LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast DCPro Studio Software for Digital Cameras

LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast DCPro Studio Software for Digital Cameras

LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast DCPro Studio Software for Digital Cameras

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The LaserSoft SilverFast DCPro Studio Software for Digital Cameras with SilverFast PhotoProof sets a new standard for ease of control and sophistication for Digital Cameras. SilverFast DCPro Studio is high-end acquisition and imaging software from LaserSoft Imaging which combines a very intuitive user interface with a sophisticated and professional control.

The Studio Version differs from the standard in that it includes PhotoProof and PrintTao components for professional printed output. With PhotoProof, you are able to create a color managed contact proof on a calibrated output device, and PrintTao is a professional printing function introducing layout-functionality for images and text.

Beginners and professionals will appreciate the unique real-time controls and the intelligent automatic functions as well as the possibility to manually adjust the image at any point. Predictable color from the SilverFast preview gives imaging and color reproduction a new dimension securing the correct workflow with the ScanPilot. Professional user can adjust any operation via numerical input and can precisely monitor the results using an online densitometer. SilverFast enables any level of user to get brilliant results quickly!

SF Launcher
SilverFast can be operated by its own as a Stand-Alone application in addition to the Photoshop and Twain Plug-in operation. The advantage of the "SF Launcher" is the small memory requirement (only 2-4 MB) and the significantly faster loading of the application. SilverFast's Stand-Alone application "SF Launcher" brings total independence to SilverFast. Working under Mac and PC, the user does not need any other application to work in conjunction with any SilverFast version
PhotoProof - for Color Managed Contract Proofs
By using PhotoProof, you are able to create a color managed contact proof on a calibrated output device. You only have to select the ICC profile of the printer, paper and ink combination and the desired FOGRA media wedge. PhotoProof provides Professional optimization of RGB data, RGB data in a simulated CMYK preview, an embedded media wedge for true colors when sending the image data to a press, no need for conversion to the CMYK color model, no separation, and no RIP required thereby resulting in no loss of image information.
PrinTao - Professional Printing Function
PrinTao provides professional layout-functionality for images and text. With PrinTao, images can easily be brought to paper according to your own desires. Aside from printing single images, contact sheets with individually selected images can be printed as well. The images can be positioned either automatically or manually, with the help of grids and auxiliary lines, and images can be scaled, mirrored, rotated in any angle or cropped in their size. Text can also be assigned to each image, and positioned above, underneath or besides the picture; aligned left, right or centered. Custom text can be added, which is freely selectable in its character font, size, style, color and adjustment. Aside from custom text, information from the IPTC or EXIF meta data can be assigned to the images as well. It can even accept copyright text in desired form and size.
VLT - Virtual Light Table
With the Virtual Light Table, texts from the meta tags of the IPTC or EXIF lists may be selected and added above, beside or next to the image. The print menu in the VLT contains not only the possibility to print contact sheets of Albums or printing an overview, but also includes the "advanced printing dialog" for printing out a selection of images from an Album or from the overview. The images can be scaled, rotated or cropped. The images can be positioned automatically or manually on the print sheet, which allows an optimized positioning to save paper and costs. Additionally, ICC profiles and rendering intents can be individually selected in the extended print dialog.
AACO - Auto Adaptive Contrast Optimization
SilverFast's AACO is an excellent tool for the correction of dark, high-contrast areas of the image while preserving the details in the highlights. It operates automatically when selected, but can also be manually manipulated. The intensity and the complexity of the shadows that are to be lightened can be adjusted without affecting the highlights of the image.
USM - Unsharp Mask PLUS
The USM dialog and its preview windows may now freely be resized and enlarged. This can be done by click dragging the lower right corner of the window. Now, a better control of the image is achieved before scanning that allows a much larger preview of the final sharpening effects.
CRW - Conversion of RAW-Data
SilverFast allows a quick conversion of RAW-Data files in the background. This is done by choosing the images to be converted in the overview of the Virtual Light Table VLT, and dragging them into an Album. The user can decide on his own if and when the conversion of the selected Album should take place.
HiRePP - High Resolution Picture Performance
HiRePP inside SilverFast brings extraordinary productivity to processing large high resolution images. The processing time of multiple large image data files add up with Photoshop or other imaging applications. With SilverFast and its unique Preview concept processing takes place in real-time. The final processing of all corrections merely takes up a fraction of the overall processing steps and can be run automatically using the SilverFast JobManager.
JPEG 2000 Support
The support of the JPEG 2000 format enables SilverFast's strongest compression to process such data 3 to 7 times faster than Photoshop. In combination with SilverFast's HiRePP function, even 3GB files may be compressed and re-opened very quickly. It is important to note that Photoshop internally calculates with 15 bit, while SilverFast uses true 16 bit!
Automatic Image Import with Re-naming Function
This function of the SilverFast Studio versions allows the direct import of images into the Virtual Light Table (VLT). Special tags may be added to the EXIF or IPTC lists. Furthermore, meta tags within the EXIF and IPTC lists are administered at ease. The re-naming of images can be done while unloading them or at another time, via previously saved image files.
SRD - Smart Removal of Defects (Dust and Scratch Removal)
It has software-based dust and scratch removal using unique normal and expert user controls that allow you to adjust the user interface to different requirements. A real-time window selection helps to quickly find the optimum settings for the SRD controls.
SCC - Selective Color Correction with Multi-Layers and Multi-Masking
The Selective Color Correction has up to four layers where each layer can have its own independent color correction with masking. 4 objects of the same color can now all become different colors. This will enable you to achieve complex color corrections very easily.
ACR - Adaptive Color Restoration
Adaptive Color Restoration nicely brings back faded out colors or weak colors with an automatic function. The function's strength can be controlled with a slider. Also too much saturation can be normalized or decreased.
SC2G - Selective Color to Grey
Selective Color to Grey is a unique feature to enable the controlled conversion from colors to grey. This direct control of the primary and secondary colors conversion into shades of grey gives publishers the ability to clearly distinguish adjacent shades of grey. SC2G can maintain the grey shade differentiation by controlling the conversion process. For all six colors: Red, Green, Blue, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, the user can control into what shade of grey the color will be converted. Since the whole process is interactively monitoring the final grey image, the user quickly achieves the desired result.
GANE - Grain and Noise Elimination
The reduction of noise can be controlled in a "before and after preview" with respect to the final image. This substantially reduces artifacts from noise due to High ISO Level selection.
MidPip 4 - Advanced Color Cast Removal
Color casts resulting from mixed light conditions can now comfortably be eliminated. Up to 4 neutral points can be set, and by means of a special dialog neutral density values can be edited. This way very subtle cast corrections can be achieved.
QuickTime Movies Online Training
SilverFast is the first imaging software to supply 1:1 Quicktime movies with sound as online training. The user can instantly understand and know how to operate the function exemplified by the movie. Sophisticated software has never been easier to use.
In the Box
LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast DCPro Studio Software for Digital Cameras
  • Software CD-ROM
  • User's Guide
  • IT-8 Color Target
  • Table of Contents
    • 1Description
    Minimum System Requirements Windows System
    • Windows XP, 2000
    • 512MB RAM
    • 1GB free hard disk space

      Macintosh System
    • Mac OS X 10.3.8 or later
    • 512MB RAM
    • 1GB free hard disk space

      Photoshop plug-in will work with Photoshop versions 7.0 up to CS4, and all versions of Photoshop Elements.

    Recommended System Requirements Windows System
    • Windows Vista 32 with SP1, XP with SP3 or later, Windows 2000 with SP4
    • 2048+MB RAM
    • 2GB free hard disk space

      Macintosh System
    • Mac OS X 10.3.8 or later
    • 2048+MB RAM
    • 2GB free hard disk space
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