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MOTU MachFive 3 - Universal Virtual Sampler

BH #MAM53 • MFR #5960
MOTU MachFive 3 - Universal Virtual Sampler
Key Features
  • 45GB Sound Library
  • Software Mixer and Effects
  • Time-stretching, Pitch-Shifting
  • Modular Synthesis with 12 Sound Engines
MachFive 3 from MOTU is a universal virtual sampler for creative music production and performance. From the configurable part list to the full-screen envelope editor, the software has been designed to enhance creativity while delivering state-of-the-art virtual instrument technology in a streamlined, efficient environment.
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MOTU MachFive 3 Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2What's New
  • 3Other Features
  • 4Compatible Library/File Formats

MachFive 3 from MOTU is a universal virtual sampler for creative music production and performance. From the configurable part list to the full-screen envelope editor, the software has been designed to enhance creativity while delivering state-of-the-art virtual instrument technology in a streamlined, efficient environment.

New features include an advanced scripting engine that not only models the sound of instruments, but adds corresponding playing techniques that allow the instrument to sound like it is performed on, rather than just a series of triggered samples. Talking of samples, 45GB of instruments, loops and phrase are available for composing and sound design.

The sampler includes 12 synthesizer engines for creating unlimited sounds which can be enhanced with effects and blended with a fully featured software mixer that supports multiple outputs. Surround sound capabilities enhance the sound designer's palette, along with event processors, arpeggiators, and a beat slice editor. Preset searching and several dedicated editors aid in managing and creating sounds.

Requires iLok if one is not currently present on the user's system.

What's New

User Interface
  • Delivers configurable part list and a full-screen envelope editor, designed to spur creativity while delivering state-of-the-art virtual instrument technology in a streamlined, efficient environment
  • Full-screen operation expands window to fill the entire computer monitor
  • Allows for surgical precision editing, from editing a loop point, to sculpting the perfect filter envelope curve

Scripting Engine
  • Scripted virtual instruments are like the difference between a simple guitar preset and a real guitar player
  • The sophisticated instruments model not only the sounds of an instrument in minute detail, but also the playing characteristics
  • For example, the Telematic electric guitar instrument models strumming and picking techniques, which can be dialed up as desired allowing for strumming chords with proper fingerings, up/down-strokes, and other authentic playing techniques

Instruments, Loops, Phrases
  • 45GB of included instruments, loops and phrases
  • Scripted instruments include the basic necessities for any studio - drums, bass, guitar, piano, and percussion
  • Includes thousands of loops and phrases, from break-beats to mixed choirs
  • Xtreme FX bonus library from delivers 5,000 creative sound effects, Foley effects and ambient textures suitable for both music production and sound design

Powerful Synthesizer Engine
  • Features 12 synthesizer engines, from modular analog pioneered in the 50's, to milestone breakthroughs like FM and wavetable synthesis making it a powerful multi-synthesizer in its own right
  • When combined with the multi-sample instrument capabilities and extensive effects, the possibilities for hybrid synthesis and sound design are limitless

IRCAM Technology
  • Licensed granular synthesis, time-stretching, and pitch-shifting technology from the IRCAM research institute in Paris, France
  • Granular synthesis can be seamlessly incorporated into sound design efforts, side by side with the other synthesis models
  • IRCAM algorithms produce pristine audio time-stretching and pitch-shifting results, even when applying extreme tempo changes or pitch intervals
  • Results that are so usable at extreme values, they can be used as powerful sound design tools

Automation and Modulation
  • Almost every setting can be automated, modulated, or both
  • Modulation architecture is open-ended and flexible, delivering an unlimited number of internal sources (LFOs and envelopes) and completely flexible external assignments
  • Two filters, eight LFOs, six envelopes and a variety of additional modulation and filtering features are available for each MachFive object
  • Making assignments is easy - just control-click
  • The architecture allows for unlimited modulation connections, available at every stage of the synthesizer section
  • Includes standard AHD and DAHDSR envelopes, along with multi-envelopes with unlimited control points
  • Rhythmic step envelope applies discrete steps to whatever it is modulating - pitch, cutoff frequency, resonance and more
  • All envelopes will sync to tempo
Flexible Effects Architecture
  • Apply effects at any level, from individual oscillators to the master output
  • 47 real-time effects including reverb, tempo-synced delay, tremolo, chorus, filters, guitar amplifier simulation, CPU-efficient convolution reverb, and many others
  • Effects can be applied to presets as insert effects, or throughout the mixing architecture (as bus effects)

Xpander Filters
  • Based on the venerable Oberheim Xpander filters, and provides no less than 37 modes, each a separate filter effect in its own right
  • Order 4 Moog ladder-style filter with built-in saturation and oversampling

  • Convolution Reverb
    • Enhanced IR Verb is highly CPU efficient allowing for multiple instantiations
    • Dozens of new impulse responses, including classic high-end studio reverbs from the last 30 years
    • Impulse responses of vintage spring and plate reverbs from the 50's, 60's and 70's
    • Many sound design presets included, or drag and drop to load custom IRs and then edit the IR waveform directly

    Enhanced Sample Library Support
    • Load anything directly, with no conversion
    • Reads all major 3rd-party hardware/software sampler formats, including KONTAKT, Giga, EXS24 and HALion, plus legacy formats from Kurzweil, Akai, Roland, Ensoniq, Sample Cell, and many others

    Event Processors
    • Event processors add an exciting element to performances and sound design.
    • Includes an extensive arpeggiator and Micro Tuner

    Preset Browsing and Searching
    • Type a word into the search field and up pops a list of all related presets
    • Multi-column browser allows for loading sounds into multiple parts without having to close and reopen it

    LoopLab Beat Slice Editor
    • Updated and expanded
    • Modify REX, ACID, UFS and Apple Loops, or create custom loops by simply dropping the loop into the Loop Lab, even if the loop has not yet been sliced
    • Instantly maps slices, and finds or sets the tempo
    • Perform destructive or non-destructive sample-level editing
    • Apply time-stretching with no artifacts
    • Trigger the loop via playback from the host software, or trigger each slice from a MIDI controller
    • Drag audio files from Loop Lab to the desktop or audio tracks in thehost sequencer
    • Drag a loop into a MIDI track, where the loop appears as MIDI notes that trigger individual slices

    Other Features

    • Unique, unified design provides instruments, loops, phrases, synthesis and FX in one easy-to-use window for simple operation
    • Graphic mixer with faders, FX inserts, and unlimited channels
    • Unlimited parts allow for combining instruments and tempo-synced loops (layer synthesizers and sample-based parts)
    • Mapping Editor provides an intuitive, graphic environment for mapping keygroups, which makes it easy to build custom multi-sample instruments
    • Tree Editor gives instant access to every element of any sounds, displayed hierarchically in an intuitive scrolling list that brings order and understanding to potentially complex signal routings, modulations, and other elements of any sound
    • List Editor presents a clear, well-ordered representation of all sounds, with every detail listed for inspection and tweaking
    • Performance View turns MachFive into an expressive, multi-layered instrument that dynamically responds to key switches from a MIDI controller, delivering dynamic control over switching, layering, and blending of multiple sounds
    • Macro controls provides direct, instant access to the sound's most crucial and interesting parameters
    • Dedicated noise oscillator with eleven different types of noise
    • Dozens of filters with adjustable filter resonance, which can be automated and modulated
    • Layer rules add dynamic and expressive behaviors for switching between layers using a dedicated and simple to use interface
    • Script Processors perform advanced, customized transformations and analysis of a MIDI data stream with many useful presets are provided
    • 3rd-generation UVI Engine delivers superb sound quality
    • Multiple outputs - sub mix to 17 stereo output pairs
    • Disk streaming conserves RAM and quickens load times
    • Unlimited polyphony with ultra-low software latency

    Compatible Library/File Formats

    • AIFF
    • ACID
    • Apple Loops (.aif)
    • REX
    • SDII
    • WAV
    • Akai MPC
    • Akai S Series
    • E-mu
    • Ensoniq ASR
    • EXS24
    • GarageBand
    • GigaSampler 1/2/3
    • KONTAKT 1/2/3/4.0
    • Kurzweil K2xxx
    • MOTU Symphonic and Ethno Instruments
    • Roland S700 Series
    • SampleCell
    • SoundFont
    • UVI UFS
    UPC: 839128005792

    MOTU MachFive 3 Specs

    Delivery MethodDVD
    License TypeStandard
    Supported Plug-In FormatsAU, RTAS, VST
    Standalone OperationNo
    Visual Impairment SupportNo
    System Requirements
    Supported Operating SystemsWindows Vista
    Windows 7
    macOS 10.5.
    macOS 10.6
    macOS 10.7
    Memory RequirementWindows, Mac:
    2 GB (4 GB Recommended)
    Storage RequirementWindows, Mac:
    100 GB 
    CPU RequirementWindows, Mac:
    1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo and Faster  
    Supported USB Authentication DevicesiLok
    Packaging Info
    Package Weight1.63 lb
    Box Dimensions (LxWxH)10.2 x 8.65 x 3.05"

    MOTU MachFive 3 Reviews

    Unsupported Software

    By Jeff
    Rated 1 out of 5
    Date: 2019-02-10

    MOTU no longer supports this product. Do not purchase!

    Everything I expected and more!

    By Weston
    Rated 5 out of 5
    Date: 2015-03-04

    An amazing sampler/ synth / sound designer. I am really enjoying the sound designer capabilities of Machfive. The work flow far exceeds what I was getting with kontact. 5 stars easily.

    Awesome Plug-in

    By 13:8 Productions
    Rated 5 out of 5
    Date: 2013-11-13

    I use this system for production and song composition and it is amazing. The sounds are very realistic; from the french horns to the grand piano to the different world instruments, these are top notch samples. Not only to I like the realism but the variety and clarity of sounds provide all you need especially if you are working alone. Not a fan of the fact that you HAVE TO BUY THE ILOK USB KEY, but other than that I'd but it twice!

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