Waves Releases OVox Voice-Controlled Synth


Waves has an exciting new product out for vocal performers and music producers of every stripe. It’s called OVox Vocal ReSynthesis, and it works on both vocals and instruments to transform the mundane into the spectacular! Add vocoder and talk-box effects to your voice, or place the processor on any instrument to create cool, synth-like, gating effects. With multiple sounds and multiple kinds of modulation, the software will allow you to achieve an esoteric, wholly individual sound.

The synth has been optimized for real-time performance, and it comes in a stand-alone version so you can implement it live without need for a DAW in your set. Conversely, it’s available also in all the usual plug-in formats so you can run the tool as a plug-in within your sessions.

OVox relies on your Waves’ ReSynthesis technology, breaking down your voice into its core elements: carrier, pitch, amplitude, and format. Once your voice has been broken down thus, you can use each of these facets to manipulate nearly any parameter within the plug-in. OVox also comes with a note-mapper that lets you trigger chords automatically from the input signal, so you only need your voice to create full sonic productions. The note mapper is highly configurable—you can even tweak it to only trigger chords when you hit specific notes!

With both a main and extended view for beginner and advanced users, anyone can get a good sound out of the process. The extended view gives you four LFO modulators, all of which can be dropped to any parameter within the program. You also get two independent ASDR modulators that can be dragged and dropped throughout OVox, and three modulators based on the fundamentals of your voice (pitch, carrier, amplitude, and formant).

But don’t stop with vocals—try this processor on drums to create crazy soundscapes, or use it on other instruments! Deploy the EQ and fully automatable effects to fashion deep, revolving productions. However you use OVox, we’re sure you’re going to love it, so check it out online to or order your copy of this esoteric software.