VisiSolar Solar Eclipse Photo Filter for Smartphones

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VisiSolar Solar Eclipse Photo Filter for Smartphones
Key Features
  • Fits All Camera Smartphones
  • Not for Direct Solar Viewing
  • 2 Mil Scratch-Resistant Solar Filter
  • Hold against Back of Phone
The Solar Eclipse Photo Filter for Smartphones from VisiSolar presents a simple way to observe and photograph an eclipse. Simply hold the filter against the back of your phone so that it covers the camera lens and view on your screen. The filter is made from scratch-resistant, 2-mil, black/silver film and has a card stock frame. Please Note: This filter is unsafe for direct solar observation. Observe the eclipse only on the screen of your smartphone.
For Solar Photography, Not Safe for Direct Viewing of the Sun
Warning: Viewing the Sun without proper protection can cause permanent eye damage, blindness, and equipment damage. This product protects your camera and allows for safe solar photography only; it is not ISO 12312-2 compliant and therefore not safe for direct viewing of the Sun. Always use approved ISO 12312-2 certified safety glasses when viewing the Sun directly. Never use photographic neutral density filters for direct solar viewing, viewing the sun through an optic, or when using cameras with an optical viewfinder.
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