How to Choose an Analog Synth that’s Right for You

Synthesizers appeal to a broad range of users, many of whom experience sheer delight with the sounds and symphonies they can create on a synth. Analog synthesizers are making something of a big comeback this year, and we'd like to take this opportunity to share information about the more outstanding models, and the people who love to create the tones and multitimbral tunes that these instruments are able to produce.

Unveiled: Elektron Analog Keys Synthesizer at NAMM

Gothenburg, Sweden-based manufacturers Elektron have unveiled the Analog Keys, the flagship synth in their line of performance-centered machines sporting analog synthesis engines. Expanding upon the company’s initial foray into analog synthesis, the Analog Four, the Analog Keys adds 37 semi-weighted, velocity-sensitive keys; a modulation joystick; and individual outputs per voice.


The Elektron Analog Four

The Analog Four is the latest entry in Elektron’s series of uniquely “electronic” flavored instruments. This time they’ve delivered a four voice desktop analog synthesizer with precise digital control, a six-track sequencer, macro performance knobs, effects and six arpeggiators.

Elektron Octatrack DPS-1

What is a Dynamic Performance Sampler? It is an all-in-one performance module featuring real-time sampling, an 8-track sequencer, built-in effects, time stretching and pitch scaling. That just scratches the surface of what this feature-packed steel box can do. Check out this new video to see the Elektron Octatrack DPS-1 in action.

Elektron Music Hardware: Subatomic Power and Complexity

Here’s the situation: you’re interested in making beats, grooves and sequences, but you want to go far deeper than just playing samples and presets. 

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