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ARRI Daylight 12KW/18KW HMI Fresnel Light Kit (190-250V)

ARRI Daylight 12KW/18KW HMI Fresnel Light Kit (190-250V)
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Daylight 12KW/18KW HMI Fresnel Light Kit (190-250V) Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2Cooler Fixture Housing
  • 3Lighting Control
  • 4Consistent Color Output
  • 5Flicker Free Ballast
  • 6Cold Start, Hot Restrike

This 18,000 total watt ARRI Daylight 12KW/18KW HMI Fresnel Light Kit put together by B&H consists of one daylight 12K/18K head, a 12K/18K electronic ballast, a 50' cable, a filter frame, and a 4-leaf barndoor set.

The Daylight range of studio Fresnels using double-ended HMI daylight lamps has been the mainstay of the film industry for many years. ARRI HMI Spotlights have the largest lenses in their class and even light distribution.

When fitted with an 18K HMI bulb (available separately), this HMI Fresnel will turn night into day with 1446 footcandles, 13 feet in diameter from a distance of 66 feet at full spot.
It will throw 167 footcandles, 101 feet in diameter from the same distance at full flood.

The 12-18K electronic ballast is flicker-free, and may be used with studio/theater DMX-50 capable control boards and dimmers. It has a compact design which offers easy handling in the field. Safety circuits such as over-voltage, over-temperature and short-circuit protection give safe and reliable operation.

Cooler Fixture Housing

Constructed of ribbed aluminum allowing lower operating temperatures and extending bulb life.

Lighting Control

Use the included barndoor set and filter frame to control the shape and color of the output of the fixture.

Consistent Color Output

The current limiter (ALF) in the ballast reduces light output by half but raises color temperature, eliminating the need to correct color temperature with color correcting gels.

Flicker Free Ballast

Enables a shutter speed of 10,000 frames per second -- perfect for use with any video or filming style.

Cold Start, Hot Restrike

No waiting necessary after a short break in shooting.

Daylight 12KW/18KW HMI Fresnel Light Kit (190-250V) Specs

Light Fixture
Rating12,000 - 18,000 Watts
Socket (Lampholder)ARRI spring loaded S30
Lens (Condenser)24.6" (63.5cm)
Mounting1-1/8" (28mm) Stand or hanging mount
Weight154 lb (70kg)
Dimensions40.5 46.5 x 32.5" (103 x 118 x 82.5cm)
HMI Ballast
Rating12,000 - 18,000 Watts, 190-250 Volts AC
Cable50' Head to Ballast, included
Weight108 lb (49kg)
Dimensions21.6 x 11.1 x 19.9" (54.8 x 28.3 x 50.6 cm)
Kit Weight366 lb (166kg)
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