Darkroom Software Darkroom Professional Edition 9.2 Software

Darkroom Software Darkroom Professional Edition 9.2 Software

Darkroom Software Darkroom Professional Edition 9.2 Software


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Product Highlights

  • On-Screen Live View for Canon/Nikon DSLR
  • Built-in Print Driver
  • Support for More Compatible Printers
  • Windows 8.1 Support
  • Better Greenscreen, Chroma Masking Tool
  • More Marketing and Online Sales Options
  • E-mail this Photo, Facebook Publishing
  • 200 Templates, Advanced Editing Features
  • Turns Computer into Kiosk/Register
  • Scales to Any Size Event or Studio
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Darkroom Software 105DRPROF overview

  • 1Description

The Darkroom Professional Edition 9.2 Software from ExpressDigital is a popular and versatile computer software package for photographers. Features added and improvements made in this version include live view support for Nikon DSLR cameras, a built-in print driver, greater printer compatibility, a better greenscreen feature, and a Chroma Masking Tool. Additionally, you can now benefit from more marketing and online sales options and Windows 8.1 support.

Notable features from version 9.1 and earlier editions include Instant-Print, the ability to hide photos in the Library and Presentation modes by rating, and an "E-mail this Photo" capability that includes publishing to Facebook, to name a few. Use and alter 200 pre-loaded templates to create calendars, mugs, mouse pads, and more. Or, create your own templates.

Use and alter 200 pre-loaded templates to create calendars, mugs, mouse pads, and more. Or, create your own templates. Advanced editing tools let you touch-up images, export them to media at a set resolution, and add watermarks to protect your images. Two display modes allow you to show images to individual customers or to groups at events. The software also turns your computer into an ordering kiosk and cash register, providing a convenient ordering solution for your customers. The software can be scaled to any size event or studio, including basic, advanced and large events, and small, large and large chain studios.

Additions and Improvements in Edition 9.2

Updated and enhanced greenscreen with improved algorithm and Chroma Masking Tool, allowing you to change your background and use brushes of various sizes to select areas of the image to drop out or leave untouched. Large brushes help you cover large areas more quickly, while smaller ones aid in making fine adjustments. It's now simpler to select and refine greenscreen and masking options, as well
Built-in print driver for faster printing, easier setup, and less of a need for tech support. More compatible printers have been added, including Fuji DX100 and small format printers
Benefit from the convenience of software activation via code, as well as an instant download and the ability to start using the program right away. You do not need and will not receive a dongle (software protection key)
Dynamic QR code generation
Additional possibilities for photo marketing and online sales
Live view now available with compatible Nikon cameras
Windows 8.1 support

Previously-Existing Features

"E-mail this Photo": In setup tab, go to photo email package and make sure Quick Print is selected. Then, go to Photo Workshop, select "Photo Email," enter an email address, hit OK, and you're done. You can also use HTML with this feature, thanks to an update
Post directly to Facebook via "E-mail this Photo": Create a page in Facebook. Click on "Mobile," and you will find an email address to send images to, from which they'll be uploaded directly to your Facebook page. You can set Darkroom to simultaneously print an image and upload it to Facebook, too
With Instant-Print, you can automatically print new photos
Hide photos in the Library and Presentation modes by rating
Presentation mode options were added in version 9.1, and features were added to Sports Presentation Mode
Tethered capture works on all pages
Canon RAW files work with the software
Use original filenames when importing from Hot folder, FTP and WiFi
Can Export Order Data, i.e, emails, from the orders tab. Right click on orders to see export option
Version 9.1 introduced improved Windows 7 compatibility, hot folder camera support, FTP camera (for WiFi camera modules) functions, "hide-photos" function in the Photo Library, import of photos to maintain sequence by timestamp, and "Save to Digital Media" capability. Digital Media can use custom watermark and edit settings when used with Autoprint. Create Digital Media menu option can be disabled. Bar code use and functionality were improved, too. You can print your order ID as a barcode on the receipt (requires registry setting)
Camera drivers added in 9.1:

Canon: EOS 5D Mark III; EOS 1DX; EOS 650D/Rebel T4i; EOS-5D Mark II; EOS-1Ds Mark III; EOS-1D Mark III; EOD-1D Mark IV; EOS 7D; EOS 40D; EOS 50D; EOS 60D; EOS Kiss X4 / EOS Rebel T2i / EOS 550D; EOS Digital Rebel Xsi / 450D / Kiss X2; Digital Rebel XS / 1000D / KISS F; EOS Kiss X3 / EOS Rebel Tli / EOS 500D; EOS Kiss X5 / EOS Rebel T3i / EOS 600D; EOS Kiss X50 / EOS Rebel T3 / EOS 1100D

Nikon: D3S; D3X; D4; D90; D300S; D700; D800; D5000; D7000; D5100
Printer drivers added in 9.1:

Canon: iPF5100; iPF6000; iFP6200; iPF8000; iPF8100; iPF9000; iPF9100
DNP: DS40; DS80; DSRX1
Fujifilm: DL-430; LP-7000; LP-5700; DL600; LP5700
Noritsu: NPS Printers
Wireless and tethered camera capture
Comprehensive photo-editing, including clone, burn, dodge, colorize, blemish, paint, sharpen, blur, color saturation, color balance, color accents, redeye and all other standard editing tools. Adjust brightness and contrast, exposure, shadows and tone. Retouch methods include brush, lasso, poly lasso, rectangle, oval, fill all, and clear all
Automated proof creation
Two elaborate presentation modes: Event (for multiple monitors and stations) and Presentation (for in-person consultations)
200 pre-installed product templates: memory mates, calendars, cards, magazine covers, and more
Personal template creation
Download templates from an extensive online library
Create your own digital media to sell disks, flash drives and more with slideshows, music, and your marketing materials
Print to an unlimited number of Windows-compatible printers
Raster print with defined drivers
Create media rules for multiple printers, programming the software to send particular print sizes, colors and products to particular printers
Up to 30% faster than Core Edition with direct drivers
Push-button connectivity to send orders to numerous built-in labs via the Labtricity network
One-click integration with Photoshop, which can be used for retouching
Create a greenscreen background with the built-in Greenscreen engine
Easily add borders, text and graphics. You can create your own borders, as well. In addition to the templates already built into the software, you can purchase Darkroom Software-ready borders from several third party companies, such as Aperion, Express Border Lady, PhotoTidings, Digital Photo Templates, Limitless Borders, Studio Styles, Event Borders and PR Photo Services
Easily construct multiple image composites
On-the-fly duotone, grayscale and sepia / retro conversion
Utilize manufacturer-devised ICC profiles for best color output
Upload and sell online with free PhotoReflect account: Enjoy unlimited photo uploads, create your own packages, set your own pricing, password-protect photos, and benefit from copyright and watermark protection
Use catalogs to organize images, customers, and events
Turn key tools to sell digital photography alongside print products
Turn any CPU/laptop into a sales kiosk; use online options and accept credit cards
Turn any CPU/laptop into a into a "cash register" with push button receipts, package generators and print commands
Photography archiving with quick find search functions
Plug directly into Quickbooks and Studio-Plus for management, reporting and invoicing
Track your success via built-in accounting reports
Fast setup wizards
Supported cameras:
Canon: 30D, 40D, EOS-1D, EOS-1Ds, EOS-1D Mark II*, EOS-1Ds Mark II *, EOS-1D Mark II N*, EOS-10D*, EOS-2000, EOS-350D / Kiss Digital Rebel N / Rebel XT *, EOS-40-D, EOS-400, 400D / Kiss Digital Rebel X / XTi *, EOS-4000, EOS-5D *, EOS-5D Mark II *, EOS Rebel XS, D30, D60, Digital Rebel
*Not supported on all OS
Nikon: D1X, D1H, D100, D2X, D2Hs, D200, D3, D300, D40, D40X, D50, D60, D70, D70S, D80
Fuji: S1, S2, S3, S20, S5, S5 Pro
Kodak: DCS 14n, DCS, DCS Pro3, DCS Pro4, DCS 760, DCS 720x, DCS 660, DCS 560, DCS 620, DCS 620x, DCS 520, DCS 330, DCS 315, DCS 460, DCS 420, DCS 410, DCS Pro SLR/n, DCS pro Black
Supported printers:
Any Windows-compatible printer
Agfa: d-Lab 2, d-Lab 3, d-Lab Printer
Copal: DPB-1000, DPB-1500
Durst: Lambda, Theta 50151, Theta 76, Zeta Plus, Theta 76 Autospool
Epson: Stylus Pro, 3800, 4000, 4800, 4880, 7600, 7600-DYE, 7800, 7880, 9600, 9600-DYE, 9800, 9880
Fujifilm: Pictography 4000, Pictography 4000-II, Pictography 4500, Pictography 3000, NC-300D, NC-300, NC-1000, ASK-2000, ASK-4000, DL400, DL410, Frontier, Frontier PicPro
Fujimoto: SHP 5080
Gretag: NetPrinter, Mileca 1, Mileca 2
HP: HP B9180
Kodak: XLS 8500, XLS 8657, XLS 8660, XLS 8670, XLS 6800, XLS 8600, XLS 8650, XLS 8660, XLS 8670, XLS 9810, DLS
Konica-Minolta: QD1-21, QD1 Plus, R1, R1 Super, R2, R3, QD-21
Mitsubishi: CP-700, CP-770, CP-800, CP-7500, CP-9800DW, CP-3020DW, CP-8000, CP-7000, CP-800D, CP-770D, CP-700D, CP-3020DU, CP-9550DW, CP-9000, CP-9500
Noritsu: QSS 3100 series, QSS 2900 series, QSS 2901, QSS 3001, QSS 3011, QSS 3101, QSS 3000 series, 31 Pro, 32, NP 1600, DP 411, M300
Olmec: OP-506, OP-600, OP-800, OP-900, OP-1000
Shinko: CHC-S1245, CHC-S2145, CHC-S545-5, CHC-S9045
Sienna: FotoPrint
Sony (5x7 or smaller): UP-DR100, UP-D50, UP-D5500, UP-D5600, UP-D2600, UP-D6500, UP-DR150, UP-DR200
Sony (8x10 or smaller): UP-CX1, UP-D70, UP-D75, UP-D8800, UP-DR100, UP-DR150, UP-D2600, UP-GR700
ZBE: Chromira Pro Lab
Zebra: F680, P100i, P120i, P330i, P430i, P630i, P640i
Supports both serial port and USB bar code scanners. Provided it reads Code 3 of 9 and has a built-in decoder, you can use almost any serial port scanner. If your computer or laptop lacks a serial port but is equipped with a USB interface, then you can purchase a serial-to-USB port adapter. You can use any USB bar code scanner that's capable of emulating a keyboard and enabling programming to specify prefix and suffix characters. You'll have to program your USB scanner to add a prefix character ASCII 02H (STX), and to add a suffix character ASCII 0DH (CR). Some supported bar code scanners: Metrologic MS9540 VoyagerCG, RS-232 kit, Unitech MS120 Barcode, and the RS 232, with DB-9 connector. Serial to USB Adapters: IOGear USB PDA/Serial Adapter, Model: GUC232A, StarTech.com RS232 to USB converter, Mfg Part #: ICUSB232, Mfg Part #: USA19QW, Keyspan Highspeed USB Serial Adapter

Scales to Any Size Event or Studio

Basic Event Setup: Capture your photo from the tethered camera and then auto print it at the size you choose. You also have the ability to add a border or background to a greenscreen image and then select a pre-determined package to send to the printer. Images are uploadable to online ordering sites like Photoreflect.com
Advanced Event Setup: Adds a wireless router and wireless transmitter to the basic setup. Gives you the freedom to roam about the event and have more than one camera sending images to Darkroom. If you like, you can expand this setup to handle larger volume via the addition of extra printers
Large Event Setup: Using Darkroom Pro as a server, scale up to very large events and enable customers to browse images at Presentation stations running Darkroom Core. You can add from 1 to an unlimited number of presentation stations, depending upon your OS. Add 2 or more capture stations and tether multiple cameras. You'll need a network switch to link all of the computers
Small Studio Setup: Using Darkroom Pro as a server also gives you the ability to efficiently manage a small portrait studio. By setting up a capture station in the camera room and a sales station in a presentation room, you can continue shooting while another employee is showing and selling. Using onsite printers, you can deliver portraits in just minutes, or utilize Photoreflect for online ordering and a Labtricity lab to order prints and specialty items. Darkroom will also track sales and orders. You can expand this setup with additional capture stations and sales stations, in order to increase capacity as required. Requires network switch to link all of the computers
Large Studio Setup: By adding extra capture and sales stations, Darkroom can grow with your studio and increase capacity to keep up with demand. Increase the volume and speed of onsite printing with the addition of a minilab system managed by Darkroom, while ordering specialty items from a Labtricity lab. Requires a network switch to link all of the computers
Large Chain Studio Setup: Via duplication of the small studio setup, Darkroom is capable of linking with a private Labtricity server and any number of mini labs--creating a nationwide chain of studios with your own high-volume photo lab. Requires multiple small studio setups
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Darkroom Software 105DRPROF specs

Supported OS Versions Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 2000
Image Formats Supported BMP, CRW, DCR, FPX, JPEG, MIF, NEF, PCD, PCX, PNG, PSD, RAW, TGA, TIF
Packaging Info
Package Weight 0.4 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH) 8.9 x 6.1 x 1.0"

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