Moving from Stills to Video: Audio, Audio, Audio

Audio is extremely important. Photographers haven’t really had to worry about this, but it is something that can make or break your videos. Watch some of your favorite movies and pay close attention to the sound—you will probably pick up some audio cues or effects that amplify the scene or action. If recorded poorly, audio can make something completely unwatchable. Have you ever opened a video online to crackling and noise and decided that it just wasn’t worth enduring? Clarity in audio is one of the most important things for keeping your audience immersed in the world of a film.

DJ Tips: Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst

I’ve spent the past decade producing events and DJ’ing in a variety of environments. From boat parties to the high desert, I’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way. It doesn’t matter what type of equipment you use, or how experienced you are. If you are heading out to play a gig, make sure you have everything you need. There’s nothing worse than showing up to an event only to find that the promoter didn’t follow through on the technical rider, or the sound engineer has only one RCA cable that’s being held together by electrical tape.

Sennheiser Wireless Mics Operating in the A1 Frequency Band

Sennheiser Streamlines HD25 On-Ear Headphones

Vlogging for Beginners: Essential Gear

Vlogging—or video blogging—is becoming more popular by the day, with seemingly everyone seeking to become the next YouTube sensation. You may be thinking that with the right subject matter and your winning personality, stardom is right around the corner. And who knows—maybe it is! But if you’re really going to give it a go, then you’re going to need a few essential pieces of gear to get your vlogging career up and running, and looking good. I mean, let’s face it: viewers are brutal. Bad audio? Dislike! Lousy video quality? Double dislike!

Hands-On Review: Sennheiser AVX Camera-Mount Combo Wireless Set

In the following video, Rob Rives, from B&H, discusses the Sennheiser AVX Camera-Mountable Digital Wireless Audio System—designed to streamline your workflow significantly when recording sound for picture.

The video focuses on Sennheiser’s rich history of building world-class wireless solutions, and shows off the capabilities of the ME2 lavalier microphone when it’s attached to the SK bodypack transmitter, as well as the AVX-42 handheld transmitter.

The Sennheiser MKE 2 Digital: an iPhone and iPad Lav Mic with Apple Watch Integration


NAMM 2015: New Sennheiser D1 Wireless Systems

CES 2015: Sennheiser Hits the Streets with New Wireless Headphones

Sennheiser’s outing at this year’s CES shows that the company has no intention of backing away from its recent movements into the lucrative and competitive consumer and fashion headphone market, dominated by the likes of brands such as Beats and Sol Republic. Coupled with its impressive history making high-end audiophile and professional grade equipment, Sennheiser has unveiled some very exciting models.


On-Camera Shotgun Microphones, A to Z

Sam Mallery expounds on a broad range of on-camera shotgun microphones that will improve the audio in your video, in this roundup, at



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