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Schneider 5x5" Digicon 1/8 Glass Filter

BH #SCD1855 • MFR #68-223059
Schneider 5x5" Digicon 1/8 Glass Filter
No Longer Available
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Schneider Digicon Overview

The Schneider 5x5" DigiCon 1/8 filter is used for a "filmic look" when shooting with digital cameras. When used in front of the lens, it optically raises black levels while lowering highlights.

Digicon filters are available in strengths of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1 and 2 - with 2 having the greatest effect
Combined with in camera gamma settings and/or post production, a higher dynamic range can be recorded
The filters are used in a matte box mounted to the camera and are geared toward digital shooting
The result is more detail in highlight and shadow areas with no loss of resolution or softening of the image
Filter produces no color shift and highlights are clean and halo-free
May be used on a 35mm cine camera to approximate the look of a lower contrast film stock

Schneider Digicon Specs

Filter Type
Contrast Control (Grade 1/8)
Rectangular Size
5 x 5" / 127 x 127 mm

Schneider Digicon Reviews

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