Improve TV Dialogue & Add Streaming with the Sonos Ray Soundbar


Improve the quality of your TV, gaming, and music experience with the Sonos Ray Soundbar. The Ray is Sonos’s budget entry into the soundbar space, fleshing out a portfolio that already includes the Sonos Beam and Sonos Arc, premium alternatives to those wanting to upgrade their TV’s speakers. The major difference that sets the Ray apart is its lack of Atmos surround sound, HDMI eARC, and built-in voice. However, the Ray does retain Wi-Fi connectivity and Sonos’s exceptional technology for providing clear dialogue. Also, while the Ray can't achieve surround sound, it does provide a wide soundstage, and voice is possible when paired with select third-party options.

Sonos Ray Soundbar

Internally, the Sonos Ray uses an array of four digital amps and drivers in combination with audio processing to fill your room with a wide soundstage and balanced audio. When you enjoy TV and movies, the use of TruePlay software with the finely tuned Sonos Ray will make dialogue crisp and easy to understand. You can even stream music and other audio through the soundbar over Wi-Fi.

When streaming audio through the Ray, you can use the Sonos app, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, and more. You can even voice-control the Ray with an optional third-party speaker, such as the Sonos One or Google Nest Mini, using Sonos Voice Control, Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa.

The Sonos app is an integral part of the Ray soundbar, not only helping you with setup and streaming, but also giving you access to a host of additional features. The app can activate Speech Enhancement, which provides additional clarity to TV and movie dialogue. It can turn on Night Sound, which reduces the intensity of audio effects so as not to disturb others in your home. It can even be used to access an adjustable EQ.

Adding a Sonos Ray to your TV could not be easier. A simple, two-cable, stress-free setup process is all that it takes to get up and running. Just plug in the included power cord, connect the optical audio cable to your TV, and finalize the connection in the Sonos app. Space is also not a concern with the Sonos Ray. The compact soundbar is only 22" wide, letting you easily rest it in front of your TV, or slip it onto a shelf in your media stand. If you prefer to save space, you can always use the optional Sonos Ray Wall Mount.

Even with all its capabilities, some may find they want more from the Ray soundbar, which is why Sonos allows you to expand it with additional optional speakers as your audio needs evolve. For more bass, you can add a Sonos Sub subwoofer, and for a more immersive experience, you can add a variety of speakers as surrounds, such as the Sonos One, One SL, Sonos Five, Play: 1, 3, or 5 (Gen 2).

Thanks to the release of the Sonos Ray soundbar, even those who are inexperienced and put off by technology can now quickly set up and enjoy an upgraded audio experience in their home. So whether you're looking for better audio quality, want to add streaming abilities to your home, or just want to hear what they're saying on TV again, you can pick up the Sonos Ray soundbar (in black or white) at B&H.