A Little "Light" Music: The Luxli Fiddle


Luxli has expanded its Orchestra lineup to include the Fiddle, a lightweight, portable RGBAW LED light that can fit in your pocket. Alongside the Viola2 and Cello portable models, the Fiddle upholds the accuracy and versatility that is expected from Luxli RGBAW LED lights in a newly designed package.

Luxli Fiddle Pocket RGBAW LED
Luxli Fiddle Pocket RGBAW LED

Like the Viola2, the Fiddle utilizes the latest-gen 5-die LED packages also featured in the much larger Taiko fixture. The tight arrangement of the RGBAW (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, and White) elements in each individual LED package allow Luxli lights to emit an accurate and even light, regardless of the brightness level or selected color. To ensure consistent color accuracy and brightness from each light, Luxli calibrates each unit at the factory and provides a calibration certificate in the box. This way, you can be confident that the Fiddle will match the color rendering of any other Luxli light, all the way up to the Timpani and Taiko models.

While it incorporates the same underlying technologies of the existing Luxli models, the Fiddle brings some new features to the table. The Fiddle is the first Luxli light to feature die-cast aluminum unibody construction for enhanced durability and a feel that inspires confidence. The Fiddle is also self-powered, using a built-in battery that can power the light for more than 3 hours at maximum brightness. Use the USB-C port and a USB PD-enabled charger to recharge the battery. For extended use, you can charge the battery while the light is up and running. While all previous Orchestra-series Luxli lights featured Bluetooth connectivity, the Fiddle is the first to incorporate Bluetooth 5, enabling long-range communication with Bluetooth 5 devices up to 100' away. Another small addition that shouldn't be missed is the auto-rotating screen. A gyro sensor will tell the Fiddle to flip the screen orientation, as well as the encoder wheels, to keep the controls consistent with what you see onscreen.

The user interface of the Fiddle is simple and easy to navigate, using an OLED screen, a power/mode switch, and two rotary encoders. The Fiddle also features Luxli's world-renowned and intuitive user interface that is easy to pick up for anyone of any skill level or background. 

Opening the Luxli Composer app on your Bluetooth-enabled Android or iOS mobile device grants access to even more granular controls. You can effortlessly match the Fiddle to various types of lighting scenarios using the +/- green adjustment in CCT mode, saturation and white-point options in HSL color mode, or choose one of the 150 built-in digital gels. 

The Luxli Composer app also unlocks the Fiddle's special-effects modes. Each of these effects is customizable to match the exact look and feel that you need—a candle in a windy storm, police lights, randomized fireworks, or hordes of paparazzi—all these can be recreated with just a few taps on the screen.

With all this functionality contained in such a small, yet robust and attractive form factor, the Fiddle easily adapts itself to many different situations. Event photographers and videographers can perch the Fiddle atop their cameras to brighten up photos and videos either with accurate white light to match the scene, or a splash of color to contrast a background. Dual 1/4"-20 mounts let you mount the Fiddle in horizontal or vertical orientation to control the light spread for portraits or wide-angle shots. With an appropriate stand, the Fiddle can be used in a webcam setup to enhance the quality of videoconferences or online streaming. Cinematographers can add complexity to a scene using one or more Fiddles as kick lights or hair lights. 

One optional  accessory to consider is the dedicated Magnetic Diffuser Hood. A snap to take on or off thanks to a magnetic attachment method, you can quickly create a softer, broader light without sacrificing any of the Fiddle's color accuracy.

The Fiddle is the culmination of all Luxli's technological advancement to date. Five-die LED packages, individual unit calibration at the factory, versatile lighting modes, and Bluetooth app control reside in the handsome aluminum unibody chassis. Whether you're a beginner building up a lighting kit or a professional looking to complement your existing kit, the Fiddle can help you achieve your lighting goals.

Do you think the Fiddle would make a great starting point or a helpful addition to your lighting kit? Tell us why you think so, in the Comments section, below, or ask us any questions you may have about the Luxli Fiddle.