IndiPRO Tools

IndiPRO Tools Micro-Series Li-Ion V-Mount Battery Line-Up

IndiPRO Tools and its Micro-Series of 98Wh batteries and battery kits fit the new paradigm for battery power, providing camera power and supporting high-current draw, all in a size that, not too long ago, wouldn’t have enough power except for specialty low-weight shots. You may not remember it, but there was a time when you needed several battery belts, or a battery the size of a large handbag, to get through half a production day.

On-Camera Video Monitors

An on-camera monitor can be a tremendously valuable tool for professional video production. Most cameras have a built-in display, but often times a camera’s built-in display is rather small and—especially when it comes to shooting with HDSLRs—they are sometimes fixed in one position on the back of the camera. An on-camera monitor will provide a larger and higher-quality picture.


Holiday 2012: HDSLR 101

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