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AKG P120 Desktop Vocal Recording Kit

BH #AKP120BVRK (B&H Kit)
AKG P120 Desktop Vocal Recording Kit
Key Features
  • P120 Cardioid Condenser Microphone
  • Isolation Filter with Tabletop Stand
  • Closed-Back Studio Monitor Headphones
  • Pop Filter and XLR Cable
Ideal for sitting at your desk and recording vocals in a room that lacks acoustic treatment, this B&H Kit includes the AKG P120 cardioid condenser microphone, closed-back studio monitor headphones, a studio isolation filter with a tabletop stand, a pop filter, and a balanced XLR microphone cable.
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AKG P120 Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2AKG P120 Cardioid Condenser Microphone (Black)
  • 3Auray RF-C12 Professional Desktop Isolation Filter (Gray)
  • 4Polsen HPC-A30-MK2 Closed-Back Studio Monitor Headphones
  • 5512 AUDIO Microphone Pop Filter with Gooseneck C-Clamp
  • 6Kopul Premium Performance 3000 Series Neutrik XLR Male to XLR Female Microphone Cable (10', Black)

Ideal for sitting at your desk and recording vocals in a room that lacks acoustic treatment, this B&H Kit includes the AKG P120 cardioid condenser microphone, closed-back studio monitor headphones, a studio isolation filter with a tabletop stand, a pop filter, and a balanced XLR microphone cable.

The P120 microphone features a 0.66" gold-sputtered diaphragm, high SPL handling, switchable low-cut filtering, and effective rejection of off-axis sound. Set up the isolation filter behind the mic to reduce room reflections and position the pop filter in front of the mic to control vocal plosives. The closed-back headphones produce a full-range frequency response and provide optimal isolation from ambient sound while remaining comfortable.

AKG P120 Cardioid Condenser Microphone (Black)

Whether you record vocals at home or mic up blaring guitar cabs and explosive drums on stage, the black AKG P120 condenser microphone is designed to give clear, distortion-free sound on a tight budget. This side-address mic sports a rugged all-metal body that not only bolsters durability, but also aids in rejecting RF interference from sources such as wireless systems. It comes with a stand adapter for straightforward mounting on your existing mic stand.

The low-mass 0.67" gold-sputtered diaphragm yields a detailed sound with a slight high-frequency rise above 10 kHz, and it is capable of handling SPLs up to 150 dB (-20 pad on) without audible distortion. A gentle low-cut filter at 300 Hz can be engaged, which helps reduce rumble, wind noise, or even bass buildup from up-close miking. Stage bleed and background noise are attenuated by the mic's cardioid polar pattern, which is most sensitive to sound in front of the microphone. Use a separately available XLR cable to connect the P120 to an XLR mic input that can supply 48V phantom power.

Cardioid Polar Pattern
This side-address microphone is most sensitive to sounds arriving from in front of it while picking up much less of sounds arriving from the sides or rear (from monitor speakers or neighboring instruments). This makes the microphone equally suited for recording and onstage use.
Gold-Sputtered Diaphragm
The 0.67" diaphragm—sized between the measurements of typical large and small diaphragms—is made of a plastic foil that is gold-sputtered on one side only to prevent shorting to the back electrode even at extremely high sound pressure levels.
All-Metal Body
The all-metal body adds to the rejection of RF interference so you can use the microphone near transmitter stations and along with wireless microphones or other communications equipment. The extremely rugged, heavy body and sturdy front grille protect the microphone from damage from tough handling on stage.
High Headroom and Minimum Distortion
Capable of handling sound pressure levels up to 150 dB without introducing perceptible distortion and built to resist high temperatures and humidity, the microphone will give excellent results in a wide range of applications.
Bass-Cut Filter
Selector 1 on the microphone front further reduces low-end distortion caused by footfall, wind noise, and air conditioning rumble. The filter also minimizes the proximity effect that close-in miking from less than 4" causes in any unidirectional microphone. The filter rolls off at 6 dB/octave from 300 Hz downward.
Switchable Pad
Selector 2 on the microphone front lets you increase the headroom by 20 dB for distortion-free recording up close. The pre-attenuation pad prevents the microphone's output level, particularly at low frequencies, from overloading the miniature transformers used in many mixer input stages, etc.
Connecting to Audio Equipment
The P120 uses a condenser transducer designed for 48V phantom powering from a source such as an external mic preamp, an audio interface, or a mixing console. It provides a balanced output on an XLR 3-pin male connector; use an XLR cable (available separately) to connect the microphone to a balanced XLR input with phantom power.
UPC: 885038037033
Auray RF-C12 Professional Desktop Isolation Filter (Gray)

The gray RF-C12 Professional Desktop Isolation Filter from Auray is a desktop solution that allows music producers, broadcasters, and podcasters to get better recordings by isolating a microphone from vibrations and sound reflections, especially when its used in a space that is less than ideal for capturing audio. The Auray Desktop Isolation Filter makes capturing clean, dry vocals or instruments more natural sounding with less sonic coloration.

The RF-C12 fits on a desk or tabletop and uses multi-layer acoustic treatment to absorb unwanted ambient noise and control acoustic reflections. So, if you're recording vocals, voiceovers, or podcasts in an untreated room with hard surfaces, the RF-CF20 provides advanced microphone isolation.

Microphone Isolation
Recording, broadcasting, or podcasting in rooms with little-to-no acoustic treatment can wash-out vocal or instrument audio recordings with echo reflections. The Auray Desktop Isolation Filter fits on your desk or tabletop and minimizes reflections of unwanted noise bouncing off hard surfaces from entering your microphone. Usually, expensive acoustic foam is required on walls for your room to sound dry. With this reflection filter, you capture what you want in your own room or workspace.
Multi-Layer Acoustic Treatment
Multiple layers of acoustic treatment help to isolate your vocal and instrument recordings. A thick layer of composite fiber surrounds your microphone and absorbs unwanted reflections as well as any noise coming in from the room. A layer of acoustic fabric and a molded-vented polymer shield help deaden and disperse sound waves, leaving you with clean and dry recordings with little to no coloration.
Adjustable Mic Depth
The RF-C12 allows the microphone depth to be adjusted so you can dial in the right amount of room ambience. Easily slide the microphone closer to the filter for less pickup of room noise or slide the microphone away to add space in your audio recording.
Filter Stand
The Auray Desktop Isolation Filter is mounted on its own stand. This allows you to place your filter and mic setup on a desk or tabletop, which is ideal for recording vocals, doing live podcasts, or broadcast applications. It's a portable option for doing recordings on the go. The isolation filter's height is adjustable from 7.25 to 9.1". (18.4 to 23 cm), and can accommodate all sizes—short or tall—to optimize mic placement when capturing audio.
UPC: 847628013599
Polsen HPC-A30-MK2 Closed-Back Studio Monitor Headphones

The HPC-A30-MK2 Closed-Back Studio Monitor Headphones from Polsen offer a solution for experiencing rich and natural sound when listening to music through a mobile device or monitoring a podcast on your computer. These headphones can also be used for DJ work, thanks to the swiveling earcups that let you monitor audio while keeping one ear free.

The HPC-A30-MK2's over-ear design isolates the sound and prevents leakage for optimum listening conditions in loud environments, such as a club or on the go. The 10' cable also gives you the freedom to move around while working and terminates in a 1/8" TRS stereo plug, which is compatible with most mobile devices and computers. In addition, a stereo 1/4" adapter is included to plug into a stereo or mixing board.

The HPC-A30-MK2 headphones deliver a rich sound for listening to audio on a mobile device. Whether you're listening on a smartphone, an iPod, or a tablet, these headphones deliver detailed sound even in noisy environments.
Over-Ear Design
The over-ear design isolates sound in loud environments and prevents leakage for optimum listening conditions. This design is good for listening to music on a busy street, and for DJs who need to monitor their audio in a noisy club.
DJ Applications
The headphones are suitable for DJ applications and include a tuned bass response for low-end clarity. The pivoting earcups are ideal for one-ear or on-the-shoulder monitoring. A padded headband offers to keep you comfortable during a lengthy session.
Broadcast and Podcast
The headphones allow for monitoring audio on a laptop or in a home studio as well as recording a vlog on a smartphone.
Swiveling and Rotating Earcups
If you're a DJ who likes to keep one ear free, you can swivel one of the earcups for on-the-shoulder monitoring. The earcups also rotate 90° so you can turn one of the earcup outward for one-ear handheld monitoring.
10' Cable
A headphone cable that's too short is almost like sitting on the sidelines—you can't be part of the action. If you need to move around while you work, the 10' cable will allow you to move about freely.
UPC: 847628021563
512 AUDIO Microphone Pop Filter with Gooseneck C-Clamp

Placed in front of your favorite vocal mic, the 512-Pop Microphone Pop Filter from 512 AUDIO delivers improved recording quality for any mic by reducing commonly problematic sounds from strong p and f consonants, making it a welcome accessory for recording podcasts, voiceovers, and vocal performances.

Its metal mesh design is visually pleasing and sonically effective while being easier to clean and more rugged than traditional nylon pop filters. Via the adjustable swivel C-clamp, the 512-Pop securely attaches to any boom arm or mic stand. The inclusion of a flexible and sturdy gooseneck ensures problem-free positioning of the pop filter.

Cleaner Sound
By preventing intrusive pops and plosives caused by bursts of air from p, f, and s sounds, the 512-Pop delivers a clear sound while saving you the time and energy often spent removing such sounds in postproduction.
Enhanced Protection
The 512-Pop features a metal mesh filter that more effectively disperses pops and plosives from speech and vocals compared to ordinary nylon pop filters. With its flexible yet sturdy gooseneck, you'll easily find the perfect placement that reliably stays in place.
Easy Attachment
An adjustable swivel C-clamp ensures a solid grip and attaches securely to any mic stand, boom arm, or custom desk stand.
UPC: 850016400673
Kopul Premium Performance 3000 Series Neutrik XLR Male to XLR Female Microphone Cable (10', Black)

The black Kopul Premium Performance 3000 Series XLR Male to XLR Female Microphone Cable (10') is designed to be an extremely quiet and flexible cable that is ideal for the most demanding live sound and performance applications. The cable is engineered to be durable and provide protection against EMI, RFI, and static noise. While the cable's color-coding affords the ability to quickly differentiate between multiple connections on stage, it provides a pleasant aesthetic quality at the same time.

Premium Performance 3000 Series cables are made from 24-AWG OFC copper wire that's wrapped with PE insulation and a conductive PVC inner shield. A cotton-yarn inner layer helps reduce electrostatic and microphonic noise. The 95% dual-spiral shielding makes the cable resistant to EMI and RFI noise. The Neutrik XX silver connectors provide a high level of connectivity, and all the solder connections are shrink-wrapped for protection.

95% dual-spiral shielding offers protection from EMI and RFI noise
Twin conductive PVC inner shielding provides 100% coverage of the core conductor. It helps keep the cable's signal from radiating and affecting nearby cables and helps prevents external EMI from penetrating to the cable's core
24-AWG oxygen-free stranded copper inner core provides the best possible conductivity
Cotton yarn reduces electrostatic and microphonic noise
All solder points shrink-wrapped for protection
Neutrik XX silver connectors offer high conductivity
Caged type contact and improved ground contact
UPC: 847628558274

AKG P120 Cardioid Condenser Microphone (Black) Specs

Primary ApplicationsLive Sound, Studio Recording, Broadcast
Form FactorLarge Diaphragm Mic / Stand/Boom Mount
Intended Sound SourcesVocals, Speech/Voice Over, Instrument
Sound FieldMono
Operating PrinciplePressure Gradient
CapsuleElectret Condenser
Diaphragm0.67" / 17.02 mm
Polar PatternCardioid
OrientationSide Address
Pad-20 dB
High-Pass Filter300 Hz, 6 dB/Octave
Tone AdjustmentNone
Gain AdjustmentNone
On-Board ControlsHigh-Pass Filter, Pad
Frequency Range20 Hz to 20 kHz
Maximum SPL130 dB SPL
150 dB SPL (with Pad)
Off-Axis Rejection3 dB at 60°
12 dB at 120°
20 dB at 180°
Impedance200 Ohms
Load Impedance≥ 1000 Ohms
Sensitivity-32.5 dBV
Signal-to-Noise Ratio75 dB A-Weighted
Equivalent Noise Level19 dB A-Weighted
Output Connectors (Analog)1 x XLR 3-Pin Male (on Mic)
Headphone ConnectorNone
Operating Voltage48 V ± 4 V (Phantom Power)
Operating Current Consumption3 mA
MountingMic Clip/Stand Adapter (Included)
Included CaseNone
Included FiltersNone
Construction MaterialMetal
Operating Temperature22 to 92°F / -10 to 60°C
Dimensionsø: 2.1 x L: 6.5" / ø: 5.4 x L: 16.5 cm
Weight16.05 oz / 455 g
Packaging Info
Package Weight1.995 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)9.7 x 7.5 x 3.25"

Auray RF-C12 Professional Desktop Isolation Filter (Gray) Specs

Filter TypeReflection Filter
Filter Size9.1 x 12.2 x 3" / 23.1 x 31 x 7.6 cm
Filter MaterialFoam, Metal
Material of ConstructionComposite Fiber, Polymer
Dimensions7.3 x 9.1" / 18.4 x 23.1 cm
9.0 x 8.7" / 22.9 x 22.1 cm (Base)
Weight3.6 lb / 1.6 kg
Packaging Info
Package Weight4.86 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)19.3 x 14.9 x 7.7"

Polsen HPC-A30-MK2 Closed-Back Studio Monitor Headphones Specs

Earpiece DesignOver-Ear (Circumaural), Closed-Back
Earpiece Connection / Wearing StyleHeadband
Driver TypeDynamic
Driver Size2" / 50.80 mm
Magnet TypeNeodymium
Impedance32 Ohms
Active Noise CancellationNo
Frequency Response20 Hz to 20 kHz (Wired)
Sensitivity102 dB
Maximum Power Handling300 mW
Output Power15 mW
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)0.25%
Wired Connectivity
Audio Connector to Source1 x 1/8" / 3.5 mm TRS Male
Adapter (Included)1/4" TRS
Audio Connector to EarpieceNot Specified by Manufacturer
Cable Length10' / 3.05 m
Cable ColorBlack
Weight10.2 oz / 289.2 g
Packaging Info
Package Weight1.17 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)9.4 x 9.4 x 3.7"

512 AUDIO Microphone Pop Filter with Gooseneck C-Clamp Specs

Filter TypePop Filter
Filter SizeNot Specified by Manufacturer
Attachment StyleClamp with Screw
Filter MaterialMetal
Material of ConstructionMetal
Packaging Info
Package Weight0.735 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)13.5 x 7.8 x 2.6"

Kopul Premium Performance 3000 Series Neutrik XLR Male to XLR Female Microphone Cable (10', Black) Specs

Cable Length10' / 3 m
Shielding95% Spiral
Wire Gauge24 AWG
Contact PlatingSilver
Packaging Info
Package Weight0.5 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)9.45 x 7.65 x 0.95"

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