AJA 4K HDMI to 4K SDI Mini-Converter


Quick-Look: AJA CION 4K-Capable Production Camera

Watch this B&H video and learn about the 4K-capable AJA CION production camera, with its sleek magnesium body and 4K CMOS sensor with global shutter.

Hands-On Review: AJA ROI DVI/HDMI to SDI Mini-Converter

Unveiled: AJA CION 4K/UHD and 2K/HD Production Camera

AJA entered the digital cinema camera market with the announcement of their CION 4K Production Camera, capable of recording both DCI and UHD 4K, as well as 2K and HD resolution video. From its sleek, elegant 6.4-lb magnesium body to the contoured suede shoulder pad, the camera is both aesthetically pleasing and ergonomically functional. But what's going on inside a camera is what really counts, and this is where the CION truly shines.

The AJA Ki Pro Quad 4K Recorder

AJA’s Ki Pro “family” is a lineup of file-based, video recording and playback devices. With a form factor and controls reminiscent of a traditional tape deck, the original Ki Pro was popular with broadcast and post-production professionals because it enabled SD and HD video recording in the edit-friendly ProRes 422 format.

How to Eliminate Disposable Batteries in Production Sound

It’s easy for sound people to burn through piles of disposable batteries on a typical production day. Wireless microphone systems tend to eat up battery life very quickly, but portable field mixers, portable digital recorders, camera hops and IFB systems all require lots of juice too.


Stop Worrying About Compression With an On-Camera Video Recorder

Full Raster High Definition Video has six times the number of pixels as SD video. Theoretically it should take up six times as much space as SD. However, AVCHD has a slightly lower bitrate (24 Mb/s) than the DV codec used on most of the SD tape cameras of yore (25 Mb/s). 

Streamline Post Production with AJA Ki Pro Tapeless Recorders

The AJA Ki Pro family of tapeless recorders is built around four different models designed to optimize workflow, making it possible to record analog or digital footage from any device and have it ready to edit without the need for conversion or transcoding.

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