Schoeps Colette Microphone Stereo Set - Includes: (2) CMC6 Microphone Amplifiers, (2) MK41 Super-Cardioid Capsules, (2) SG20 Microphone Mounts, (2) B5 Pop-Filter and Case

Schoeps Colette Microphone Stereo Set - Includes: (2) CMC6 Microphone Amplifiers, (2) MK41 Super-Cardioid Capsules, (2) SG20 Microphone Mounts, (2) B5 Pop-Filter and Case
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Schoeps CMC641 ST Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2Matched Stereo Pair
  • 3Modular Design
  • 4Wide Frequency Response
  • 5Superior Sound Characteristics

The Matched Stereo Package of the Schoeps Colette Series microphone system adds the flexibility of professional stereo capturing with professional audio quality. The Colette series is popular among professional field audio engineers and the modular CMC6 preamplifier and MK41 super-cardioid capsule provide a professional alternative to shotgun microphones when recording dialog indoors. The system is based on the modular CMC6 preamplifier and MK series capsules, which are capable of wide, linear frequency response curves and superior audio quality. With the capsules identically matched in signal response, this stereo kit includes a pair of CMC6 preamplifiers, MK41 capsules, SG20 microphone mounts, B5 pop-filters and case.

The CMC6 Preamplifier features Class-A transformerless electronics, resulting in a very low noise floor and light weight. The high impedance input signal of the modular capsules are accurately converted to low-impedance energy, allowing for long cable runs without noise and radio frequency interference.

The MK41 Capsule is a super-cardioid condenser capsule with a wide frequency range and high SPL handling. The super-cardioid capsule is effective in minimizing noise and ambient audio at the off-axis sections of the microphone capsule. The microphone system is more than suitable for crucial capturing of dialog and ambiance for film, professional video and professional audio applications.

Matched Stereo Pair
This stereo package features a pair of CMC6 preamplifiers and MK41 super-cardioid capsules. The pair are matched in frequency and sensitivity response to ensure accurate stereo capturing in any application.
Modular Design
The CMC6 is designed to be used with any of the Schoeps Colette series modular capsules. The capsules provide various polar patterns and frequency response curves.
Wide Frequency Response
The CMC6 modular power supply features transformerless Class-A electronics that result in a linear 50Hz to 20KHz frequency response.
Superior Sound Characteristics
The superior quality of the capsule and preamplifier result in detailed, pristine audio quality with very low noise floor.

Schoeps CMC641 ST Specs

Polar PatternSuper-Cardioid (MK41)
Frequency Response40Hz to 20KHz (MK41)
Dynamic Range (Typical)not specified by manufacturer
Signal-to-Noise Ratio79dB-A (MK41)
Maximum Input Sound Level132dB (MK41)
Power Requirements12V - 48V Phantom Power
Output ImpedanceMinimum Load: 600 Ohms
(If a lower load impedance is used, the main effect will be to reduce the maximum output level of the microphone.)
Output Connectors3-pin XLR
Low Frequency Roll-OffNo
Dimensions4.57 x 0.78" (116 x 20mm) (Length x Diameter)

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