Fujitsu PaperStream Capture Pro Streamlines the Scanning Process



Capture, optimize, and access files and documents quickly and efficiently with Fujitsu PaperStream Capture Pro, available on Windows. This easy-to-use, front-end scanning software streamlines your capture process with features such as document separation, indexing and validation, along with automated and manual QC. Here's a starting guide and a list of a few features worth checking out.

1. Predefined and Custom Profiles

PaperStream Capture Pro comes with multiple, ready-to-go, pre-defined templates. These templates offer the convenience and speed required for fast data input and extraction, along with the control and precision needed for a flexible operation. As you configure your own custom profile, or use a pre-made one, you'll have access to a variety of settings that cover the color mode, resolution, paper size, and more. Additionally, after enabling After Scan Correction, the software will refine capture further to ensure the most optimal image quality by automatically detecting your scanner's parameters and drivers. Complete the setup by assigning the designated variables you wish to extract, how they're extracted, and in what format they're extracted.

2. Image-Enhancing QC

As you process files, you can check documents manually, ensuring that they have been successfully scanned, approve the image quality and orientation, as well as confirm that they're in the correct order. While doing this, you'll also be able to edit the batch as desired, add other documents, replace images, or even edit the images as it scans. Unique to PaperStream Capture Pro is PaperStream IP, a feature that ensures high-quality imaging enhancement that can be applied at several stages of capture. Furthermore, it provides you with the option to view multiple sample images, allowing you to pick the best one or make manual adjustments. 

3. Enhanced Indexing with Barcode and OCR

After you have verified that your documents have been captured clearly, PaperStream Capture Pro indexes data by barcode, zonal OCR (Optical Character Recognition), or manual indexing. This is done automatically, or can be user defined by selecting or drawing parts around the document and labeling them accordingly. After all your variables are accounted for, PaperStream Capture Pro will perform data validation, ensuring that the data is correct and meets your requirements.

4. Simplified Data Export

Documents are released and saved as per the pre-determined settings in the profile panel. When complete, you can release them to the specified locations in a variety of formats such as TIFF, PDF, Searchable PDF, XML, CSV, and more. Through customized connectors, you can potentially release to other ECM, ERP, cloud based solutions, and more. When combined with a comprehensive profile and automated indexing, data export and management become much more convenient.

Once configured correctly, PaperStream Capture Pro assists in simplifying your front-end capture, indexing, QC, and extraction workflow, ensuring that all ends of the business can operate as efficiently as possible. Bundled with this software are unlimited page scans per license, direct end-user support, and frequent software updates and feature upgrades

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Just trying to find out if Paperstream Capture will release any created indexed fields to Microsoft Access