Motorola Reveals Hasselblad Camera Mod for Z Series Smartphones

Survival of the Kit: The Evolution of Life-Sustaining Supply Bundles

Danger is all around us. We don’t generally like to think about it, but the world is full of life-threatening forces—and one day, we may come face to face with them in the wild, far from the comforts of home. How we fare will depend largely on our level of preparedness. Throughout centuries of experience and technological advancements, humanity has developed survival kits, combining the essentials for making it out of dire predicaments alive.

Fast Motorola Cable Modems Help Eliminate Rental Fees

The Best Unlocked Smartphones for Your Buck

With all the leasing options and payment plans available to consumers these days, owning a top-of-the-line unlocked smartphone has never been easier. However, just because you can get a premium smartphone doesn't necessarily mean you should, or that it will fit into your budget—a $700 phone you pay off in 36 installments is, after all, still a $700 phone (plus interest). As an alternative to those bank-busting devices, we've put together a list of five smartphones that offer performance to rival their pricier peers, at a fraction of the cost.   

Creative Uses for Motorola Two-Way Radios

If you’ve ever seen a security guard, hospital worker, or even a store clerk in action, you’ve probably seen a two-way radio in use. Two-way radios are essential when closed communication is needed between employees; their use in service industries is widespread, but have you ever thought of why you might need a two-way radio?

What Do You Do When the Lights Go Out?

What do you think of when you hear the word “Preparedness?” It’s a subject that gets an increasing amount of attention. Popular entertainment has glamorized radical climate change, technology gone wild, and other "disaster" scenarios. While Hollywood has entertained us with these, the reality is that we are much more likely to have to deal with something more simple and common.


Chat and Get Work Done with the Right Mobile Headset

Before you head out to the mall or start scrolling through your favorite online catalogs this holiday season, take a minute and think about all the names on your holiday gift list. Are there any particularly gregarious personalities equally notorious for conducting business over dinner as they are for chatting on the phone while driving?


Holiday 2012: Gadgets for Vehicles

It would be best if people willingly turned off and put away their personal electronic devices when they got into a car, but most folks routinely ride in vehicles with their handheld gadgets in hand, hurriedly multitasking as they barrel down the highway. Thankfully, there are numerous accessories available at B&H that succeed in getting these devices out of people’s hands.

Holiday 2012: Gifts for Co-workers, Colleagues and Customers

It’s nice to take opportunities like holiday parties and corporate gatherings to say thank you to your co-workers, colleagues, employees and clients. If you’re on a gift list of some kind, or if you’re looking for a present that says "thank you" while still keeping things professional, then you’ve come to the right place.


New Motorola MOTOACTV Fitness Music Player

It wasn’t long ago when the idea of running or cycling with a stack of favorite albums seemed ludicrous. Then compressed digital music players came along and suddenly athletes and weekend-workout artists alike were touting how their particular play list helped them set a personal best.


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