensitivity Omni Lavalier Microphone Stereo Instrument Kit with Accessories is a discreet, flexible microphone solution aimed at project studios and production companies seeking a flexible microphone system for in-studio and on-stage events.
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DPA Microphones D:screet Core 4060 Overview

The black DPA 4060 CORE Normal Sensitivity Omni Lavalier Microphone Stereo Instrument Kit with Accessories is a discreet, flexible microphone solution aimed at project studios and production companies seeking a flexible microphone system for in-studio and on-stage events.

The kit includes a pair of miniature, moisture-resistant mics for use with wired or wireless systems for broadcast, performance, and theatrical applications. The kit also features a comprehensive set of accessories, including several mounting options along with windscreens, XLR adapters, and protective cases. To provide accurate stereo recording, the two omnidirectional condenser microphones are hand-selected for matched sensitivity within ±1.5 dB.

Each electret-condenser capsule delivers accurate instrumental recordings and crisp, clear, and intelligible speech, while the rugged yet unobtrusive design is well suited to the demands of professional live stage work. This version of the 4060 uses DPA's CORE technology to deliver a 6 dB increase in dynamic range and a 6 dB reduction in noise over the 4060 Legacy model. The included High-Boost Grid offers a 10 dB boost around 12 kHz, especially helpful when the lav is used for chest placement.

With an SPL rating of 134 dB, each microphone is more than capable of handling many instruments and most standard speakers, vocalists, and presenters—making the kit a flexible tool for houses of worship and live event productions.

The 4060 CORE can be powered by 5 to 10V plug-in power from a wireless transmitter and features a modular design using a Microdot output connector. The mic is compatible with various wireless microphone transmitters via a separately available adapter for the compatible transmitter.

This stereo instrument kit includes two XLR adapters for use with a wide variety of professional equipment. The adapter allows the mic to be powered via 12 to 48V of external phantom power. Also included are two clips to mount the mic to stringed instruments, two boundary layer mounts, two surface mounts with pieces of adhesive tape, two magnet mounts, an inner plastic case, and a zippered traveling case.

Modular System Featuring Microdot Connector with Adapter Options
Compatible Wireless Transmitters
  • Various: Works with various transmitters via a compatible adapter (available separately).
  • The modular design allows you to adapt the 4060's Microdot connector to a wide variety of transmitters simply by purchasing the compatible adapter—saving you the expense of buying another microphone.
Included XLR Adapters for Wired Applications
The two DAD6001 Microdot to 3-pin XLR Adapters allows you to power the 4060 mics from 12 to 48V phantom power for wired applications.
A Reliable, Broadcast-Quality Lavalier
Miniature Mic with a Crisp, Clear Sound
The 4060 CORE features a 5.4mm capsule that enables the microphone to be inconspicuous and easily disguised in clothing or costumes. The vertical diaphragm design offers a clear and natural sound optimized for the human voice.
High-Boost Grids Included to Tailor High Frequencies
The included High-Boost Grids introduce a 10 dB boost around 12 kHz for applications where chest-placement is preferred. The grids are made of tough and scratch-resistant anodized stainless steel, allowing them to be detached and cleaned.
Normal Headroom for Standard Speech
The 4060 CORE features a sensitive capsule designed for standard speech and vocal applications at levels up to 134 dB SPL before clipping.
Omnidirectional Polar Pattern
The forgiving omnidirectional pickup pattern captures sound from all around the mic and provides a consistent frequency response, even for off-axis sound. This helps to supply clear, intelligible speech and vocals, even when the talent turns away from the microphone.
Tough, Moisture-Resistant Construction
Engineered with a double-vent protection system, the 4060 is certified IP58 for dust and moisture resistance. The rugged 5.9' cable is built with Kevlar strain relief to survive the constant twists, bends, and pulls that are part of everyday use in harsh environments.
Included Instrument Mounts and Accessories
  • Two BLM6000 Boundary Layer Mounts: Used with the 4060, 4061, 4062, and 4063 miniature microphones to place on a reflective boundary such as a floor, wall, ceiling, piano lid etc. This enables the mics to capture the ambient sound of the area. The sound captured from this “pressure zone” has higher sensitivity, clarity, and intelligibility compared to the sound captured from the "free air", with this solution serving as a kind of acoustical zoom.
  • Five DMM0007 Universal Surface Mounts: This mount allows the mic to be mounted in the best-sounding position for a wide variety of instruments, from acoustic guitar through grand piano and drums. The mount uses special non-marking adhesive discs for attachment.
  • Two MHS6005 Lavalier Microphone Holders for String Instruments: Made from soft rubber, these are used to attach the mic to a violin, viola, cello, or double bass. The holder is mounted between the tailpiece and the bridge and can be turned upwards or downwards so that the mic will be placed either over or under the strings, depending on the desired sound color or sound level. The lav mic is secured by its cable in a little clip, while the holder itself has a firm grip on two strings of the instrument with small hooks.
  • Five foam windscreens to reduce wind and breath noise for speech and vocal applications
  • Two dual-mic magnet mounts that allow you to mount the mic on clothing
Additional Options
Additional mounting options are available separately:

  • The SCM0032-B 2-Way Dual Clip allows you to mount two lavs for broadcasting.
  • The SCM0013-B 4-Way Clip offers a variety of flexible positioning choices for up, down, left, and right mounting.
  • To hide the mic, the DMM0021 Concealer attaches safely and securely to clothing and costumes and is designed to resist clothing and rustling noise.

DPA Microphones D:screet Core 4060 Specs

Form FactorLavalier
Instrument Mic TypeAccordion, Acoustic Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Cello, Ukelele, Viola, Violin
Sound FieldMono
Operating PrinciplePressure Operated
Diaphragm0.2" / 5.4 mm
Polar PatternOmnidirectional
WindscreenFoam (Included)
Frequency Range20 Hz to 20 kHz
Maximum SPL129 dB SPL Peak (Plug-In Power, 1% THD)
134 dB SPL Peak (Plug-In Power, 10% THD)
Impedance40 Ohms
Sensitivity20 mV/Pa at 1 Hz
Dynamic Range106 dB A-Weighted
Signal-to-Noise Ratio71 dB A-Weighted
Equivalent Noise Level35 dB ITU-R 468
THD< 1%
Output Connectors1 x Microdot 1-Pin Male Balanced/Unbalanced (Lockable)
Headphone ConnectorNone
Cable Length5.9' / 1.8 m
Operating Voltage5 to 10 V (Plug-In Power)
12 to 48 V (Phantom Power)
Operating Current Consumption1.5 mA
MountingAlligator Clip, Instrument Clamp, Magnetic Mount, Surface-Mount (Included)
IP RatingIP57
Operating Temperature-40 to 113°F / -40 to 45°C
Weight0.26 oz / 7.5 g
Packaging Info
Package Weight1.16 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)9.85 x 5.95 x 2.85"

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