Native Instruments KOMPLETE 8 Ultimate - Educational Institution Lab Pack Add-On License

Native Instruments KOMPLETE 8 Ultimate - Educational Institution Lab Pack Add-On License

Native Instruments KOMPLETE 8 Ultimate - Educational Institution Lab Pack Add-On License


Native Instruments Komplete 8 overview

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KOMPLETE 8 Ultimate from Native Instruments is the ultimate collection of virtual instruments and effect plug-ins that together provide all the high-quality tools necessary for musicians, producers and sound designers. This "mega" version features 240GB of data that spans across 50 instruments and effects, and contains more than 13,000 production-ready sounds, suitable for all styles and genres.

The bundle includes KONTAKT 5 and GUITAR RIG 5 PRO, both updated and enhanced. REAKTOR 5.6, along with MASSIVE, ABSYNTH and FM8 deliver the ultimate synthesizer array. The company's latest instruments and effects include TRANSIENT MASTER and the groove powerhouse STUDIO DRUMMER and much, much more.

These are joined by new additions to the company's roster with the likes of SESSION STRINGS PRO, the SOLID MIX SERIES, and VINTAGE COMPRESSORS. Due to the large size of the package, KOMPLETE 8 ULTIMATE comes on its own USB 2.0 drive. Without the lengthy DVD installation process, installation and setup on a chosen internal or external drive is fast and simple.

Note: This item is an educational discount for school and educational institutions only (not for individual students). Requires proof of status and prior purchase of Educational Institution 5-Station Lab Pack.

  • KONTAKT 5 - industry-standard software sampler with a 43GB library, flexible sound architecture, and new effects like SOLID BUS COMP and SOLID EQ, plus new Adaptive Resonance filters and Time Machine Pro
  • REAKTOR 5.6 - modular sound studio with over 70 synthesizers, sound generators, grooveboxes, sequencers and effects, as well as 3,000+ instruments freely available in the Online User Library
  • RETRO MACHINES MK2 - over 20 instruments based entirely on samples from legendary vintage analog synthesizers and keyboards from the 70's and 80's, each with an effects section, and a versatile and easy to use arpeggiator
  • RAZOR - additive synthesizer created by Berlin producer Errorsmith featuring a characteristically dynamic and precise sound suited to tense basses, bristling leads and shifting, sci-fi soundscapes
  • MASSIVE - the heavyweight synthesizer for fat basses and piercing leads; from creamy analog sounds to dirty, brute force audio, now with 750 additional sounds
  • ABSYNTH 5 - semi-modular synthesizer offering a vast range of sonic possibilities, perfect for pads, endlessly evolving soundscapes, synthesizer sounds, and now with 400 additional presets
  • FM8 - features crystalline, razor-sharp digital sounds embodying the bright, lively sound of FM synthesis and its innovative features, with 200 new presets
  • REAKTOR SPARK - aggressive dynamic synthesizer sounds based on a unique REAKTOR ensemble developed by NI founder Stephan Schmitt
  • REAKTOR PRISM - uses modal synthesis to produce a unique and responsive polyphonic instrument with fascinating sound shaping capabilities
Strings and Cinematic
  • SESSION STRING PRO - eleven piece contemporary strings ensemble recorded in four different settings for maximum flexibility and realism
  • EVOLVE MUTATION - a ready-to-use instrument for film scores, game audio, electronic and pop music productions, made up of a 2GB collection of rhythm and tonality
  • EVOLVE MUTATION 2 - 2GB of original sounds for composers of film and TV scores, game sound designers and music producers seeking unique effects and textures
Creative and Studio Effects
  • SOLID EQ - two parametric EQs that are a superb all-round frequency adjustment tools, from pinpoint accuracy for surgical problem solving, to broader sound smoothing
  • SOLID BUS COMP - inspired by a legendary outboard compressor, delivering a tight and transparent sound to your finished mix, adding power and punch without compromising clarity
  • SOLID DYNAMICS - based on a classic 80's mix console, the plug-in combines a stereo compressor with a gate/expander, providing a clean, responsive sound for drums, vocals, and more
  • TRANSIENT MASTER - an intuitive envelope shaper and a great tool for dynamically placing instruments in the mix; based on a studio favorite, it's a go-to tool for finding the sweet spot in the mix, especially for drums and percussion
  • VC 2A - software emulation of an electro-optical tube compressor with a smooth, silky sound, delivering smooth warm and natural sound, great for guitars, bass, pads, strings and vocals
  • VC 76 - accurate emulation of a legendary studio compressor. a characteristic presence and a punchy, clear high-end; great for drums, vocals and limiting the stereo bus
  • VC 160 - based on a popular VCA compressor found in studios all over the world, the plug-in provides a huge threshold range, and is mostly used for mixing drums, adding a definitive "thwack" or "knock" to even the dullest kick and snare
  • THE FINGER - based on REAKTOR technology and derived from the live setup of Tim Exile, is a live performance and remix effect which can be "played" like a musical instrument. THE FINGER provides more than 40 effects, including real-time samplers/transformers (e.g. loop, re-arrange, reverse, scratch, heavy granular effects etc.), as well as filters, gaters, delays, reverbs, distortion, wave shapers, ring modulation, and many others
  • THE MOUTH - designed by Tim Exile to generate melodies and harmonies out of whatever audio material it's fed; the perfect starting point for jamming in the studio, or on stage as a lively, dynamic performance instrument
  • TRAKTOR's 12 - 12 of the most inspiring and contemporary effects from the arsenal of TRAKTOR PRO, including delays, reverbs, filters, Beatmasher, Transpose Stretch and Mulholland Drive, among others - although controlled by only four intuitive knobs and buttons, the effects retain a serious amount of sound mangling potential
  • REFLEKTOR - a creative convolution reverb based on groundbreaking Zero Latency Convolution technology with over 300 Impulse Responses, providing a range of reverbs from realistic rooms to virtual acoustics
Drums and Percussion
  • STUDIO DRUMMER - three premium acoustic kits, a fully-featured mixer and effects section plus over 3,500 beats and fills
  • WEST AFRICA - vibrant percussion and enchanting melodic instruments, playable solo or as polyrhythmic ensembles, plus an intuitive pattern sequencer
  • BATTERY 3 - professional drum sampler with vast mapping and sound tweaking capabilities, maximum ease-of-use plus a 12GB drum kit library
  • ABBEY ROAD 60s DRUMS - two legendary 1960's drum kits recorded at Abbey Road with vintage equipment deliver exceptionally authentic and nuanced drum sounds
  • ABBEY ROAD 70s DRUMS - samples of two distinctive vintage drum kits from the 1970's, recorded using classic vintage equipment
  • ABBEY ROAD 80s DRUMS - delivers the iconic sounds of a decade via two premium drum kits recorded with classic period outboard gear
  • ABBEY ROAD MODERN DRUMS - provides the highest quality contemporary drum sounds for modern pop and rock producers
  • MACHINE DRUM SELECTION - groove construction tool providing 20 drum kits taken from the MASCHINE library
  • BALINESE GAMELAN - brings to life the rich, complex textures of the Gamelan, exquisitely sampled by Soniccouture
Guitar and Bass
  • GUITAR RIG 5 PRO - professional software for guitar and bass with 17 amps and cabinets and 54 effects to create every imaginable guitar and bass tone; also suitable for studio and creative effects
  • RAMMFIRE - amp emulation ideal for heavy room-filling riffs, super-fast attack and bone-crunching overdrive, directly modeled on the legendary Pre-500 Dual Rectifier Amp and recording setup of Richard Z. Kruspe
  • SCARBEE PRE-BASS and PRE-BASS AMPED - two versions of a sampled Fender Precision Bass, recorded D.I. and through four different amplifiers
  • SCARBEE JAY-BASS - perfectly sampled slapped and finger bass with three pick-up positions and a wealth of playing techniques
  • SCARBEE FUNK GUITARIST - delivers the instrument and the musician; instantly playable with the genuine flavor of funk for creating create driving rhythm guitar lines in minutes
  • SCARBEE MM-BASS and MM-BASS NEW AMPED - puts the warm and creamy bass sounds of 1970's disco and funk at your fingertips; either dry or via four different amplifiers
Pianos and Keys
  • ALICIA'S KEYS - the sound of the soul superstar's very own studio piano, a rare Yamaha C3 Neo, perfectly sampled from the artist's own playing
  • GEORGE DUKE SOUL TREASURES - an instrument with 500 soul drenched keyboard phrases, recorded with vintage gear, and perfectly sliced and tempo-synced for instant use
  • VINTAGE ORGANS - 5 legendary organs, the Farfisa Compact, Vox Continental II and Hammond B-3, C-3 and M-3, meticulously sampled and perfectly preserving their authentic character and charm
  • SCARBEE CLAVINET/PIANET - the sounds of two legends, expertly sampled and brimming with the character of the originals
  • SCARBEE MARK I - an iconic electric piano from the 70's, rich in detail perfectly preserved in all its analog brilliance
  • SCARBEE A-200 - classic and highly versatile electric piano with all its characteristic dynamic range captured intact
  • NEW YORK CONCERT GRAND - detailed reproduction of the contemporary grand piano with a stunning range, consisting of premium samples of a perfectly maintained instrument
  • VIENNA CONCERT GRAND - classic concert piano reproducing the legendary "singing" sound of a Viennese legend, beautifully capturing the resonance of a classic continental grand
  • BERLIN CONCERT GRAND - reproduction of an international standard piano containing a unique freshness, strength and musicality, a charming, poetic instrument, vibrant and full of life; offers enormously expressive power right to the top of the highest treble
  • UPRIGHT PIANO - traditional, quality piano with a warm and compact sound, offering a distinctly charismatic signature sound, ideal for productions that require something other than a "perfect" piano sound
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Native Instruments Komplete 8 specs

System Requirements
Mac Intel Core Duo
OS X 10.6 or higher
5GB free disc space - 195GB for complete installation
Available USB 2.0 port
For plug-in use, host software that supports Audio Units, RTAS, or VST formats

Library size is 240 GB if uncompressed, but several libraries are compressed using advanced KONTAKT Lossless Sample Compression

PC Intel Core Duo or AMD Athlon 64
Windows 7 (latest SP, 32-/64-bit)
5GB free disc space - 195GB for complete installation
Available USB 2.0 port
For plug-in use, host software that supports RTAS, or VST formats

Library size is 240 GB if uncompressed, but several libraries are compressed using advanced KONTAKT Lossless Sample Compression

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