Comfortable Companion: PreSonus FaderPort 8 Mix Production Controller

Presonus Notation 6 Now Available at B&H

Mix it up with the PreSonus StudioLive RML32AI and RML16AI

Back to School: Beat-Making on Campus

Headed back to school and looking for some portable inspiration to capture and produce your musical musings? Look no further as we explore what B&H has to offer. Whether you are looking to record to your computer and iOS devices, or you need an ultra-portable music production station, synthesizer, or drum machine, check out this list of “must have” gear that won’t break the bank.

Audio interfaces

Podcasters' Buying Guide

It has been quite an exciting year for the B&H Photography Podcast, as well as for podcasting as a medium, in general. Hugely popular shows such as Serial, Radiolab, and Reply All have taken podcasts to new heights in terms of amazing content, and have also substantially raised the bar for audio production.

NAMM 2016 in Review: The Products You Need to Know

The 2016 Winter NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) has come and gone and there’s a ton of new products from pro audio, consumer audio, and instrument manufacturers slated for release. We’ve covered most of the “talk of the town” leading up to and during the event. In this roundup, we’ve culled some great products that may not have shown up on your radar.

A Guide to Building Your PA System

Whether it is rooftops, backyards, block parties, or the gallery of a museum, night clubs above and below ground, and every happening, get together, and hang-out in between, one of the joys of living in New York City is being able to experience the thriving cultural scenes surrounding art, live music, and dancing. We live in what we call "the present moment” for a reason, because life is a gift. One of the most fun ways to receive that gift is by throwing and going to awesome parties.

Video: Hands-On Review of the PreSonus StudioLive RM32AI and RM16AI

In this video, our in-house audio expert, Rob Rives, demonstrates the new, console-free StudioLive RM32AI from PreSonus, a 32-input digital mixing system that can be controlled using your Mac or PC. It offers full touchscreen integration when used with an iPad or a multi-touch Windows 8 computer.


Integrating the Future: The New Presonus StudioLiveAI Series of Live Mixers

Presonus has announced the launch of their StudioLiveAI line of digital mixers, including the 16-channel 16.4.2AI, the 24-channel 24.4.2AI, and the 32-channel 32.4.2AI. Like their predecessors, each entry in the StudioLiveAI series has the number of channel faders and mic pres (and line inputs) to match their channel count: 16 on the 16.4.2, 24 on the 24.4.2, and 32 on the 32.4.2.

NAMM 2013 Wrap-Up: The Future of Live Sound

As Digital Signal Processors (DSP) and wireless technology continue to advance independently, manufacturers are striving to design products integrating a symbiosis of both. This was a clear theme among live-sound products being introduced this year at NAMM. Go Digital or Go Home!


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