Archos ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet (Black)

MFR #501313BH #AR5IT16
Archos ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet (Black)
Key Features
  • 16GB Internal Flash Memory
  • Android Open Source Operating System
  • 5" Touch Screen LCD Display
  • Built-In 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi
The ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet (16GB, Black) is a computer in your pocket; quite literally. Powered by the famed Android open source operating system, the Internet Tablet is faster and more streamlined than past models. Use the ARCHOS 5 for more than your music - play games, watch movies, view photos, even get directions, view Microsoft documents, watch TV, and then some.

The built-in flash memory keeps the player lightweight, while allowing you to take your movies, music, photos, and more everywhere you go. Should you need additional storage, an optional microSD/SDHC card can be used. And with the 5 inch touch screen display, you'll navigate all those media files with ease, see big, beautiful photos, and watch movies without having to squint at your screen.

Aside from storing your media collection the ARCHOS 5 also features built-in Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n) with an OMAP 3440 processor and DSP running at up to 800MHz for responsive Internet browsing. You can also access the web through your Bluetooth and 3G enabled mobile phone; in most cases without even having to pay an extra service fee, if data access is already a part of your service plan.

The Internet capabilities open up even more ways to utilize the Tablet. Purchase apps and games, and gain access to web TV and radio stations. There's also an email program and the ARCHOS Media Club where you can buy or rent films and music.

With the Internet Tablet you can also find your way around most major cities in North America and Western Europe thanks to the optional GPS navigation service. The ARCHOS 5 comes with a free 7 day trial to the Tele Atlas, a service which provides you with pedestrian and driving maps. Pedestrian maps give you a 3D view of the city, letting you find your way with realistic views of buildings and monuments - just like they appear in real life.

Aside from being preloaded with a number of useful applications, such as eBuddy IM, Droidin, QuickPedia, and CraigsPhone, the player also features AppsLib, a convenient way to download and purchase even more applications with just a click. And to help you organize and find all those apps the ARHOS 5 features an extended homescreen. Shift between landscape and portrait mode for placing apps where you want them and finding them with ease.

All in all, if you're looking for a way to do pretty much everything a standard laptop does, but in the palm of your hand, the ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet has you covered.

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Archos ARCHOS 5 Internet Tablet (Black)

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