Logitech MX Keys Mini Keyboard's Compact Size Makes a Huge Impact


Logitech has pulled out the shrink ray with the MX Keys Mini Wireless Keyboard, creating an ultra-portable device that includes all the comfort and functionality of the full-size MX Keys. Well, almost all the functions, anyway. The MX Keys Mini achieves its 11.7" width by doing away with the numeric keypad and home keys. So, if your work involves a lot of numbers, you might be better off sticking with its big sibling. However, the Mini’s size advantage is truly felt in environments where desktop space is at a premium, giving you more room to work while bringing your mouse closer to the center of your body for added comfort. Also available in a rose finish with a pale gray Mac version, the MX Keys Mini pairs perfectly with the similarly compact MX Anywhere 3 wireless mouse, which completes the experience by fitting into almost any work space.

MX Keys Mini Wireless Keyboard
MX Keys Mini Wireless Keyboard

Size Matters

For reference, the MX Keys Mini is about the size of a 14" laptop’s keyboard, and it looks absolutely tiny when placed on a large desk. Yet, it’s surprisingly sturdy for its size. There’s a weighted bump at the top, which angles the keyboard for a smooth typing experience while adding just enough heft to work with the rubberized grips to prevent the keyboard from sliding around while typing. It might not seem like it at first glance, but this keyboard stands steady as a rock on glass, wood, granite, and plastic surfaces.

At the same time, the keyboard is just flat enough to be carried comfortably alongside a laptop in one hand. I was also able to slip it into my overstuffed backpack easily without having to go through any extra measures to make it fit. I barely felt its weight as I moved around throughout the day, including when dashing to catch a bus and subway.

In addition to working in small spaces, I also discovered that the Mini worked exceptionally well alongside my drawing tablet. I could easily slide the keyboard underneath my tablet stand for easy access to shortcut keys while editing images in Photoshop. Eventually, I learned to use the keyboard with my left hand while the stylus was in my right for a much more efficient workflow.

From what I can tell, my mouse pretty much stayed positioned where it did when I used the full-size keyboard, so I didn’t benefit much from being able to bring it closer to the center of my body. However, I did appreciate having the extra room to move my mouse around―especially when working with multiple monitors. It meant I had to pick up the mouse less often when switching from one screen to the other.

Smooth Operation

As for the actual typing experience, I had to get used to the compact design after using a full-size keyboard for so long, but the indented, dish-shaped Perfect Stroke keys significantly cut down the learning curve. I was typing at full speed within minutes with a relatively high level of accuracy. I was also impressed with the responsiveness of the Smart Illumination, which automatically switched on the white backlighting as my hands came close to the keyboard, then switched it off to conserve the battery when I took a break.

Another major benefit is that this keyboard works with practically all Bluetooth devices, and you can pair it with up to three systems at the same time. Switching typing control between my Windows laptop, desktop computer, and iPad could be done at the push of a button. Other shortcut keys include media controls for playing and pausing media and volume adjustment. Unfortunately, track forward and rewind controls couldn’t be accommodated by this compact design. There is also a convenient key for taking screenshots, a microphone mute button to help reduce embarrassing moments during online calls, and a shockingly useful emoji key that let me quickly find the right expression by letting me type in keywords. As a person who doesn’t normally use a lot of emojis in texts and emails, the MX Keys Mini helped to expand my iconic vocabulary. As a dedicated typist, I didn’t make much use of the voice dictation button, but you can remap the shortcut keys to perform different functions using the Logitech Options software.

Typing from Anywhere

Although I often miss having a numeric keypad, I can’t deny how useful the MX Keys Mini is for my day-to-day productivity. Not only does it make working with my drawing tablet much easier, it’s also worlds better than using the virtual keyboard when typing on my iPad. The ability to switch between devices on the fly means that I can quickly respond to a social media message on my tablet, then return to working on my laptop without having to move, minimize, or shuffle through any of my windows and browsing tabs.

So, whether you’re working at home, from a coffee shop, or at an office, the Logitech MX Keys Mini wireless keyboard fits into almost any space and allows you to quickly pack everything up and go at a moment’s notice. With that kind of versatility, this little keyboard is deceptively small but mighty.

Which kind of keyboard best fits into your workflow? Do you prefer having the full-size keyboard or would you rather have a compact one? Let us know in the Comments section, below.