Announcing New Half-Rack Thunderbolt Audio Interfaces from MOTU

MOTU has released two new interfaces with Thunderbolt™, USB 3.0, optical, and AVB Ethernet connections, and we at B&H are proud to carry them.

NAMM 2015: MOTU Announces the New 112D AVB Audio Interface

MOTU announces the 112D, a combination digital audio interface, router, format converter, and stand-alone mixer. This story and more at

MOTU HDX SDI, Now with Thunderbolt Connectivity

Now with Thunderbolt connectivity, this video input/output from MOTU provides efficient video capture from both digital and analog video sources. Inputting and outputting full high-definition video and audio via Thunderbolt cable makes perfect sense for the new Mac Pro and Thunderbolt-equipped MacBook Pros and PCs.

Holiday 2012: Premium Tabletop Audio Interfaces

An audio interface is a piece of hardware that enables you to use a computer as the centerpiece of a recording studio. It gives you a way to connect professional microphones and instruments and record them into the computer, and it provides a way to connect studio monitors and headphones so you can listen to your work with optimal quality.

New 64-bit MOTU Digital Performer 8 Software for Mac and PC

Digital Performer 8 from MOTU is a comprehensive software application that enables you to create elaborate multi-track recordings, mixes and sound design for moving images. There are a number of standout features in the new version, such as support for 64- or 32-bit operation, Mac and PC compatibility, a new HD-capable video engine, 17 new included effects plug-ins and much more.

MOTU MicroBook II

There is always a stream of new desktop audio interfaces being released to the public; they’re shiny, with fancy lights and buttons... but most are inevitably fragile. Audio professionals who require a more durable and roadworthy interface will want to see this new video on MOTU’s MicroBook II.

Hands-On Review: MOTU Track16

The latest audio interface technology combines impressive conversion quality and high input/output counts into small desktop devices. MOTU has long been a contender in the ring of high quality digital audio. This 10 minute video takes a thorough look at Track 16, MOTU’s latest audio interface. It also gives quick look into their flagship DAW, Digital Performer.

Back-to-School: Gear for Audio Students

In this B&H article, we outline the basic nuts and bolts of how to prepare for the learning curve of audio engineering, including a basic rundown of fundamental gear.


The New MOTU Track16: Compact and Well-Equipped

Compact, desktop-style computer audio/MIDI interfaces have really grown in popularity over the past few years, and the new Track16 from MOTU is the latest, and perhaps the most compelling addition to the bunch. 

The New MOTU MicroBook II

The new MicroBook II from MOTU stands as a substantial upgrade over its original ultra-compact audio interface. All of the little touches that the original model needed have been added. The result is a super backpack-friendly interface that provides you with pristine sound quality for both mobile and studio recording.


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