Back to School: Beat-Making on Campus

Headed back to school and looking for some portable inspiration to capture and produce your musical musings? Look no further as we explore what B&H has to offer. Whether you are looking to record to your computer and iOS devices, or you need an ultra-portable music production station, synthesizer, or drum machine, check out this list of “must have” gear that won’t break the bank.

Audio interfaces

Quick Listen: Korg Minilogue

In the following “Quick Listen” video, Greg Johnson demonstrates the Korg Minilogue Polyphonic Synthesizer and shows how this powerful new synthesizer can be a useful addition to any musician’s inventory. The video explores some of the 100 Factory/User presets and how to utilize the onboard true-analog oscillators, filter, amplifier, envelope generators, and LFO. Johnson shows us each of its eight modes including 4-Voice, Duo, Unison, Mono, Single Note Chords, Delay, Arpeggiator

Unveiled: KORG Minilogue Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

How to Choose an Analog Synth that’s Right for You

Synthesizers appeal to a broad range of users, many of whom experience sheer delight with the sounds and symphonies they can create on a synth. Analog synthesizers are making something of a big comeback this year, and we'd like to take this opportunity to share information about the more outstanding models, and the people who love to create the tones and multitimbral tunes that these instruments are able to produce.

NAMM 2015: New Analog Synths and a KAOSS DJ Controller from Korg

New Music Technology Products from Korg


Portable Digital Recorders Buying Guide

One of the easiest ways to improve your production, be it podcast, radio, film, or music, is to take a look at the type of device into which you are recording your audio. Most pros know (and will tell you), not all audio is captured equally.


Korg Volca Analog Bass Machine Synthesizer

In the following video, Rob Rives, of B&H, demonstrates the Volca line of analog synthesizers from Korg, and how they can be a useful addition to any musician or producer’s tool kit. This video examines the features, controls, and layouts of the Volca Bass, Keys, and Beats synths, including their VCOs, ribbon keyboards, and programmable step sequencers.

NAMM 2013 Wrap-Up: Hot New Products

At the NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, it’s not uncommon for the old and the new to cross paths. For more than a century, NAMM has been the place to showcase the latest innovations in music-related products. In 2013, we witnessed the rebirth of a synthesizer that was originally released in the late 1970s, and we were also introduced to a new kind of interface.

The B&H Guitar Effects Pedal Buying Guide

If you’re not completely satisfied with the clean, unprocessed sound coming from your guitar and you want to experiment with and modify or color that sound, a great way to tweak it is with effects pedals, also called “stompboxes.”



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