Schoeps CMIT Double M/S Set

Schoeps CMIT Double M/S Set

Schoeps CMIT Double M/S Set

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Schoeps CMIT DMS SET overview

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The Schoeps CMIT Double M/S Set is a complete set for double M/S surround recordings. It includes components such as the CMIT 5 U Shotgun Microphone, the CCM 8Lg Figure-8 Compact Microphone, the CCM 4Lg Cardioid Compact Microphone, elastic suspension with 2 lyres (Shore 82 for front, Shore 72 for rear), Connbox Cable Adapter box from 2 Lemo and XLR3 to one XLR-7, 2 Rycote Double Clamps, the WSR DMS CMIT LU Basket-Type Windscreen Including Windjammer, the KDMS 5U 16.5' (5m) XLR-7 Extension Cable, and Breakout Cable AK DMS 3U. This set employs a SCHOEPS CMIT 5 U shotgun microphone for the front M channel in place of the usual cardioid. The 2 other microphones (CCM 8 Lg figure-8 for the S channel and CCM 4 Lg cardioid for the rear-facing M channel) are secured to the CMIT 5 U by means of 2 KMSC double brackets. In this double M/S system, the windscreen is long and is of AF size.

The included CMIT 5 Shotgun Microphone’s directionality increases smoothly with higher frequencies, which results in a very balanced sonic character. In addition to this, the microphone's sound level decreases softly yet steadily for off-axis sounds, allowing these to be recorded neutrally as well as reducing the effects of movement during boom operation. This microphone also has strong directionality. It can be used for music recordings such as opera.

The included CCM 8 is a capsule type microphone with a true dipole (bidirectional) transducer, operating with a single diaphragm. Its main axis is at a right angle to the capsule, and is marked at 0° and 180° with a red and a black dot, respectively. The qualities of a pure pressure-gradient transducer is that its sensitivity decreases at low frequencies, the directional characteristic is independent of frequency, and proximity effect is present. The directivity index of a figure-8 pattern is the same as that of a cardioid; if microphones with these 2 patterns are placed at the same distance from a sound source, a quantitatively similar balance of direct and reverberant sound would be picked up. A figure-8 does not respond to sound coming from the sides, from above, or from beneath its main axis. The figure-8 has a rear lobe equal in sensitivity to its front lobe, but in normally reverberant settings, the sound reaching a figure-8's rear lobe will be delayed and dispersed to a considerably greater extent than the reverberant sound energy. The reflected sound will typically be subject to far more high-frequency absorption as well. Note: When M/S stereo recordings are made, the 0° axis normally faces to the left as viewed from behind the microphone setup. The 8 engraved on the top of the housing should be aligned on its side so as to appear horizontal, at a precise right angle to the Mid capsule. The microphone should be placed directly above or beneath the M channel microphone, and as close to it as possible.

The included CCM 4 is a compact microphone that offers high sound quality, flat frequency response, optimal rejection of rear-incident sound, and a directional pattern that remains constant throughout the audio frequency range. In the diffuse sound field, it shows only a mild rise around 10 kHz. The sonic impression is thus free of coloration whether sound is arriving at the front or at the sides of the microphone, as well as for diffuse sound (reverberation) in a room.

The WSR DMS CMIT LU basket-type windscreen with windjammer is included to considerably enhance the efficiency of the wind noise attenuation for the shotgun microphone.

The included K DMS 5 U cable is used as an extension cable for the double M/S system.

The included AK DMS 3U single, 6-conductor shielded cable with an XLR-7M output connector carries the signals from all the 3 microphones (front mid, figure-8, and rear mid). It then splits the 3 signals out again.

CMIT Double M/S Set
Suspension with 3 microphones (channels) for 5.0 surround recordings
Small, lightweight array
Protectable against wind influences
Dematrixing can be performed during or after recording
Complete set including CMIT 5 U, CCM 8 Lg, and CCM 4 Lg
For double M/S with the CMIT 5
Requires only 3 microphones and channels for 5.0 surround
Delivery including Windjammer
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Schoeps CMIT DMS SET specs

Connector XLR-7
Length Length of WSR DMS CMIT LU: 18.3" (465.0 mm)
Diameter Diameter of WSR DMS CMIT LU: 5.9" (150.0 mm)
Output XLR-7M

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