Sensel Morph and Overlays Offer Versatile Control


When it comes to creating content, artists and other professionals may often switch between multiple devices or employ complicated shortcuts to streamline their workflow. But Sensel sought to put an end to multi-device workflow inefficiencies with the Sensel Morph—a wireless pressure-sensing multi-touch control surface that can be customized to handle almost any task, including music production, video editing, and even playing games. The tablet-sized pad features 20,000 sensors that can detect about 30,000 levels of pressure and provides up to 6502 dpi surface tracking, which allows for versatile and dynamic controls when different Sensel Morph Overlays are connected. For example, you can use the Morph as a wireless keyboard, then change it to a MIDI or MPE mini piano before transforming it into a video-editing deck by switching the different overlays. The pressure sensors offer a high level of dynamic control, allowing you to bend notes and modify audio effects based on how hard you press and by moving your fingers. You can connect the Morph to your computer through its micro-USB port with the included cable or use it wirelessly with different devices via Bluetooth LE.

Sensel Morph Multi-Touch Pressure Sensor Control Surface

Each silicone rubber overlay features a rugged design that can support everything from typing to Buchla-enhanced audio control and fast drumming. You can fully customize the button layouts, pressure sensitivity, and more using the SenselApp. So, remap the buttons to suit your personal workflow or turn some of the buttons into sliders for natural feeling touch control. There is also an Innovator’s Overlay that allows you to program custom control layouts from scratch, print them out on paper, and insert them under the transparent cover, giving the Morph near-endless capabilities. Creators who want to take things to the next level can use the Developer’s Cable to connect the Morph to micro-controllers such as the Arduino and Raspberry Pi to program applications that don’t rely on full-featured computer systems.

With its compact design, you can take the Sensel Morph almost anywhere, which is like carrying several devices with you at once. Specially designed padded travel cases are available in blue, pink, and light gray and can store more than five overlays while protecting the Morph from bumps and scratches.

Sensel Morph Travel Case

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