Kodak 4x4" (100mm) 80D Color Conversion Wratten 2 Optical Gel Filter

BH #KO80D44O • MFR #8742108
Kodak 4x4" (100mm) 80D Color Conversion Wratten 2 Optical Gel Filter
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Kodak 4x4" (100mm) 80D Color Conversion Wratten 2 Optical Gel Filter

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Kodak 8742108 Overview

The Kodak Wrattan 80 Series of filters are blue. They are used to balance daylight film under artificial, tungsten or standard (household) incandescent lighting.

Kodak gelatin filters are available in 3 x 3" (75 x 75mm), 4 x 4" (100 x 100mm), 6 x 6" (150 x 150mm) and 14 x 18" (350 x 450mm).

The 81 series is available in grades from 81 through 81EF with 81EF having the warmest effect

80 Series Color Conversion Chart

80A increases color temperature from 3200-5500 Kelvin (commonly used with 3200K lamps)
80B increases color temperature from 3400-5500 Kelvin (commonly used with photoflood lamps)
80C increases color temperature from 3800-5500 Kelvin (commonly used with flashbulbs)
80D increases color temperature from 4100-5500 Kelvin (commonly used to remove extreme orange or red)

Wratten 2 Improvements

More rigid/durable
Easier to handle
Color consistent today, and 6 months from now as well
Wratten 2 Optical Filters are less sensitive to humidity, less prone to static cling
Fingerprint removal is also easier

Kodak 8742108 Specs

TypeColor Conversion
Size4 x 4" (100 x 100mm)
Filter Factor2 (+1 stop)
Multi-CoatedNot Applicable
RotatingNot Applicable
EffectBalances daylight film for use with most standard tungsten lighting, studio lighting and copy stand lighting
ApplicationUsed to shoot daylight film under artificial (household) lighting conditions
Color TemperatureIncreases color temperature from 4100-5500 Kelvin
Front Filter Thread Size Not Applicable
Front Lens Cap SizeNot Applicable
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