Five Alternative Uses for a Mini PC and How to Build One in Minutes

Everyone knows by now that the PC desktop market is on shakier ground than central California. For years, advances in tablets and mobile computing have taken a bite out of the traditional tower-based market. True, PC gaming is sustaining the need for big, powerful, large-footprint machines, but laptops, smartphones and even (to some extent) personal smart home devices like Amazon Echo are making the need for a large computer harder and harder to justify.

MWC 2017: HP Announces Pro x2 612 G2 2-in-1 Tablet Hybrid

Making its debut at Mobile World Congress 2017, the HP Pro x2 612 G2 is a portable and easy-to-use tablet hybrid designed for the modern professional who needs a stylish and secure system that can keep up with the pace. Thanks to its 2-in-1 design, the Pro x2 can be used in a variety of modes to fit almost any application. To help keep your data private, it features a self-healing BIOS, a built-in smart card reader, an optional NFC sensor and fingerprint reader, a removable SSD, and HP’s security software for extra protection.

HP Launches the Z2 Mini G3 Desktop Workstations

For those looking for a small yet elegant system that delivers power, performance, versatility, and reliability to run applications such as AutoCAD, Vectorworks, MicroStation, Inventor, SOLIDWORKS, Solid Edge, and Revit, HP has just introduced the Z2 Mini G3 Desktop Workstation. Made by and for design professionals, it is 2.3" high, has a starting weight of 4.5 lb, and is 90% smaller than a traditional business-class tower. The Z2 Mini can be placed on a flat surface, mounted behind a display, or under a desk.

The 7 Best Laptops of 2016 by Usage

It seems as though, every year, we make a pitch for what we think the seven best laptops of the year are—but every year, it gets harder and harder to write an article like this. Why? The answer is a definitive, “I have no idea.” First of all, the laptop industry has taken its fair share of lumps recently, and like younger siblings who can’t help showing off, tablets are more portable and far more powerful than they used to be.

HP Elite Slice: Minimal. Modular. Mighty.

Turn a New Creative Leaf with the HP Sprout

Everyone knows that the PC industry is suffering from something of a creative lag these days. Sales are down across the board, and traditional desktops are losing ground to more mobile laptops, tablets, and smartphones. The HP Sprout is a tough sell for the computer industry—a creative 3D workstation that is more futurism than functionality, as most new innovative products are—but its quirkiness turns out to be a major part of its appeal.

Recommended Printers for Photography

Printing has become rarer these days as online albums have replaced physical ones, but there is something special about holding a physical photograph in your hand after a day of shooting. Photo albums filled with Polaroids and your drugstore 4 x 6 prints always seem to hold a place in people’s hearts as they reminisce about old times. Now, with technological improvements in the printing world, and the digital revolution, setting up a print lab at home is quite simple.

Why Buy an Unlocked Phone: A Primer

What is an unlocked phone? In this article from B&H, learn about the advantages of buying an unlocked smartphone, including what you need to know about your carrier and network. 

New HP Workstation Lets You "Z" Things Your Way

A few years ago, HP took on the daunting role of recreating its line of Z series desktops and mobile workstations to fit a very specific need—workstations that could handle the power and performance requirements of the creative professional. As the needs of 3D artists, CAD students, and digital engineers became more tech dependent, HP upped its game by introducing a line that used heavy-duty processors, high RAM load-outs, incredible graphics configurations, and other amenities that power players would appreciate in their desktop machines.


A Guide to HP Workstations

Most people don’t take the time to consider what their computer is and what it does until there’s a problem. Your computer is probably one of the most important devices in your life, right up there with your car and your cell phone. You use the computer for almost everything (including reading this article), but you don’t really give it the time of day. You maintain it and understand it, but you probably don’t consider getting rid of it just because something newer and sexier comes along.

Or do you?



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