Waves Gold Certification Program - Plug-In Training Program Upgrade

Waves Gold Certification Program - Plug-In Training Program Upgrade

Waves Gold Certification Program - Plug-In Training Program Upgrade

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Product Highlights

  • For Owners of the Gold Native Bundle
  • Interactive Educational Course
  • Richly Illustrated Study Guide
  • Video Tutorials
  • Multi-Track Demos
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Waves WGCPUPQQ overview

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The Gold Certification Program Upgrade from Waves comprises the company's comprehensive educational course that teaches the ins and outs of the 24 plug-ins found in the Gold Native Bundle. The package is aimed primarily at people who have grown up knowing only the virtual audio of DAWs and have had little experience of the hardware audio world, and already own the Waves Gold Bundle.

The program comes with an easy-to-use study guide, video tutorials, multi-track demos and more. Once the required coursework is completed, and participants pass the online final examination, they'll receive a Gold Certification diploma suitable for framing and a Waves Gold Certification Program t-shirt to commemorate their audio achievement.

Whether they experience the Waves Gold Certification Program at a recording institute, college or independently at their own pace, once users complete the Gold Certification Program, they will be in a far better position to creatively deploy their plug-ins.

Note: This upgrade is for registered users of the Waves Gold Native Bundle who wish to participate in the Gold Certification Program, but who already possess the Gold Bundle.

Gold Native Bundle Contents

C4 Multiband Parametric Processor
Multi-band compressor plug-in that provides four-band up and down expansion, limiting, compression, plus dynamic and standard EQ. It is now possible to compress the bass, expand the mids, De-Ess the highs, EQ the air, all with complete control
Renaissance Reverb
Features rich reverb tails, plus a second generation early reflection system, providing density and texture. Designed to be musical rather than technical, Renaissance processors have clean and simple interfaces that are ultra functional with minimal clutter
Renaissance Compressor
Compressor with Opto and Electro modes, plus ARC auto-release, and L1 style limiter on output
Renaissance Equalizer
Vintage EQ for rich, clear equalization. 88.2/96kHz-ready
L1 Ultramaximizer
Combines look-ahead peak limiting with advanced requantization. This gives maximum level and highest resolution for all audio applications, from CD mastering to multimedia
Increases the level of bass information without boosting EQ. By adding a series of harmonics to the original signal, the perception of bass is increased, especially from small speakers
Q10 Paragraphic EQ
Works in mono/stereo, and with from 1 to 10 bands of equalization. 200+ audio effects and processes in the setup library, from SuperNotches to precision mastering, allows the Q10 to provide precision control of equalization, from subtle adjustments to extreme complex filters. 88.2/96kHz-ready for many native platforms
S1 Stereo Imager
Set of tools for remastering stereo mixes by enhancing and altering the stereo effect. L/R balances can be repaired, or the center information made louder or softer
C1 Parametric Compander
Frequency-selective dynamic processor allowing two simultaneous dynamic processes. It is an expert tool for any application requiring compression, expansion or gating. Select any frequency range, then apply a dynamic process to that range, or use as a traditional wideband device. C1 comp and C1 gate now offer 88.2/96kHz support
PS22 Pseudostereo
A 3rd-generation stereo-from-mono tool. Ideal for restoration, SFX, guitar leads, and more. Creates a rich and spacious stereo image from mono sources, and also enhances the spread of stereo sources. It can be used on single tracks of a mix, such as lead instruments or backing vocals, or for stereo enhancement of full mixes or old recordings
Ideal for creation of creative filtering, it combines a complex notch filter system, short delay feedback loops, and modulation. Absolutely distinctive
Six taps with up to six seconds of mono or true stereo delay. Each tap includes independent Q10-style filtering, rotation (stereo panning), gain, and precision time control. Global LFO modulation and 2 feedback modes greatly expand the possibilities. Delays can be set using standard note values or milliseconds
A unique combination of linked modulators: AM, FM, and Rotation (stereo panning), for gentle wandering guitar solo panning or bizarre destructive effects
Creates real-time doppler effects, both realistic and unnatural. Provides auto and manual triggering modes, plus full control of air damping, panning, pitch, path curve, gain, start/stop points, and reverb tail
Formant-corrected pitch shifter with six-voices. All pitch shifting is done with optional formant-correction to avoid the "chipmunk" effect, or for gender-bending. Each voice has independent stereo panning and delay, plus a little Animator delay-randomizer
Produces vintage tape-flanging, phaser-emulation, and special effects. The wet signal includes filters so the user can flange or phase just part of the signal. Contains extensive factory presets of vintage emulations - Mutron, MXR and more>
TrueVerb Room Emulator
Combines two separate modules - an Early Reflections simulator, and a Reverb - to produce a high quality, natural-sounding room effect. The user can define the room size, its decay time and frequency response, and, most uniquely, the distance (beyond the speakers) to the sound source
Ideal plug-in for attenuating high frequency "ess" sounds - perfect for editing solo vocal takes and instrumentals. Includes sharp filters in the SideChain, an energy detector hard knee compressor, a crossover filter and wideband or split audio-modes for attenuating either the entire audio or just high range frequencies
PAZ Psychoacoustic Analyzer
Realtime analyzer based on human hearing, shows 52 or 68 bands, with RMS, peak, weighting, variable integration time, and more. Perfect for mastering, trouble-shooting, environmental analysis
The channel insert with 4-band, fully parametric EQ, compressor, and gate, all in one window. The EQ is a true fully parametric 4-band EQ, with bell, shelf, and highpass/lowpass filters
Renaissance Equalizer
Vintage EQ for rich, clear equalization. 88.2/96kHz-ready
Renaissance Axx
Engineered especially for guitar, Renaissance Axx is the ideal compressor for musicians and engineers who need to dial in dynamic levels quickly. With its three efficient controls, the plug-in features a fixed ratio curve, automatic release value, and an output limiter to prevent clipping
Provides superior double-tracking effects using delay and pitch modulation. The plug-in can be used for vocals, along with polyphonic instruments as well as full mixes
Waves Tune LT
A special edition of Waves Tune that delivers the same great sound as the full Waves Tune version, but using an intuitive interface and simplified controls
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Waves WGCPUPQQ specs

System Requirementssczaqvrrszeuzwueuqdtbuedztyurvauvyryue
Mac G5 Dual 2GHz or Intel Dual Core 1.83GHz
OS X 10.4.11 to 10.6.2 (or 10.5.x for PPC)
1024 x 768 32-bit minimum display resolution
Host application that supports RTAS, AudioSuite, Audio Units and VST plug-in formats
PC Pentium IV 2.8GHz/AMD Athlon 64 or equivalent
Windows XP 32-bit SP2 and SP3, Vista Business or Ultimate32-bit, Windows 7 32-bit
1GB RAM (XP), 2GB RAM Vista/7
1024 x 768 32-bit minimum display resolution
Host application that supports RTAS, AudioSuite and VST

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