DgFlick Album Xpress PRO Software (USB Dongle)

DgFlick Album Xpress PRO Software (USB Dongle)
Key Features
  • Auto Album Creation
  • Over 1900 Templates
  • Advanced Template Search
  • Backgrounds, Frames, Masks, Shapes
Album Xpress PRO Software from DgFlick is a stand-alone photo-editing and album creation program delivered on a USB dongle. It provides an intuitive user interface and access to 1700 built-in and over 300 free downloadable templates, with an advanced template search. You can also create and share your own template. Enjoy a wide selection of décor, including backgrounds, frames, masks, shapes, clip art, titles and presets. You can easily perform Auto Resize on albums to make them any size. Also take advantage of the Auto Collage feature and online photo cropping. Additionally, the Auto Insert Images feature allows images to be automatically selected from a folder that's selected, and then inserted in the desired location.
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DgFlick Album Xpress PRO Software (USB Dongle)

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DgFlick Album Xpress Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2Album Configuration
  • 3Album Creation
  • 4Photo Sorting
  • 5Page Composition
  • 6Advanced Page Composition
  • 7Photo Editing
  • 8Advanced Photo Editing
  • 9Templates and Decor
  • 10Text and Title
  • 11Output
  • 12General Features

Album Xpress PRO Software from DgFlick is a stand-alone photo-editing and album creation program delivered on a USB dongle. It provides an intuitive user interface and access to 1700 built-in and over 300 free downloadable templates, with an advanced template search. You can also create and share your own template. Enjoy a wide selection of décor, including backgrounds, frames, masks, shapes, clip art, titles and presets. You can easily perform Auto Resize on albums to make them any size. Also take advantage of the Auto Collage feature and online photo cropping. Additionally, the Auto Insert Images feature allows images to be automatically selected from a folder that's selected, and then inserted in the desired location.

As far as editing is concerned, Xpress PRO's tools let you perform basic color correction, in addition to more advanced fixes and enhancements via the following effects: Lasso, Chroma, Touch-up, Highlighter, Eraser and Filters. Enjoy 200 filter effects. Benefit from third-party plug-in support, as well. The software also has an auto album save and recovery feature, in case of system malfunctioning. Your project can be exported to JPEG, PDF, Layered PDF or Low Resolution PDF. Enjoy a lifetime of free upgrades. The Album Xpress Pro software is multi-lingual and compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

Album Configuration

Predefined Standard Album Sizes

Software offers most of the standard types and sizes of albums available, to account for photographic and digital offset printing and various binding styles

Define Your Album Cover

You can define the digital cover or ready cover and cover size, as well as the area for the spine and margins

Define Your Album

Benefit from the flexibility to define your album as you like, including pages and page styles, page start points and print style. Choose from Individual, Spread or Spread Split for your print style

Album Creation

Add and Delete Pages

Add or delete extra pages from an album, either before, during or after the design stage

Auto Album Creation

The software simplifies and expedites album creation. Simply select the album type, template and photos, and drag-and-drop the photos. Arrange the selected images sequentially by time, size or name, or just manually drag-and-drop, and your album is designed in just a few minutes. Templates, too, can be dragged and dropped

Perfect Album

Album Xpress will try to create a perfect Album for you by automatically placing photos on the pages in the order in which they were clicked

Eco Album

When you select this mode, your photos will be arranged in a particular size on all the pages. Choose from small and medium sizes

Manual Album

Offers full control over designing. You can give personal touches to your Album by adding your clip art, background, shapes and decor

Resize Designed Album to Any Other Size

To reprint a predesigned album in a different size, simply select the designed file, click on the resize button, and change the size and type you want. The album will be resized and ready to print

Reuse Album Design for Another Album

Albums designed via Album Xpress can also be opened as templates. So, just by adding photos, you can create another album that will be ready in minutes

Photo Sorting

Three Types of Sorting

You can choose Guided sorting for auto album designing (with page numbers on top of photos), or one-click sorting by name, selection, size, time or other attribute. The Drag & Drop option lets you sort photos manually by dragging and dropping them onto the required page in the required position

Page Composition

Used Photo and Décor Indication

Provides an indication of photos and décor used in an album. These elements will have a tag when used once; if used multiple times, then the "1" tag will be replaced by a tag bearing the number of uses

Quality Indicator

Shows you whether the photo quality is printable or not. The indication appears over the photo as a red or yellow alert, but does not show up in the printed version

Rotate and Flip - Mask and Border on Object

You have access to more creative options with the ability to rotate and flip masks and borders with a single click. Simply select the photo and click on it to rotate and flip. This provides new formations and designs for your albums

Swap Photo

Arrangements of photos can be altered in order to give your album a better look. Just choose the photos to be swapped and click the "swap" button to rearrange your pictures in seconds

Lock and Unlock Photo

Simply by clicking on the lock of a photo, you can lock or unlock it to zoom in or out on, rotate or adjust the photo as needed

Copy, Paste and Clear Effects

To apply similar effects on different photos, just copy the effects from one and paste them onto the others. The effects can be removed just by selecting the "clear effect" tool

Online Cropping

Easily crop pictures just by selecting them and making the adjustments with your mouse. Restore the photos to their original states with a single click

On-Board Rotation

You can rotate photos 360° while in page composition just by selecting and moving them in various directions with the mouse. The same can be done with Border and within Border

Rotation - X/Y/Z

Give your photos a 3D effect. Rotate them in various angles. Select the photo, click on rotation and change the perspective by turning the picture along the X, Y and Z axes

On-Board Zooming and Panning

Photos can be zoomed or panned by scrolling the mouse

Advanced Page Composition

Change Layout

With every click, Album Xpress will automatically generate a new layout for your page with existing photos

Ruler and Gridlines

Help you position images or elements precisely across the width or length of an image. Guides appear as lines that float over the entire image and do not get printed. You can move or remove a guide to avoid accidentally moving it

Object and Page Base Alignment

The Auto-Align Layers command can automatically align different layers based on similar content, such as corners and edges. You may assign one layer as a reference layer, or let the software automatically choose the reference layer

Arrange Objects

To help give the designed page the look you want, the Arrange Object feature assists you in arranging objects such as photos, clip arts, and shapes

Group / Ungroup

Group shapes together to move them all at once, and then ungroup the shapes to move them independently. You can do anything to a group of shapes that you can do to a single one: resize it, rotate it and align it with other shapes, and so on

Equal Spacing

All gaps between photos are equal. Just move the first photo to the preferred gap measurement and the rest of the photos will automatically be snapped into place for you--with exactly the same measurement

Auto Collage

Photos can be arranged in-page automatically, without a template, as a collage. This collage can be arranged on single click. Choose the number of photos and click on the "create collage" button. Make your collage more creative by adding text and borders

Full Screen Mode

You can view the designed album in full screen mode. If you open a designed page to view it, full screen view optimizes the viewing experience. It hides all toolbars. Pages that are represented in full screen view are designed to fit well on your screen for a better look

Same Width, Same Height and Same Size

Simply by clicking on this option, you can make all photos on a given page the same width, size and height

Photo as Background in a Single Click

You can set a photo as your background in just one click of the "set as background" icon. This can be done for all pages

Edit Page Design

Edit and design the pages of your album. Select backgrounds, frames, masks, effects, clip art and text, and set their location on the page

Flip Page

The designed page composition can be flipped horizontally or vertically, independently of the photo


These are handy tools for lining up objects on a page layout in an album. Guidelines enable you to quickly and easily see if your objects are lined up--without having to use rulers or grids or create ruler guides

Photo Editing

Brightness, Contrast and Gamma Settings

Take an underexposed RGB image and improve its look by adjusting brightness, contrast and gamma settings. Make colors look richer and more saturated to bring out fine details

Batch Color Correction

Use the Color Balance tool to adjust the colors of a picture in Batch Mode. Set the colors and brightness and contrast of an entire picture folder to match those of a particular picture. There are Automate options that can be used in Batch mode, as well. By clicking on buttons like Auto Color, you can apply the same settings to all pictures in a selected folder

RGB Color Correction

Specifically adjust the red, green and blue color tones in an image


This flexible control can brighten or darken parts of a layer based on the layer's luminosity. You can use it to edit photos, masks, graphics and hues


This tool is used to adjust brightness, contrast and tonal range by specifying the location of complete black, complete white and mid tones in a histogram

Advanced Photo Editing

Lasso Cutting

The lasso tool creates a custom, free-hand selection. Use it to cut out or select specific sections of a photo. This tool enables you to draw a path consisting of Bezier curves around your image

Chroma Tool

Used to remove a green screen background behind an image and replace it with a more interesting background


Easily touch up your pictures. Remove blemishes, wrinkles, spots, and marks from the face or any other region of the skin, either automatically or manually


Highlights the selected part of your photo. Use this tool to draw attention to specific subjects in an image, such as a couple in a group photo, bridal jewelry, or flowers

Ready-to-Use Artistic Filters

Control different creative effects to add artistry to your photos. Produce interesting variations with ease

Import Advance Filters (Plug-in)

Third party plug-ins used in any other software can be imported into Album Xpress PRO, giving you access to a greater number of filters for your images. This option is available exclusively for Windows

Blending Mode

Adjust the layers in your image, and even mix the colors in one layer with those in the layer below. An overall brightness change can be done on one layer, a contrast enhancement on another, and a saturation increase on yet another. The use of selections and masks can further increase the power of layers

Templates and Decor

2000+ Templates

A broad range of templates in a variety of categories--including cover, portrait, panoramic and more--makes your album designing fast and interesting. Benefit from over 1700 built-in templates and more than 300 others that you can download for free from DgFlick's website. Among these are 1000 + layout templates.

Open Project as Template

To use the predesigned album to design a new one, simply go to "open project as template" and select the designed album. Place the photos in the vacant area and your album is ready

Create and Save Your Own Templates

Save yourself some time down the road by saving your favorite templates for use in future projects. You can also share your templates with other Album Xpress users

Advanced Search Option for Template Selection

You can make each page of your album look creative and different in a matter of a few minutes via the advanced template search. Choose templates by searching them manually or filtering them by size, style, number of photos, orientation and color

Download Template Collection

To download new templates, just click on "Get More" to be taken to DgFlick's collection

Huge Collection of Background Borders, Masks and Clip Art

Choose from hundreds of borders, masking effects, gorgeous backgrounds, clip art and more. Change your backgrounds with 18 prepared tones. Rotate clip art and masks with your mouse. Enjoy access to 500 masks, 220 backgrounds, 200 frames and 160 objects

Ready-to-Use Shapes

Various shapes are built into the software to help you design your album

Ready-to-Use Presets

Available presets help expedite and simplify the process of designing your album


Use various effects for making photos more attractive, including outline, shadow, colorize, feather, blur, opacity, rotation and glow

Multiple Ready-to-Use Tones for Backgrounds

Choose from hundreds of backgrounds and 18 tones to apply to them. You can also import your own backgrounds, clip art, borders and masks

Convert Your PSD Templates to Album Xpress Templates

DgFlick provides free utility software for converting your PSD templates into Album Xpress ones, so you can use them within the program

Text and Title

Insert Multi-Line Rich Text

Add multi-line rich text to create comments on the moments captured in your photo albums

Define Font, Font Size, Alignment and Color

Font, font size, alignment and color can be altered according to your designs, giving a new look to your album

Fill Title with Color Chosen from Page

Using the Color Picker tool, you can select a color and apply it to your title


Export to JPEG and PDF

Designed pages can be exported together or separately to the photo lab-friendly JPEG format, or the digital offset-friendly PDF format. The exporting profile can be embedded in pages. This helps you print your designed album at any print lab

Export to Layered PDF

This option enables you to perform color correction before printing

Export PDF for Approval

With this feature, the designed album can be sent to your clients for approval via email

Color Profile Support

You can amend the printer's color profile to match as closely as possible the colors of the file to be printed

General Features

Multi-Lingual Support

Supports a number of languages, including Unicode; the list is continually supplemented with additional languages. Plus, you can add your language to DgFlick's dictionary for your own use. French/Polish/Portuguese/Spanish and 12 other languages are available.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Intuitive interface enables you to use the software without help. Tools are placed in logical locations, where you would normally expect them, in order to simplify and streamline your workflow


Benefit from training videos to help you make the most of your software. Training is provided on the following topics:
  • Installation
  • Registration
  • Introduction To Album Xpress
  • Preference & Help
  • Know Ready Categories & Sizes
  • Create, Edit & Delete Category & Size
  • Manage Your Photos
  • Create Perfect Album With Custom Size
  • Creating an Eco Album
  • Auto Album Creation
  • Manual Album Creation
  • Edit Photos
  • Create Collage
  • Save Album With Backup
  • Save, Build, Share & Delete Template
  • Get More & Import
  • Open Project & Resize Project
  • Open Project as Template
  • Export To Print

Free Upgrades for Life

DgFlick offers a lifetime of free upgrades for the software, background and clip art
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DgFlick Album Xpress Specs

Delivery MethodUSB Dongle
Supported OS VersionsWindows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
Storage Requirements1 GB
Processor Requirement2.8 GHz Intel Pentium 4
Supported OS Versions10.6.5 -
Storage Requirements1 GB
Processor Requirement1 GHz Intel  
RAM Requirement1 GB (Minimum)
2 GB (Recommended)
Packaging Info
Package Weight0.25 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)7.4 x 5.3 x 0.7"
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