One by Wacom Now Works with Chromebooks


Great news for students, educators, and other Chromebook users: The One by Wacom Creative Pen Tablet has just received its “Works with Chromebook” certification from Google. This certification is a critical endorsement, because it guarantees that the One by Wacom meets all of Google’s compatibility standards and will therefore work with Chromebook devices running the latest version of Chrome OS.

One by Wacom Creative Pen Tablet
One by Wacom Creative Pen Tablet

The benefits of this added compatibility are fairly significant, especially for students and users on the go. For example, students who prefer to use Chromebooks now have the means to move beyond the traditional mouse-and-keyboard learning experience by pairing their laptop with the One by Wacom.

Why not just use the One by Wacom with a Mac or Windows laptop? While that certainly is an option, it disregards one of the inherent benefits of a Chromebook—namely, its portability. Chromebooks are often smaller, lighter, and easier to manage than conventional laptops, and because of that, they are viewed as the more travel-friendly solution for users who move around, or anyone working remotely. Unfortunately, that convenience didn’t previously extend to users who also needed a Wacom tablet. The “Works with Chromebook” certification changes all that. Now, you can pack your ultralight Chromebook, your even lighter One by Wacom tablet, and you’re all set—no switching between laptops when you need to use your Wacom or fumbling with connector cables.

Speaking of connector cables: The One by Wacom is also incredibly easy to connect to your Chromebook. Pair it by using a simple USB connection—just as you would with a Windows or Mac. There are no drivers to install or additional software to run, so it’s essentially a plug-and-play device.

Conveniences aside, the real benefit of the new compatibility is that it means one of the best styluses in the world now works with your Chromebook. Obviously, there are other digital styluses out there that also support Chrome OS, but Wacom styluses, in general, are considered to be the most capable, the most precise, and ultimately the best choice for users who require a lifelike and dependable drawing and/or writing experience.

Although the new compatibility is a great update, one thing to keep in mind is that One by Wacom users will only truly benefit if software companies also provide support. Luckily, that doesn’t seem like it’s going to be an issue. According to Wacom, all of the educational software that comes in the One by Wacom’s three-month trial of EdTech will work flawlessly with Chromebook, as will Clip Studio Paint Pro, one of the most popular digital art programs out there.

In summary: The One by Wacom now works with Chromebook, which, if you were thinking about buying one, is just one more reason why you should. The larger reason is because it’s a nice starter tablet that’s especially good for students, because it allows them to move beyond the inherent restrictions of a laptop-only learning experience.

The Mac-, Windows-, and now Chromebook-compatible One by Wacom Creative Pen Tablet is available now at B&H.

Are you a student who uses the One by Wacom to enhance your learning experience? Share your experiences with us in the Comments section, below.

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Just bought the XP-Pen Deco Fun drawing tablet last month and trust me , it is really good and worth it for absolute beginners. it  Works well with Chromebook.