New From MOTU: the 828es Interface


Mark of the Unicorn’s interfaces are known to be solid, dependable, workhorses—or, should we say, “work-unicorns?” Either way, you’ll surely be pleased to know that the company is releasing a brand new 28x32 interface called the 828es; we at B&H are proud to announce its addition to our warehouse.

The 828es uses the same well-regarded ESS Sabre32 DAC chipset found in MOTU’s flagship interface, the 1248. Thus, this device will give you 123 dB of dynamic range and a roundtrip latency as low as 1.6 milliseconds at 96 kHz sample rates. With USB, Thunderbolt, or AVB/TSN Ethernet ports, you’ll be able to connect with a plethora of devices—and at high speeds, to boot. With a dual-LCD design, you’ll clearly see the activity of every input and output easily; you’ll also be able to access hardware settings with minimal effort.

On the front of the unit, you’ll find combination XLR-1/4" jacks for mic or instrument sources, as well as two headphone jacks, each with its own volume knob. The rear of the unit gives you eight 1/4" inputs, eight 1/4" outputs, 1/4" jacks for timecode, two 1/4" sends, and main outs in the form of two XLR connections. On the digital side, you’ll note the MIDI I/O courtesy of five-pin DIN connections, as well as S/PDF, optical, and wordclock I/O. Here you’ll find the Ethernet, USB, and Thunderbolts ports, as well.

All in all, this interface—fully utilized—will provide connections for up to 256 audio channels (128 in, and 128 out). It can even connect to your iOS device with a standard camera connection kit. Of course, this being a MOTU interface, there are hefty digital offerings, as well, with a 48-input digital mixer boasting flexible matrix-style routing, seven stereo aux busses, three groups, access to 64 network inputs, and a wide array of DSP-powered effects. With 32-bit floating point processing, the 828es’s DSP engine gives you ample headroom and ensures a quality sound as you route signal to any destination you desire.

More features abound, such as a built-in talkback mic, wireless control, and a whole lot more we don’t have room to expound upon here. The best thing, of course, would be for you to check the 828es, now available on our website.