SPL Phonitor xe Headphone Amplifier (Silver)

SPL Phonitor xe Headphone Amplifier (Silver)
Key Features
  • XLR & RCA Ins for Studio & Consumer Gear
  • Balanced & Unbalanced Headphone Outputs
  • Simulate Loudspeakers with Matrix Switch
  • Crossfeed & Angle Settings
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Styled in silver, the SPL Phonitor xe is a headphone amplifier designed for pro audio and hi-fi applications. It sports XLR and RCA inputs, and lets you switch between them with the turn of a knob. Output jacks for headphones are provided on both the front and rear of the Phonitor XE.
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SPL PHONITOR xe Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2Headphone Outputs on the Front and Back
  • 3VU Meters
  • 4Dual Power Amp for Balanced Headphones
  • 5Matrix Section
  • 6Remote Control Compatibility

Styled in silver, the SPL Phonitor xe is a headphone amplifier designed for pro audio and hi-fi applications. It sports XLR and RCA inputs, and lets you switch between them with the turn of a knob. Output jacks for headphones are provided on both the front and rear of the Phonitor XE.

You'll note one set of 4-pin XLR inputs for balanced headphones, and one set for conventional, 1/4" unbalanced headphones. You can switch between the inputs on the front and rear, so you can compare different sets of headphones easily. Please note that you cannot use both balanced and unbalanced headphones at the same time.

Of interest to audiophiles who usually prefer loudspeakers is the Phonitor Matrix, which aims to create an experience akin to listening to studio monitors. It simulates the effect of audio emanating from one speaker hitting the opposing ear. More than a simple crossfeed controller, this Matrix can simulate different-sized listening environments and different speaker angles. This application is designed not only to promote a more realistic listening experience, but to reduce listener fatigue. The control for this is variable; you can set the level of crossfeed and set the simulated speaker angle to emulate a variety of speaker-placement scenarios. Ideally, you'd set this control to correspond to your actual loudspeaker arrangement.

You'll also note a Mode switch that dictates several types of operation. Stereo and mono playback modes are achievable through this switch, as is a Laterality mode. Laterality aims to correct the mix for any hearing damage you might have incurred throughout your long career of mixing/listening to records; if you experience broadband hearing in the left ear, for example, you can favor more signal coming into the left channel. You're given 2.25 dB of range for this control, making the adjustments very fine indeed.

Via DIP switches on the bottom of the unit, you can drive headphones that require more output power, or change the sensitivity of the RCA input between -10 dBV and 0 dBu. The Phonitor xe utilizes SPL's VOLTAiR 120V Rail Technology to maintain high-headroom and preserve audio clarity by processing audio signals with ±60 VDC of power.

Headphone Outputs on the Front and Back

The Phonitor xe features both balanced and standard headphone outputs on the front back. Permanently connected headphones can be routed into rear panel so the headphone cable does not get in the way. A switch on the front lets you toggle between front and rear outputs. Please note that a standard headphone output always takes priority over the balanced headphone output; there will be no signal at the balanced headphone out if you've already plugged a pair of headphones into the standard headphone output.

VU Meters

Two VU meters display the input levels for your selected source. The meter indicates levels from -20 to 5 dB, where 0 dB corresponds to +4 dBu. You can lower the sensitivity with the VU level switch, if you so choose.

Dual Power Amp for Balanced Headphones

The Phonitor xe has a built-in advanced dual-power amp that drives balanced headphones with twice the power of the standard 1/4" jack. This tightens the bass response and makes the overall playback more transparent.

Matrix Section

A frequency-dependent Matrix section allows you to simulate the experience of listening to different-sized monitors in different-sized rooms. You can use this control to match the headphone amp more closely to your particular environment, or to hear how the mix may sound in different environments. Use the Crossfeed knob to manipulate the apparent size of the room, and the Angle knob to adjust the apparent speaker angle.

Remote Control Compatibility

Use any IR remote control to change settings on the Phonitor xe.


Form FactorTabletop
Number of Headphone ChannelsSingle Channel
Headphone Output Power1 W per Side into 600 Ohms (Max, 1 kHz)
2 W per Side into 300 Ohms (Max, 1 kHz)
3.7 W per Side into 120 Ohms (Max, 1 kHz)
2.9 W per Side into 47 Ohms (Max, 1 kHz)
2.7 W per Side into 32 Ohms (Max, 1 kHz)
Analog Audio I/O2 x XLR 3-Pin Balanced Input
1 x Stereo RCA Unbalanced Input
2 x XLR 4-Pin Balanced Output
2 x 1/4" TRS Unbalanced Output
Frequency ResponseOutputs:
10 Hz to 300 kHz (Balanced)
10 Hz to 300 kHz (Unbalanced)
Max Input Level32.5 dBu (Balanced or Unbalanced)
Max Output Level+30 dBu
Dynamic RangeOutputs:
130.5 dB (Balanced)
135.5 dB (Unbalanced)
20 Kilohms (Balanced)
10 Kilohms (Unbalanced)
0.36 Ohms (Balanced)
0.18 Ohms (Unbalanced)
THD+NXLR Balanced Headphone Outputs:
0.00082% (at 0 dBu, 1 kHz, 100-Kilohm Load)
1/4" Headphone Outputs:
0.00082% (at 0 dBu, 1 kHz, 100-Kilohm Load, Unbalanced)
Noise-98 dBu (A-Weighted, Balanced)
-103 dB (A-Weighted, Unbalanced)
CrosstalkBalanced Headphone Outputs:
-90 dB (1 kHz)
Headphone Outputs:
-90 dB (1 kHz)
Damping FactorOutputs:
180 at 40 Ohms (Balanced)
180 at 40 Ohms (Unbalanced)
Rail VoltageAnalog:
±60 V
AC Input PowerUser Selectable:
115 VAC, 60 Hz (T 1 A 250 V)
230 VAC, 50 Hz (T 500 mA 250 V)
Power Consumption0.7 W (Standby)
40 VA (Maximum)
Dimensions13 x 10.9 x 3.9" / 330 x 278 x 100 mm (with Feet)
Weight11.2 lb / 5.1 kg
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