PreSonus Releases Updated Eris E7 XT with Clear Sound and Wide Sweet Spot


If you're a discerning mixing engineer on a budget, consider the PreSonus Eris E7 XT Active Studio Monitors, a pair of nearfield monitors designed to sound good in any location. Tune each monitor to your specific environment with a bevy of convenient acoustical features, and drive the sound loud and clear. The monitors offer an exceedingly wide sweet spot, and when it comes to connections, you won't need to scrounge around for adapters—this monitor offers RCA, 1/4" TRS, and XLR jacks.

Each Eris E7 XT provides a 6.6" composite woofer and a 1.25" silk-dome tweeter, through which you can push up to 104 dB of sound. This is about 20 dB more than the average, recommended standard of 83 dB SPL for studio work, so you're more than covered when it comes to volume.

Eris E7 XT - Front
Eris E7 XT - Front

The monitor is an update of a previous design, and one of its most notable new features is its EBM waveguide, fashioned by renowned designer Hugh Sarvis. This waveguide ensures a wider, yet more controlled sweet spot. Now, as you cart about the room, attending to various pieces of gear stashed in the corners, the sound won't shift as much—you'll get an accurate sonic accounting throughout your environment.

Eris E7 XT - Back
Eris E7 XT - Rear

The front port is now larger in size, ensuring the 6.6" speaker never sounds muddy. Using high-pass filtering, a midrange bell filter, and a high shelf, you can tune the monitors to your predilections. A separate Acoustic Space switch tailors the frequency response to suit your room placement. Whether you're mounting the monitor in the middle of your room, at the walls, or in the corners, you'll have a sound to suit your needs.

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