A Sennheiser MK4 Microphone with Digital Technology from Apogee

Digital microphones: Some may be skeptical of the concept—after all, you’d need a mighty fine ADC in that microphone, something capable of capturing the nuances of analog audio in the digital realm. For maximum bang-for-buck value, you’d probably want a reputable build, something proven to handle vocals, guitars, and more over the years. If only a dependable capsule company like Sennheiser teamed up with a dependable digital brand like Apogee to deliver a sterling digital-microphone choice…

Be a Traveler, Not a Tourist

We’ve all seen them… maybe we’ve even BEEN them. People walking around New York, Rome, Barcelona, Paris, London, or (insert city), and everything about them screams, “I’M A TOURIST!”

My name is Chris… and I was a tourist.

Sennheiser XSW 2: Wireless Rigs for Vocals and Instruments Alike

Looking for a wireless rig in the A-frequency band from a reliable manufacturer? Want options when it comes to the type of microphone offered? And most of all, do you seek a budget-conscious solution to the needs at hand? Well look no further, because these Sennheiser systems will fill the bill.

Wired and Wireless Mics: When to Use Them for Electronic News Gathering

When should you use wired or mireless mics for electronic news gathering? Read about it at B&H Explora.

Sennheiser HD 1 Headphones: A Headphone for Every Predilection

In-ear, over-ear, wireless, wired, iOS, Android—there’s something for every headphone preference in the HD 1 series. For instance, if you’re looking for an over-ear pair of Bluetooth headphones with leather earcups, the ability to reduce noise, and a voice-optimizing microphone for phone calls, there’s certainly an option for that configuration. Perhaps you’re a fan of wireless Bluetooth but would prefer something in an in-ear, neckband style.

How to Upgrade Your Sound System

Perhaps you started with a small, self-contained PA and need better quality with greater output. Or perhaps your audience has grown and you are looking to add to your setup, or you need better coverage and more control. Maybe you started with an inexpensive analog mixer and are looking to make the jump to a digital board. If you have made an initial investment into a sound system and are looking to make some upgrades, here’s a short list of ideas that might be worth investigating.

Basic Tips and Tricks for Electronic News Gathering (ENG)

If you’re an audio person who likes the adrenaline rush of on-location recording, you’ve got options for work. On the music side, there are on-sight jazz records, classical concerts, and rock venues. But you also might want to take on-location gigs for other media—movies, TV web series, and our chosen topic of today, ENG.

But wait—what is ENG?

ENG stands for Electronic News Gathering. You know when you watch the news and they cut from the studio to some poor schmoe stuck in a hurricane describing the rain? That’s an example of ENG.

2017 NAMM Show: Sennheiser Debuts Wireless Systems at Prices We Like

Making their grand debut at the 2017 NAMM show, several new and exciting wireless products from Sennheiser are now available at B&H. For vocalists, choose between the XSW 1-825 and XSW 1-835.

Immerse Yourself in Audio with the Sennheiser AMBEO VR 3D Microphone

Fake it till You Make it: Turn One Guitar Track into Several

Has this ever happened to you? You’re mixing a rock record, one that needs to sound as huge as possible, but you run into a huge roadblock: there’s only one guitar track to work with—for the whole song.

This has happened to me. Quite often, actually. See, in my mixing practice, I tend to work with acts who’ve recorded rather quickly and cheaply. They expect me, in post, to turn their one-take recording into a credible-sounding rock anthem. Here lies the rub: credible rock anthems typically don’t sport one solitary guitar track all the way through.


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