Waves GTR3 (Native)

Waves GTR3 (Native)

Waves GTR3 (Native)

No Longer Available

Product Highlights

  • 25 Guitar Amps & 7 Bass Amps
  • 29 Cabinets
  • 26 Stomp Box Effects
  • Multiple Mic Settings
  • Custom Artist Settings
  • RTAS, AudioSuite, AU, & VST Support
  • Stand-Alone Functionality
  • Mac & PC Compatible
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Waves GTR overview

  • 1Description

The native GTR3 from Waves is a guitar and bass amp emulation software that includes 25 guitar amplifier models, 7 bass amplifier models, and 29 speaker cabinet emulations. You can adjust how the amps are miked by selecting from 14 classic mics in multiple positions. Also included are 26 stomp boxes ranging from overdrive and distortion to modulation and ambient effects. GTR3 has amp and effect presets from artists, producers, and guitar makers to help you quickly find a variety of tones. It can be used as stand-alone software and supports RTAS, AudioSuite, AU, and VST plug-in formats on Mac and PC.

Guitar Amps
Neil Citron Amps:
  • Legatron Clean: Based on a customized Carvin Legacy
  • Legatron Crunch: Based on a customized Carvin Legacy
  • Thermitron Clean: Based on an Ibanez TN120 Thermion
  • Thermitron Crunch: Based on an Ibanez TN120 Thermion
  • Plexitron Lite: Based on a modified '60s 100W Marshall Plexi
  • Plexitron Crunch: Based on a modified '60s 100W Marshall Plexi

Clean Amps:
  • Direct: Full-frequency, transparent tone, with light EQ and a hint of dynamics processing
  • Clean: Based on a 1959 tweed Fender Bassman, smooth and warm, with shimmering highs and luscious overtones
  • Sweet: Modeled on a 1968 Gibson Skylark, this small tube amp delivers a clear sound with a clean bite
  • Punchy: Based on the stack master, a 100W Marshall head, for a clean rhythm tone
  • Warm: An amazing jazz and ballad tone based on a boutique amp from Paul Reed Smith's private collection

Drive Amps:
  • Edgy: Inspired by a 1980 Vox AC-30 TB-2, for a big, rich sound with more than just a touch of attitude
  • Cream: Based on a 1966 Ampeg Gemini II, with bright, detailed tone and a unique low-frequency bloom
  • Drive: Modeled on a 1964 blackface Fender Super Reverb, this is the go-to amp for bluesy growl, fat saturated sounds, and everything in between
  • Overdrive: Based on a 1980 Marshall JMP, this is the heavy rock sound in all its glory
  • Scream: Based on a boutique amp from Paul Reed Smith's private collection, for overdriven bluesy tones

High Gain Amps:
  • Crush: Inspired by a modified Marshall MK2 50W stack head, this is a hardwired gain machine
  • Monster: Modeled on a Marshall 100W Stack set at full gain for unique undertones
  • Inferno: A virtual model with very high distortion and extremely fast cleanup, great for modern thrash metal
  • Shredder: Based on a Marshall JMP-1 preamp, this blazing metal tube tone is your license to shred
  • Scorch: Based on a boutique amp from Paul Reed Smith's private collection, ideal for solid rocking rhythm chords
  • Supernatural: Modeled on a boutique amp from Paul Reed Smith's private collection, this overdriven lead tone
  • Hot: Inspired by a Koch Combo, perfect for aggressive high-gain sounds, scorching riffs, and stinging solos
  • Crunch: Based on a custom Garcia from Paul Reed Smith's personal collection, tailor-made for sizzling lead lines and heavy sustained walls of grunge
  • Modern: Modeled on a Mesa Dual Rectifier Solo Head, perfect for cutting-edge solo tones and drop-tuned power chords


Guitar Cabinets
  • 4 x 12" Standard: Modeled on Marshall 1960A
  • 4 x 12" Vintage: Based on Marshall 1960AX with G12 Greenbacks
  • 4 x 12" Britt: Inspired by Orange PPC412 Celestion Vintage 30
  • 4 x 12" Inferno: Modeled on a custom cabinet
  • 2 x 12" ClosedBack: Modeled on Marshall 1936 cabinet with G12 Greenback Celestions
  • 2 x 12" OpenBack: Based on Vox AC-30 Celestion Alnico Blue
  • 4 x 10" OpenBack: Inspired by on Fender Super Reverb Blackface 1968, CTS alnico magnet speakers
  • 12" OpenBack: Modeled on Mesa/Boogie Mark IV, Electro-Voice speaker
  • 15" ClosedBack: Based on Fender Showman Cabinet 1960s
  • Acme 12" Custom: Modeled on a custom cabinet by Ted Jensen of Sterling Sound
  • Acme 2 x 10" Cabinet: Modeled on a 1962 Vox cabinet
  • Acme 8" OpenBack: Based on a 1968 Gibson Skylark
  • Acme 4 x 12" Cab: Inspired by 1970s Hiwatt
  • Acme 12" OpenBack: Based on mid-'60s Ampeg Gemini
  • Acme 2 x 10" OpenBack: Based on 1965 Fender Vibrolux Reverb Blackface
  • Acme Case Speaker: Modeled on late-'60s Silvertone - Danelectro/Sears
  • Electron 2 x 12" Clean: Based on a Carvin Legacy C212E with Electro-Voice speakers
  • Electron 2 x 12" Crunch: Based on a Carvin Legacy C212E with Electro-Voice speakers
  • Celestron 2 12" Clean: Based on a Carvin Legacy C212E with Celestion 30W speakers
  • Celestron 2 12" Crunch: Based on a Carvin Legacy C212E with Celestion 30W speakers
  • Electron 4 x 12": Based on a straight cabinet with Electro-Voice speakers
  • Celestron 4 x 12": Based on a straight cabinet with Celestion speakers
  • Celestron 4 x 12": Vintage Based on a straight cabinet with Celestion speakers
Stomp Boxes
  • OverDrive: Delivers gentle growls, screaming highs, and everything in between
  • Distortion: Drives the intensity up a notch, for even more crunch and bite
  • Fuzz: Features the classic crunchy distortion of the '60s
  • Buzz: Recreates the retro sound of a resonant buzz box
  • Metal: With its dual distortion engine, takes you to the edge and beyond

  • Flanger: Soars from light feathery swirls to extreme jet sweeps
  • Vibrolo: Is a combination Vibrato and Tremolo
  • Panner: Features pan modulation based on the Waves MondoMod
  • Phaser: Recreates the classic whoosh of the '70s
  • Octaver: Synthesizes up to two octaves below your input
  • WahWah: Features both AutoWah as well as Manual Mode, for external MIDI control
  • Chorus: Modulates your sound, from mildness to madness
  • Doubler: Delivers double-tracking effects with detuning and delay
  • Pitcher: Shifts your pitch in real-time, perfect for whammy style FX
  • Bass Pitcher: Is a real-time pitch shifter especially for bass

Space and Ambience Effects:
  • Delay: With BPM sync is perfect for polyrhythmic ping-pong effects
  • Lay-D: Delivers mind-bending reverse, pitch shift, and delay effects
  • Reverb: Is a realistic room emulator
  • Spring: Delivers the timeless sound of spring reverb

  • Gate/Comp: Is a gate and compressor in one
  • Compressor: Keeps your dynamics in check
  • Gate: Eliminates noise and weak signals
  • Tone: Is a 3-band equalizer
  • EQ: Is a 6-band graphic equalizer
  • Axx Press: Is a combination compressor and limiter
  • Volume Pedal: Lets you fade in or out with ease


Bass Amps
  • Directube: Modeled on a Countryman DI into a V72 preamp for warm analog depth
  • Activator: Based on a Sadowsky preamp for super-responsive, clean performance
  • SolidState: Inspired by a Hartke 3500, hand-picked for its sound
  • Mo'Town: Modeled on the fliptop Ampeg B-15N tube amplifier, heard on countless classic Detroit hits
  • SuperTube: Based on the Ampeg SVT, a classic in rock, reggae, and many other styles
  • Thunder: Inspired by a David Eden World Tour 800, for sub sounds
  • OverBass: Modeled on a Mesa/Boogie 400+, for a massive overdriven tube tone
Bass Cabinets
  • Bass 8 x 10" Pro: Inspired by Ampeg SVT810AV
  • Bass 6 x 10": Based on Ampeg SVT610HLF
  • Bass 15": Modeled on late-'60s Fender Bassman
  • Bass 15" Fliptop: Inspired by Ampeg B-15N
  • Bass E15 4 x 10": Based on David Eden cabinets
  • Bass M1516: Modeled on Mesa/Boogie 1516
Table of Contents
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Waves GTR specs

System Requirements Mac:
OS X 10.6.8 to 10.8.3
Core Duo 2.3 GHz
1024 x 768 Screen Resolution

Windows 7 & 8
Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz, AMD Athlon 64, or equivalent
4 GB of RAM
1024 x 768 32-Bit Screen Resolution
Supported Formats RTAS

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