16 Tips for a Wider, Deeper Mix

Read about how you can add width and depth to your audio mix, on B&H Explora.

Waves DiGiGrid Modular Products for Audio Recording

NAMM 2015: Waves Unveils the New DBX-160 Plug-In

Plug-in perennial Waves has announced some additions to its family at this year’s NAMM. First up is an emulation of the all-too-often-overlooked DBX-160. Developed in conjunction with Harman (who currently owns DBX) for meticulous modeling, the Waves DBX-160 was geared from the ground up to copy the tone and behavior of the original units authentically.

NAMM 2015: Waves Audio Announces H-Verb and Tracks Live

Waves has announced that it is now shipping two new plug-ins, the H-Verb and the Tracks Live multi-track recording software for live sound engineers. 

KNEKT GP3, GP3+, and GPLT Trigger Handles for GoPro


Holiday 2012: Tools for Creating Dubstep

Dubstep is a fairly new style of electronic music that’s dominated by sparse, reverberated beats and overpowering synthesized bass lines. In most forms of music, bass is pushed toward the back of the mix, but in Dubstep, it’s the unchallenged star of the show.

Recording Electric Guitars at Home

The electric guitar is a compelling musical instrument with a complex, ear-arresting and immediately recognizable sonic signature that has continuously evolved, on record or in concert, since someone attached an electro-magnetic transducer to a big, hollow archtop acoustic guitar more than 75 years ago, during the Big Band era.

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